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FedExeverything! fedex is incompetent!

This isn't a new thing. It seems that sadly everytime a company decided to ship with FedEx, I and the other members of my family get screwed over. There is a long history of this. It's always the same driver, too, who is just plain lazy. He claims every time he cannot find the address. We call. He then amazingly fines us and delivers. We are greeted with the same ignorant looking face everytime.

This time, however, it was worse than usual.

First off, FedEx claimed the weather was too horrible to deliver. There is snow on the ground, yes, but you know what? UPS came the same day with an Amazon Prime order. Why is it that UPS can deliver but FedEx cannot?

Next day...

Same thing.

Third Day...
Oh, wow, they claim they cannot find my address. SUPRISE SUPRISE!! Not to mention that I had to call, got an outsourced customer rep in India who couldn't even properly repeat my directions back to me. Who knows if he even sent the right message to the driver.

Will I get my package tomorrow? I don't even know anymore.

FedEx is an incompetant company. If you ship FedEx, please stop. Don't give these people money. Plus, they don't care. They hier the most unintelligent people on the face of the planet. While it may be slightly more expensive, please ship UPS. I've never had problems.

everything! fedex is incompetent!


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    Angie Dimoulas Dec 14, 2015
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    Absolutely agree horrible experience my mil is fighting cancer she has bought our son a trampoline... REALLY SMALL BOX they're a pack of blind incompetent people that can't read labels then they turn around and blame the non delivery on USPS (this was a smart post package) Post Master has never received package verified over and over same information... FEDEX are a bunch of liars that keep changing their story... They either can't read labels or they employ a bunch of thieves that think it's okay to steal your childs exceptional christmas gift from their dying grandmother... USE USPS it's worth it...

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