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last week sent a message to the Facebook complaints centre via live chat and the facebook complaints centre...

order a wig for my vacation, color was supposed to be a highlighted one. I received a fiery copper.

I went thru Pay Pal for payment. In the bag I received they also put a card that said"If there are any issues with your order, please visit our website and contact our customer via this email, which turned out to be Fraudulent and comments in there said Pay Pal was aware of the email. I requested a refund but from reading other comments I think I'm out of my money.
Facebook shouldn't let businesses advertise on there website either. After reading other complaints it should get rid of them because they are stealing from us. I'm contacting any Public Advisor to help with this Social Media Fraudulent Company.

lissh, co. ltd wigs advertised on facebook

Scam scam scam scam I am out $94.65. I ordered wigs from lissh co., ltd from an advertizement on facebook...

In February25 I placed an order with DealChest it was for $54.00 it was for a total of 10 tubes of mascara I have called text written even tried to talk to a human button I pushed all I wanted was to try the mascara I've heard so much about I have yet to receive a call text letter email from them I want my money or the product thats all !!!What can u do to help me [protected]


This has just stopped responding to any shares I wanna make. The notifications have become useless because after about 15 minutes they are "expired" and can't be seen. Can only share from others page. Not vice versa. Without these abilities Facebook is useless and not worth fighting.
Everything Facebook is used for is dilapidated and impossible to use. Was fine yesterday. Today it's useless. If this can't be fixed (I'm not the only person this is happening to) . We have talked and a fine with facebook. If not fixed we will all sign a group complaint and submit to proper Authorities. This is not just a breach of contract. I have found out that there is legally more we can do. We will get together and scream so our Snapchat will hear it.

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tactical pants advertisement

I saw a facebook ad for waterproof/ripproof tactical pants and responded with an order for 2 pair. Invoice ID# c5964844367936.1 Receipt # [protected]. Sender had a PayPal ID of JIANGXIZEKU.

The pants were received but not as ordered. The pants were not of waist size 36, length 32 as requested but a size large. I cannot fit a leg in the pants and the quality is extremely poor. I attempted to contact the sender "fancy meet" at email [protected] wishing a refund. The sender refuses to allow a refund of the product. I request the ability to return this product for a refund of the purchase price.

The shipping label shows a return address: JinTai, 20275 Business Parkway, City of Industry, CA [protected].

I wish to file this complaint as I now see several other facebook customers receiving the same poor product and refusal of the sender to refund. I also request the ad for the pants removed from facebook as false advertising

  • Bi
    Bill Jeppson Dec 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased and received a pair of shoes. The shoes do not fit. I would like to return them. The address on the shipping bag is “Jin Tai, 20275 Business Parkway, City of Industry, CA”. I can not locate a phone number corresponding to that address. I have located a phone number for a business with the same name in Baldwin Park, CA. I called that number and found it was disconnected. I, too, would like to file a complaint and learn how to return the shoes for a refund.

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  • Ma
    Maria Caponero Jan 09, 2020

    I would like to file a complaint with Jin Tai 20275 Business parkway, city of Industry, Ca I purchased clothes and did not fit correctly and made poorly. I emailed for a return label several times no response, so I used the return label on package and sent priority mail. I finally received a response back from my email that it was sent to the incorrect place and I will not get a refund.
    THank you, Maria Caponero

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  • Je
    Jeff Carey Jan 22, 2020

    This does not look like the ad you had on line it is dirty on the inside it does not fit and it is cheaply made in there is no lining on the inside so I want a full refund and if you have any questions please call me at 618-995-2400 my name is Jeff Carey


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  • Je
    Jeff Carey Jan 22, 2020

    These pictures show's you what is wrong with it


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Hi Marilyn Laite,


Sorry to hear that, but bras are not returnable.

Best regards,
On Tue, 4 Jun at 11:49 PM, Marilyn Laite wrote:
I ordered several (4) of the front zip bra's from you expecting them to be the size you stated when I ordered. Upon receipt of these items they do not even come close to what you claimed they should fit. I would like to return these items and have my money refunded. Please give me directions on how this process works.

I place an order on face book to purchase 3 bra. I ordered according to my size and their measurement chart. I waited almost 3 months for deliver of the product and when it finally arrived the size was no where near what they stated, I attempted to contact them and their response was they do not except returns for bra's. I am a senior and feel I have been scammed.

Product image Description Quantity Price
Front Zipper Massage Padding Print Full Busted Lace-trim Bras.---(Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 3rd 14, CODE: 0306) - Pink / 5XL1
Front Zipper Massage Padding Print Full Busted Lace-trim Bras.---(Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 3rd 14, CODE: 0306)
Pink / 5XL
1 $19.99
Front Zipper Massage Padding Print Full Busted Lace-trim Bras.---(Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 3rd 14, CODE: 0306) - Nude / 5XL2
Front Zipper Massage Padding Print Full Busted Lace-trim Bras.---(Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 3rd 14, CODE: 0306)
Nude / 5XL
2 $39.98 Scroll for more items
Cost summary
Description Price
Subtotal $59.97
Shipping Free
Total USD $59.9

wig advertisements

I ordered several wigs from various wig advertisments on Facebook. They were scams and came from China. Real Garbage and no way resembled the pics shown. They gfo by many names and there are complaints by many yet they still do business . They will not answer my emails and some emails are bogus. I can't understand how facebook allows this to continue. I have cancer and cannot afford to lose over $100.00 due to facebook's unwillingness to make this right.
Doreen Weismantel Tel: [protected].May 4, 2019


