Family Dollar Storescustomer service

T Aug 12, 2018

Family dollar store #12176 at 4007 Northside Dr Macon, GA - Saturday 8/11/2018 at 1:00pm. Tiawana (said shes the manager) was at the register when I walked up to purchase my items. Clerk had ear buds in & had a personal conversation the entire time she was ringing up my items. She never acknowledged me or made eye contact while talking on her phone about how much she paid for a cup of ice from Nuways for breakfast. I wasn't going to say anything to her even though she was rude. I saw my total (about $26) and handed her a hundred dollar bill & 2 quarters. She got my change out the drawer handed it to me & told me I could grab my receipt. I told her customer service goes a long way & she was rude for talking on her phone & not even speaking. I then told her she didn't even count my change out to me or tell me how much it was. Her response was its not her job to tell me how much the change is its on the receipt. I proceeded to get my bags which she never handed to me & was about to walk out the store when she made the comment "THATS WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU'LL NOW". At that point I turned back around & told her customer service is first when dealing with people. I asked for the manager & she said she was the manager. This young lady was rude & if she's a manager then I'm scared to see how the rest of the employees are. I have never given someone my money & they dont Count it out in front of me or at least tell me how much I'm getting back. Having a personal conversation with a customer in front of you is very poor customer service.

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