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10:42 pm EDT
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I worked at this co. for three yrs. I was asst. manager for almost two.
I worked very hard and did everything I was supposed to do and went the xtra 100 miles plus. I loved my job, until I got totally screwed by my store manager. When your on duty you are expected to take deposit to the bank put in drop box and go back after bank opens to get any change you may need for the day in order to run the store. On several occasions I did that, being in was part of my job. On one particular day
my son of age took me to work as he has in the past took me to the bank,
I dropped the deposit, came back to work and thought I would send the cashier when she came in to the bank for change as we usually had to do, being we could not leave the jobsite under any circumstances when open for business. Well, a cashier that my store manager hired a few weeks earlier owned no car, she walks to work, she was scheduled to be my cashier that particular morning, after I looked on schedule and relizied she was coming in, I thought well, my son will have to go get change for me as he has in the past for me as well as my store manager.
See, she too, got dropped off several times as well and we open an hour early before the cashier comes in. Store mgr closed nite before and I counted petty cash and it was short. I spoke to her on phone about it, told her had noone to go get change I needed so I would send my son, she said OK! SHE APPROVED IT! Nothing every said about petty cash being short, son going to bank NOTHING. 10 YES 10 days later after incident she called me in office and terminated me! Discharge papers said being terminated for not following company policy, by sending a NONEMPLOYEE of Family Dollar to bank for petty cash! Now keep in mind, she allowed this on several occassions with her family members and mine, Hell, she even ask my own father to go one day out of her own MOUTH! I said to her, YOU GOT TO BE JOKING! POLICY... WHAT POLICY! ONLY WHEN ITS CONVIENT FOR YOU. SHE CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, CARMA IS A ###!
Now I'm having to fight for my unemployment. I had 80 hours vacation that I was on calender to take the following week and now the SOB'S won't pay me for. I EARNED THOSE HOURS, THEY didn't give them to me. DO NOT APPLY AT STORE 5347. You will, TRUST ME get

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Burnsville, US
Dec 21, 2015 10:26 pm EST
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Thank You upper management. Thank you for getting back to me. I have to return the presents for my nine children. Your company care so much about their employees that I was fired for calling in sick one time in 4 months. Talk about wrongful termination. I was a good assistant manager I showed up every time I was supposed to, but since my manager doesn't like me I was fired. Thank you for getting back to me and helping me out upper management. The Surgeon General or state Surgeon General I should say, the Better Business Bureau, and the Department of Labor here in Minnesota would love to hear about the Family Dollar

Burnsville, US
Nov 24, 2015 1:11 pm EST
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I've been an assistant manager at a Family Dollar for a little while now and I have seen my manager do so many things against policy. She keeps petty cash in her pocket and then when she leaves the store she does not give us access to any petty cash and she tells us to drop all of our bills over $10 and anything $20 and over goes in a locked box the only key is in the safe and a safe cannot be open until the store is closed. Yes she told me to go by change at another store a grocery store. Exactly what am I supposed to buy change with if I don't have any access to big bills? Her reason for implementing this new policy was because I refused to drop a deposit unsealed. As far as I know Family Dollar policy states the bag has to be filled by the closing manager and taken to the bank in the morning by the store manager or assistant manager before the store is open. That manager then takes petty cash and a lot of certain amount to be put in a locked box under a register accessible only to the assistant managers and the store manager. I am also assuming that if I sign for the deposit and leave the bag open and she my manager does something to screw it up by leaving petty cash in her pocket when she buys out the smaller bills during the day and then drops the deposit if the deposit is not on then it is my responsibility because I'm the one who created the deposit in the first place and sign for it. There are many other things that she has done that violate company policy as far as like running after customers digging through their purses and yanking things out of their pockets even before they've left the store even though she did not see them take anything. She has also been known to search peoples vehicles. Beyond that she does not have any respect for personal property at all as she has gone through my personal things. I have a degree in human resources management is a bachelor's degree four years of college and my GPA was a 3.5 6. So I am familiar with what is ethical and what is not and she is unethical. She is extremely rude to customers and she yells at employees in front of customers and other associates particularly me who has 25 years of retail management experience. She has been reported several times over the last 17 years to corporate and nothing has ever been done. As far as I'm concerned I have seen her ask people to sign for things when they come into shop and we're not on the clock. The associates are afraid to refuse because they are afraid of retaliation. I on the other hand know better and I will not put my name or my number on something that I have not counted and sealed so I stood up to her and now we're being punished. So whoever you are in upper management that is willing to launch an investigation over what happened here in this case to this woman because as an assistant you cannot leave a cashier by herself or himself, would you kindly let me know who you are so that I can file a complaint against my manager? Because I have a list of policies and procedures that my manager does not follow and a list of things she has not trained us on she does not have us do any maintenance. I have been cleaning the store on my own wall setting which is another thing our store is not set to plan she does not give us the weekly planner or the monthly planner she hides it from us and we have no access to planograms so our store is not set to plan which I intend to fix but I doubt she's going to let me. I have excellent customer service skills and use them to the fullest I am also an excellent manager and I have been since I was 17. I am NOT used to getting yelled at every day for little things we completed a truck in a day except for coats and clothing plus we put up all the signs so a 24 to a 48hour project took us 5 to six hours, but we were still criticized about the totes and classes there was no appreciation for the rest of it being done. If she hadn't spent the previous day yelling at me for 5 hours because I was sick of her talking behind my back accusing me of things I don't do because she went through my personal property and found a note of questions to ask because I saw the cash report and I didn't know what some of the terms meant or the acronyms. Next to the questions with a another manager's name and number because my manager told me that this other manager said she smelt liquor on my breath and I wanted to ask her about. I would never drink on the job or get drunk and go to work and I am appalled that somebody would accuse me of it especially the manager in question she also saw on my schedule for the day on the backside something that said her name and no the reason why is that her name and no was because it was everybody's schedule for the week written on a piece of paper saying in all it said was that she did not work on Thanksgiving. So she got all worked up because I wrote down a schedule and a timeline to complete projects. And yes she has had employees bring deposits in when they were not working. Usually on a lunch break or during a split shift. And that's only if we get a lunch break and Minnesota law states that you have to take a lunch break for every 8 hours that you work and unpaid 30 minute lunch. We don't always get those we also don't get the legal 15 minute breaks every 4 hours paid to use the bathroom or anything else because a lot of the time we work 9 - 10 hour shifts without a lunch break because we are by ourselves. So I beg of you to launch an investigation the woman changes the schedule every single day you never know when you're supposed to be at work yet I've been accused of being late to work several times or early. Three employees now have tried to contact corporate with no answer from them there has also been customers trying to get ahold of corporate to complain about her and her smoking outside and not helping customers leaving some customers to wait 15 minutes to check out. Of course at this point this is all hearsay but I do have proof and backup. I have never had to do anything like this against one of my managers in my entire life and I never thought I would have to and I don't like the feeling but if I don't do something we're never going to get the help we need in the store because no one wants to work for her and the good people I do will quit. They are afraid to speak up so I get to be the bad guy. And I guess even if it gets me fired at least I know I did what I could to try at least I know I did what I could to try to make the company better and the work environment 10 times better than it is right now. And if she ever leave her hands on me again by poking me in the chest or taking me by the shoulders I will call the police. And if she keeps on abusing me in the workplace because that is what the other associates see and the customers is verbal abuse and emotional abuse I will personally have to take legal precautions against her which will in turn turn into legal precautions against the company which I do not want to have happen. I happen to love my job but I only love my job when she is gone and I can do it right. At this point I would love to leave an email for you so that I can actually talk to somebody and have an investigation started if need be but I'm afraid to because I really don't trust management so I am going to create a new email that is not attached to anything else of mine until I know that I've got somebody on the other end of a computer that I can trust. If I do not receive an email within a week I am going to the Minnesota Department of Labor. As a person who has a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management I already know what she's doing wrong and against the law. So I will remain anonymous and you can address me as anonymous until I see something positive. Email me at thank you and I hope to receive a much b response than the one you gave to the person complaining before me thank you for your time and your consideration.

