Family Dollar Storesmanager of diamondhead store

M Aug 05, 2018

The female store manager at the Diamondhead MS location is very unprofessional. I visit this location at least once a day. Every time I visit I have heard her bashing other employees and customers. During my last visit she was complaining about an applicant BY HIS NAME, telling another employee how she would NEVER hire him. I personally know his family. This woman is TERRIBLE. She is also VERY RUDE every time she checks me out. She had 4 employees there at one time. She had one register open with a line wrapping around the counters and displays. The lady in line in front of me walked out. This location has lost ALL MY BUSINESS. The previous manager was WONDERFUL. She worked hard. And always treated everyone with respect. This new manager came from a dollar general in the back of my neighborhood. I will now be giving all my business to dollar general. And believe me when I say I spend 100s$ a week. I have tried to tolerate this problem, however when I heard her bashing someone I personally knew that WAS IT.

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