FedEx Corporate Servicespackage


I must receive a package sent from India to 12 Cedar Drive, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Post Code M1J 3E8. The fedex Shipment No:[protected]. I was at home from 3:30PM June 15th 2017, did not receive any call or knocking at my door and the tracking shows WRONG STATUS AS DELIVERY ATTEMPTED on the same day at 4:24PM, AND THATS A BIG LIE. My family paid almost CAD$200 to send this package. Right now the package is at Penguin Pick Up centre 1900 Eglinton Avenue east, Scarborough and I have been asked to pick up the package by myself. But I want that package to be delivered by today at the recipient address before 3:00PM 16th June 2017. IF I DONT GET MY PACKAGE BY TODAY I WONT EVEN THINK OF USING FEDEX ANYMORE IN FUTURE.

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