Family Dollar Storesworkers


I always shop at Family Dollar store #05353 In Dixie Inn Louisiana, today I went in to pick up on some things. First they had a sign on the door saying no bags, next when I went to play for my things I had a hundred dollar bill, this new lady told me I can't change that I just got here so I ask where was the assistance manger she never went to get her to see if she can get some change for the hundred. I have been shopping there every since it opening up. She put my things on the counter and said no bags if you don't have bags can you please give your customers a box or something to put there things in. This store have a new manager, and a new cashier that don't need to be working for this company. Can you please put someone in charge that knows how to talk, and treat there customers? We as customers spend to much money in Family Dollar to be treated like that. I have been shopping there so long I know who the employees is. I would love to continue shopping there, but if you'll don't fix this problem you will be lossng all your customers.
A loyal Customer

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