Worcester, US
Feb 27, 2011 9:23 pm EST

The letters of the policy are "no one is allowed to work off the clock". A non-employee doing anything an employee is supposed to do is considered to be working off the clock. By the letter of the policy, this employee was justly terminated. However, if the manager allowed this or participated in this kind of behavior, they should have been terminated or demoted. Loss prevention should have launched an investigation based on this employee's allegations and I can assure you they will now. Guessed it yet? I am an employee of Family Dollar at the management level. Seeing the store number was provided, an investigation is imminent.

Orange, US
Jun 02, 2010 11:48 pm EDT

The thing with these letters Louis is we don't know if they are 100 percent true. She could be making that up to get her manager in trouble, or maybe the manager is doing the same thing and has not been fired yet. They sometimes don't play fair and treat each offence equally. Some people can get fired for less, while others who broke serious policies get just a warning. Depends on how much of a friend the manager is to you.

KixStar, you are right, just because the manager did the same she should have known it was against policy. If someone is doing something they are not supposed to and you do the same you risk getting into trouble as well.

Slave to the job
, US
Aug 19, 2023 2:02 am EDT
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I'm going through a similar situation right now. I went to HR to report that I thought my GM was going to terminate me as retaliation. For what? Asking her questions, when she said one thing and did another. HR tried to uphold the termination. I was suspended from work. They ended up paying me though cause it was [censored]. I just sent an intent to file letter. This woman has not received any consequences. I have only been back to work for two days. Hostile work environment doesn't begin to explain it. I was demoted from ASM back cashier. Other associates talk about me with my ear shot. I was sent a message from another employee saying " she didn't know why I was fighting for a job so hard, when nobody even wants me there" I put in my intent to file letter, that I wanted my GM to face consequences for her actions. I have so many messages where she is calling names and just being totally out of pocket. This is how seriously HR took this situation. I wrote a letter outlining situations, with dates. I sent this to them on a Monday. On Thursday unprofessional HR guy tells me not to report to work. That a situation had just been brought to his attention. Something that had happened the previous week on a shift I was working. He said I just became aware this situation. I specifically spoke about this situation in my letter. I'm not willing to accept just any punishment anymore. I'm filling a civil suit against them if she is not terminated. I also said I wanted the ASM job back. No not anymore, I want her job!

Your mom, US
Jun 02, 2010 11:40 pm EDT

Even if the manager let her family go to the bank for the store, you should have known that it was against company policy. No store would EVER entrust non-employees with cash, let alone driving down town to go to the bank. It's just common sense, even if there wasn't a written policy to show you.

Also, since you broke company policy, you won't be able to get unemployment. Unemployment is for people who lose their jobs because of something not their fault, like if the store went bankrupt and closed or something. So good luck with that.

And since you violated company policy, you do not deserve those 80 vacation hours.

Find a new job and move on with the knowledge that you shouldn't let your son go to the bank for a store if he doesn't work there.