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Capital City Bank - over draft fees being assessed and deposit/ transfer being made same day.

The Online Capital City Ban King service has in the past year become increasingly difficult to understand concerning Over Drafts and when they will be assessed in which order and which day and so on! I've just finished chatting online about an account I am on and still am out 5 OD fees. A transfer was made into the account same day, but I'm told it was past the cut off time, which I did not know about, nor does it notify you this is what is going to happen!
I'm sick of dealing with them after having been a customer going on approx 30 years!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Capital City Bank - Stay away

Capital city bank, formerly known as farmers & merchants bank is the worse bank on earth. Their so called bounce protection is not a protection for the customers, but a device for them to con their...

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