Family Dollar Storeswrongfully accused of theft

M Sep 08, 2018 Review updated:

Today I was wrongfully accused of theft by family dollar for stealing diapers. Why. I have no idea. I have never stolen anything in my life. Not only did employees accuse me of theft but proceeded to tell the cops I steal all the time which is funny since this is my first encounter with the cops. They proceeded to issue a letter banning me from the property and accuses me of theft though there was none and they have absolutely zero proof. Needless to say I am seeking legal counsel. The security systems don't work. You walk in the store and then you walk out they always beep. Not just for me but everyone. Every time I stop and comply and this is what they do to me. Disgusting. The store is never kept. You can't walk around without bumping into merchandise. Employees always complaining about their jobs. Always. Guess they did me a favor because it is not a pleasant shopping experience. I am mortified that I've been accused and will be seeking damages.


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    Kmart 9459 Sep 09, 2018

    They would have been able to issue no trespass warrant unless you are being charged with theft. To be charged with theft there must be a credible complaint supported by physical evidence. So, they must have something on you, and don't be fooled they may have said the surveillance system was down, but remember legally they are allowed to lie to you, you however legally are not allowed to lie to them.

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  • Ma
    Mary Kunkle Sep 09, 2018

    @Kmart 9459 They have absolutely nothing because I have never stolen anything!!! Not from them. Not from anywhere or anyone. I have done nothing wrong. I will continue to try and get a hold of headquarters because this is not right. The cops went back to store after searching my stroller and I assumed they were going to check cameras. They can back with a letter banning me from premise because of my recent retail theft of which there wasn't any. The letter says dear blank. They didn't even put my name on it. I'm upset because they told cops I steal all the time so where is the evidence? I'm going to lawyer tomorrow and they'll deal with my lawyer is all. I want apology!!

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