Family Dollar Storesproduct pricing and management

K Nov 30, 2017

I went to the mandan family dollar at 4:15 pm Nov 29 and proceeded to try to purchase pop that was marked 3 for 10 I got up to the till and it rang up at 4.75 when I tried to get the manager to fix it she started agruing with me stating that it was not her fault nor her problem. She continued to get mad and kicked me out of the store I go there everyday for my grocery needs... I spend 50 dollars or more each time I go to your store. Almost every time I go there the sale items I attempt to get are "marked wrong". Which 99 percent of the time they won't fix the issue. I'm a very loyal customer and love your products, but I don't think I will be shopping with your chain anymore due to the blatant rudeness of your managment.

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