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I recently bought this "scoopable" cat litter at the Family Dollar in Port Royal PA. It was an acceptable price and didn't require us to drive anywhere. The store is within walking distance. It claims that it has "superior odor control". WRONG. The ammonia smell is not masked at all!! I should add that I change my cat's litter box daily. It claims that is "hard clump formula". WRONG. I sifts through the scooper and makes the entire lot of litter smelly and unusable. I only have 1 cat. This litter is said to be for multiple cats. I can't imagine what THAT might smell like. Why not take the unused portion back for a refund?? Because there is only enough for one litter box change. I doubt they would like the used litter. This was a waste of money and I'll never purchase it again. I will also let everyone know that they shouldn't bother with this litter.

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  • J
      Oct 24, 2017

    It's not Family Dollar's fault for the mis-advertisement. They can't try every product before they sell it to see if does what it says it will do. Write the manufacturer and threaten social media if they do not refund your money

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  • E
      Oct 26, 2017

    @judith steele This wasn't meant as a negative comment of the Family Dollar store. It was the brand of cat litter. Our Family Dollar store has awesome staff! Sorry if it came out wrong. I would never discourage anyone from shopping there. Just not to waste their money on that brand of kitty litter.

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  • K
      Dec 29, 2018

    Yes, regarding the Family Pet Scoopable cat litter Scented - complete trash. Elsey is right about it. Not only is it only enough for a single litter change, as well as it does not control the bad odor, there is another problem with it. This "hard clump" formula is exactly what it says it is. It's hard like clay when it absorbs the urine. And it sticks to the bottom of the cat box so bad that it's hard as hell to scrape up. I about busted my wrists getting that wet clay off the bottom, and it stuck to my pooper scooper like thick oatmeal. I couldn't even blast it off with my garden hose on high pressure!!

    I thought I was saving money, too, but I'm switching back to my 35-pound Purina Tidy Cats @ Wal-Mart for $14 bucks. Two cats will last us a month, where this crap only lasted me a couple of days. It's total false advertising that it is for multiple cats, as well as 100% odor control, too. By the way, I'm refraining from posting pics of this nasty stuff, because I'm not grossing anyone out with this wet clay-like litter, if you want to call it litter. I would call it hazardous waste, lol.

    Don't throw away your money on this product. It's no better than putting dirt from outside in your litter box, in my opinion. The Purina brand that I mentioned above doesn't stick to the box, and it clumps into balls and doesn't stay wet . I hope this comment helps you decide on getting this product or not. I would choose the latter. Have a great day! :-)

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  • J
      Feb 04, 2019

    I had used scoopable cat litter before and didn't like it because anything small enough to stick to a cat's paw will be tracked all through the house. When I ran out of the kind I prefer, the recycled newspaper kind, I figured I'd make do for a short period of time. Warning, if you use this, use a disposable liner (another negative impact on the environment, but it will save time). It didn't scoop out, it formed a glue-like clay that stuck to the bottom of the pans and it took a long, long time to clean that out.

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