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Family Dollar verified

very rude manager

Jay Harris store number #0974 Iwas shopping around 8:20 pm for a bra and I found one right away in a bin full of bras when I went to check out the cashier asked ME the CUSTOMER were there any with a price tag I said I didn't see another one with a tag so she said let me ask my manager and the manger told her someone didn't complete their job and left the bin out and if it didn't have a price she couldn't sell it to me. So I went back to the bra aisle and found another bra that had a tag and was on a hanger with a clearance price of $2.75 the same cashier said she had to get an override because the bra wasn't ringing up the clearance price when the manager came over she was going back and forth whispering with the cashier then turns to me and ask "where did you get the bra from" I politely said where all the bras are at..she then holds her breath turns around from me and with her Hands in the air says Woosah and turns back to me and says she doesn't need the attitude I am from California visiting family and was disgusted by the way this MANAGER acted towards me with and attitude because her store is so unorganized I was disrespected and humiliated I will make sure my family knows the disrespectful treatment such a manager has shown Regina Parker [protected]

  • SubSquirrel Jul 22, 2019

    “Woosah?” What’s that?

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  • Th
    TheManager Jul 24, 2019

    Oh you’re from California?! Thanks for sharing that irrelevant piece of information.

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