FedEx Corporate Serviceslost courier and no refund received so far;

M Oct 08, 2019

I live in France and came down to Sril lanka(My mother counrty) to get done 2 IMPORTANT CERTIFICATES of mine and handed over to fedex Sri lanka (tele 011 5222200) to send to Canada, on the 20 Th August 2019. and I came back to Paris

Afrer 5 days received a call from fedex sri lanka from the mentioned number saying my courier is lost, and i was shocked and was lost my mind and coud not even think of what should I do next.
from that day up to date, since 7 WEEKS every day I have been calling fedex about my courier and finally I asked to refund my courier charges with a compensation for the lost

I had in a contact with very unprofessional staff members, firstly was contact with one Romano, always given wrong information, I was fed up with his responses and the way he handle customers and I asked him to get me contact of a superior and a responsible manager who can hand this matter.
I was told by him that there is no manager working at fedex regards to and didnt have a single minute to listen to me ;
after few weeks,
I have asked even ONE OF MY sri lankan friend to call fedex for this matter and he had called fedex 26 TIMES And FED UP AND he stopeed heping me...Romano was missing when I contact him and was told that he is no more working at fedex
got contact with one staff called Tharindu wanninayake who was very unprofessional too, have no custerme care at all

and contacted him soo many times and after few weeks finally he said there is a lost refund of RS 22 614.00 (Twenty two thousand six hundard fourteen Rupees)

Then I had to contact him every day untill last friday the 4 Th October to ask him take care of this matter and make sure untill Ireceive the refund.
His answers untill the 4 TH OCTOBER AS FOLLOWS

"No accountant to sign the cheque he is absent..."
fewdays after the answer was
" cheque is ready will send it to your sri lankan home address through fedex courier"
"Courier delevary man's route is different, we have just one person to delevary all couriers, so madam you will receve it within 2 WEEKS four sure"
I told him that up to now I have spent a lot OF MONEY on calling from France to Sri lanka, so I cant call them every day and for him to call me from a official phone or a whts app

his answer was
"we have no officials phone to contact overseas clients, even I dont have a person phone number to give you, my phone is broken since few weeks"

I was fed up with his unprofessional responses
after I have mentioned to him to deposit that cheque in my sampath bank account in sri lanka and given my bank details.

Was waiting one week no respond, finally when I tried to call him he was hiding, not responding my phone calls when the operator transferred my calls.
finally I found him on the 4 Th October Last Friday and he said that its deposited in my account . then I asked him for the receipt to e mail me and sent him my e mail with a testing e mail then he cant say that my e mail address is wrong.
I RECEIVE NO RECEIPT, NOTHING up to now. he is missing when ever i call him
I informed my cousin sister who worked and left TNT some time back to help me for this matter.
and asking my Bank details again from my cousin sister also to deposit the checque

So, according to Tharindu Wanninayake its deposited on the 4 th October
since yesterday I am in contact with a girl ...NARMADA asked my account details again
I am fed up of giving my bank details again and again and explaining my matter to your different staff members since 25 th AUGUST

Finally this girl NARMADA... promised me today 8 tH OCTOBER that she will follow up and make sure to deposit the cheque

And I am glad to mentioned that she was listing to my matter, treated me nicely and stated caring on my matter

But I am waiting until I get the money in my bank.

I am so stressed and disappointed of your fedex service and the unprofessional staff

I have wasted lot of my money to contact fedex for these period
I am so stressed and wasted my valuable time

I would like to mention you that I WAS WORKING as a customer Relations manageress for (Twelve) 12 years In Sri lanka and Maldives in the Hospitality industry .

I am shocked shame on your Fedex service sri lanka and your staff

Now I should pay for my flight again and come down to Sri Lanak to get done new certificates and send them to canada

I am still waiting at least your staff member get done this job

I will write on your website this matter and the stupid way I was treated by your fedex and the staff

My contact details



0033 [protected]
0033 [protected]

Thank You


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