Fedex Smart Poststay away rip off loose a lot packages


I also learned a few interesting facts about these people the hard way.

They deliver on saturday. (Sometimes)

They do not deliver on mondays. (Ever)

If your package you ordered has tracking numbers indicating
Your package is on the truck and you see the truck drive by
Your house, you may expect delivery on a later date.

If your package is late and your tracking data said it was on the
Way, and you go to the tracking page to check, you might read
That they could not find your address. (And they have found
Your house many times in the past) you will have to wait until
The next delivery day for them to look for you again.
(This may mean waiting until sunday and monday have passed!)

When your winning ebay bid glass ware you know very well
Was worth $ 300 to $500 but you only had to pay $20. 00 for it,
Arrives broken and you paid for insurance, just try to get your
Package items covered for actual value. (As you assumed your
Insurance for the $500. 00 value package should have.) your
Result of attempting to file a claim gives you the answer that the
Shipper did not pack it well enough and you will need to contact
Them for replacement. (The ebay seller packed it very well but
Not well enough to prevent damage when the box was crushed !)
(The ebay seller did not have more than this single item and said
Sorry, they were not responsible for the package gorillas football
Practice. And they had used double boxes with plastic peanuts in
The volume between the 2 boxes.) (The inner box also crushed!)

Many of the internet scams i put in the trash refer to this company
[censored]ding your winnings and are simply waiting for your bank
Tracking numbers to send your money to you after they have
This method to access your bank account. (Yeah, sure, right !!)

I learned that the safest method to use to ship to
Others is either ups or usps. But, watch out if you ship
Usps international priority insured with delivery confirmation.
The usps sends these by fedex and i have such a package which
Has been missing more than a year and the insurance has not
Been worth as much as it cost me!

Another valuable package which i had shipped to a different
Country had all the proper paperwork attached to 5 of the 6 sides
Of the box. But, fedex, shipping for usps priority international
Insured with next day delivery guaranteed, was held in the
Receiving country in customs because the very well attached
And covered by those adhesive plastic shipping documents
Protectors had somehow been lost. (I was contacted by the
Foreign country through my email address which was on my
Attached shipping packing list / declaration form filled out at
The usps desk by usps people, for a verification of package
Contents valuation.) this package waited in the receiving
Country between customs delays and then fedex delays
Before they finally delivered to the destination address which
I think was a few streets away from a listed fedex location there.)
(This previously good customer of mine will not answer any of
My emails nor do any more business with me due to this fiasco!)

Ups costs more for international shipping than usps / fedex
Shipping, but i now no longer sell internationally and any
Of my remaining international shipments will be by ups to
Be certain they arrive.

When i order anything i can have sent other than fedex, i
Specify even usps parcel post to reduce the crushed packages
I receive.

Their trucks have brighter colors than brown.


  • Ro
    Ronzie Dec 29, 2010

    I will never use FED EX again. These guys lie, make excuses, lie some more and then put the blame on you - "You were not home to receive the package, " all bull xxxx! I placed an order with DELL - a laptop and a mini notebook. I payed for next day delivery which would mean the package would arrive well in time for Christmas. Delivery date was set for 15 December, 2010. The mini arrived as scheduled, but not with the laptop. The driver said the laptop would arrive the next day. That didn't happen. What did happen was that FED EX sent the package back to DELL marked as "Non-acceptance of Delivery." When I spoke with FED EX they told me nobody was home when the package was delivered. After explaining to them that we were home and had signed for the mini, they transfered me to customer service in ... New Deli! Just try explaining these circumstances to someone who doesn't really understand English or life in America. Took forever to cancel, refund and re-order the item - all because of FED EX. Yet, the item was ordered with next day delivery set for 23 Dec, 2010. Package didn't arrive. When I spoke to FED EX they told me they wouldn't be able to deliver the package until the 24th and guaranteed it. No luck. When I spoke to them again, they said they were sorry and that the item would arrive on Monday, 27 Dec. Again, no luck. What was the excuse... the weather as snow moved in. Still not done with this nightmare. I was visiting my son in Virginia for Christmas. I live five hours away. I had to go back to work on the 29th so the 28th was absolutely the last day I could wait. They ensured me the package was on the truck at of 04:00 a.m. on the 28th and would arrive by 17:00 (5 p.m.). Great, now I have to wait all day to leave late and arrive later. Nope, the package didn't come because, as they told me, it was never suppose to arrive until the 28th. This was from the same person who guaranteed me it was on the truck earlier in the day. Are you kidding me. So now I have to change the shipping address with another 7 - 10 days wait time. Well, that if they actually get it right this time. Never again. I've never had problems with UPS... NEVER! I've had more than 100 items shipped UPS (EBAY) without delay and normally early. I don't care if DELL or anyone else offers free shippping by UPS, I'll pay for the shipping by another handler. These guys are absolutely the wores and who actually knows where this story will end. I'm now in North Carolina and my wife still doesn't have her present. Could be I'll have to take a trip to New Deli to get this done right. It'd probably be faster. Why can't this company just be truthful and earn some respect. I hope UPS put these duds under.

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  • Jo
    jojo681 May 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have two packages that I never got that the shipper used Fedex Smartpost in the last month. I seriously think these people are stealing the packages. The tracking info both times stops at "in transit" from Houston to Corpus and the post office never receives the package to deliver. I hate to accuse someone of stealing but what else can I think. When you call Fedex all they do is repeat the tracking info that you already know and are no help at all.

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  • Kw
    Kwewak May 08, 2014

    I am furious about Smart Post. I am in my winter home temporarily and have the mail forwarded to my summer home. I needed a couple of things so I ordered them and specified FedEx so I would be sure to get them. There was no indication by the seller that they were using a method that required FedEx to transfer the package to the USPS for delivery. Now the seller won't talk to me, FedEx won't talk to me, I went to the PO and they can't help me except to say the packages were "probably" forwarded to my summer home. Which will mean I have to wait til I get back there to see if I got them, then will have to pack them and tote them down here later, when I needed them here THIS WEEK. Bad idea, FedEx. And UPS is no better.

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