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I came into family Dollar last week, to exchange a pack of diapers I head bought a few days prior.
I didn't have my receipt, but because I am a frequent customer there, and during the purchase of the Pampers swaddlers, an employee Jen had used her digital coupon towards my purchase... I thought I would be taken at my word that I indeed purchased them at the store.
Upon entering the store, I saw Elizabeth/Liz, who I also have known for quite some time and believed was a respectful woman. Liz was the only person in the store at the time.
When I went to the counter, I explained that I didn't take my receipt, and never do because I shop basically only there and never have brought anything back. But that I'd been there the night before and needed shelves, so I'd like to exchange the one of diapers towards my next purchase.
She scanned them, and immediately started to tell me that I didn't but them there, they don't sell them. She said it was an easy mistake to make, not remembering where I've bought things... She does it too, but I didn't but those there.
I said that I did, and just asked if she's hold that pack up there while I ran to the back. I went directly to where I found the same one before, found the exact size and type of diapers. I walked them up to her and said I bought these here, she scanned the pack I brought from the bank of the store, it wouldn't scan either. I even explained about using the other employees coupon, giving her Jennifers name.
She called Jen, who understandably couldn't remember 5 or so days before. She was told I'd said the day before I'd been in. She did have the coupon in as redeemed coupons on her app for family Dollar. For exactly Pampers swaddlers, which allegedly they didn't carry.
I then had Liz look at me with hate in her face and point her finger in my face and start telling me that she won't be called a liar, she'll pay for it herself, she's not going to have me call her a liar, she's going to refund me on her dime. She made me feel like theif, because she said they didn't sell them there when I could could see them, grab them and bring them up to her.
She made me feel like I was a low life scammer acting like I came in there too pull one over on her, I emphasize her because she acting like it was a personal attack, she let her ego get in the way of even pleasing the customer. Then I feel like I can't stand up to her because all I ever do is hear her gossiping to customers about everyone. So I can't imagine what she's already going to say as she's treating me like complete crap and had come to her own conclusions as to my being a liar. She's treated me so bad see this point I feel like I've done something very wrong... When I would never.
Infact I've never been so embarrassed and insulted in my life, her ability to do anything other than feed off negativity, her inability to believe very regular customers, her inability to handle a customer appropriately with out getting so angry that she's shaking fingers in their faces... That makes get unable to handle customer service. I've never been treated that way, I never want to go back in that store again. I love it there and spend good money there.
She refused to listen to me, kept talking over to me, as I the customer, tried to deescalate the situation. Explaining that I would never say that, I didn't imply that, I was saying I did buy it there and I'd appreciate her acknowledging that the diapers were indeed there and being sold there, also not ringing up. I felt like, what I'm a liar?
She needs to retire or something. I can't imagine how she treats everyone else.


  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Jul 28, 2019

    Chances are you got the diapers for free the 1st time. If the diapers weren't ringing this time then they didn't ring last time either. It was likely scanned the 1st time you were in but since it wasn't in the system they didn't ring up at any price.

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  • Th
    TheManager Jul 28, 2019

    Receipts are your friends.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 29, 2019

    Gosh, you can certainly ramble on with useless information. Just because you shop there frequently is no reason not to take your receipt

    Maybe now you’ll learn.

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