There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.
Paid with
Ship to
Doreen Weismantel
4615 SW 8th Ct. apt 12
Cape Coral, FL 33914
United States
Online Services
Transaction ID
Seller info
Invoice ID
Purchase details
Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)003 - petite / platinum$31.96
Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)005 - LARGE / R28+ GLAZED HAZELNUT(AS IN VIDEO)$36.69


May 4, 2019

There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.
Paid with
Ship to
doreen weismantel
4615 SW 8th Court
Apt 12
United States
Transaction ID
Seller info
Invoice ID
Purchase details
Upstage | Synthetic Wig - SHADED BISCUIT / AVERAGE-Adjustable Straps(Allows you to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch$39.76


  • Ti
    Tiffany Martin Jun 17, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a terrible experience with this company as well. I paid for expedited shipping which they advertise as 5-7 days and it took 3 weeks to receive. The product was terrible. The color was wrong and the quality was awful. Nothing like the video on FB. Now they only want to refund me 20%, $9.39 instead of the full amount and allowing me to return it, stating that it would cost me more to return it. The label says it shipped from CA. but the product originated from China. There’s no way it would cost more than the purchase price to ship it back. They’ve even admitted in an email that their warehouse made a mistake. Don’t buy from the site unless you’re willing to keep the product. As you can see from the photo, it’s a light red but I ordered a brown wig.

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  • Mp
    mpm132000 Jul 19, 2019

    Yes, this company is a BIG scam. I received the wig (picture attached) which isn't what was listed on the website, which I forgot the name. When corresponding with the scam company they wanted me to return the wig to China and offered me a 20% refund. My wig came with a CA return address which is why I didn't think it was fair that I was required to send it to China. I also didn't agree with getting only 20% . I filed a dispute with paypal and they agreed that I should get my full refund back BUT also agreed with the scam company that I return the wig back to China. I am in the process of returning it now but am also going to request that paypal refund my return shipping cost. I also agree, FB shouldn't allow these companies to put their ads on esp after the company has received complaints.


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Facebook should exist if it is going to decide what is allowable speech. There is an organized campaign to have certain groups and people erased from social media. Even though these people are law abiding and moral people who are not spreading any hate (hate speech is still covered under the constitution) there are parties that do not like their message or are diametrically opposed to their views. The constitution is not up for debate.

failure to respond to death threats and fake pages

I have contacted Facebook over 100 times, and my friends have also done the same for me. Adriana G. has made several fake pages in my name and has been do so for 3 years, its just getting worse. now I am getting death threats.they are even posted on facebook. no matter how many times I have complained, facebook leaves those pages up. they are degrading and embarrassing. She sends me at least 20 friendship requests daily in different names.
I can no longer respond on line or on my phone to anyone that I am not waiting to hear from. because it might be her. this

purchase of a treadmill

I purchased a tread mill at the end of March it did not arrive so I cancelled the order I have been in touch with the company and they keep promising me a refund but they have not sent my refund
the name of the company is DododoGift I have contacted the company many times via email but they are not getting back to me regarding the refund this has been going on since 30th March the ref on my bank statement is 15-192733507MA3850
I would like you to try and get my refund I have bought things in the past and have never had a problem

my email [protected]

Regards Janice Aspell

notifications, messenger and photo functions not working on computer.

Dear FB Complaints Department,

For the past three days I have not been able to open messages, or notifications on my Computer. I am also unable to post, edit, and save photographs onto any page. I run a very successful fan club on The Jam. I am now concerned I will get behind on my work, due to this recent annoying glitch. The issue to which I refer started on Saturday 25th May 2019, and shows no signs of improving. I have tried to be patient, but every morning it is still the same result. Nothing!

My Messenger and Notifications are just spinning Circles, and photographs will not load up from my Computer Desktop. I cannot edit or save them. This has not been a problem, in the past, so I am puzzled, and confused re: latest FB issues.

Recently, I contacted the FB Helpdesk by email, and also The Help Centre, via my Account. This doesn't appear to have got me anywhere. Further to this, I tried two phone numbers, for the Customer Complaints Centre, which didn't work either!

I'm sure You've had lots of other complaints, and I wonder why it is taking so long for these issues to fixed. My email address, in the event Your team need to inform me of developments is matthew.[protected]

I have always used Facebook responsibly since 2009, and without full use of it, I feel rather lost! In conclusion, may I ask that the above issues mentioned, get sorted out soon.

Kind regards,

Matthew James Excell

( Head Admin of The Jam Fan Page )

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · May 28, 2019

    I hope this starts some action, as I'm not the only person, who's getting cheesed off!

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · May 28, 2019

    email contact: [email protected]

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · Jun 14, 2019

    I am unable to load photographs from my Status Update Function.

    There appears to be an issue with this, and I'm confused as to why it isn't working.

    When I log in, usually there is a box which says Upload Photographs, which isn't appearing.

    Other people are having this problem. I would appreciate a positive outcome.

    Many thanks,

    Matt Excell

    ( Head Admin, The Jam Fan Page )

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · Jun 27, 2019

    Once again, FB has issues! About the third time, in a Month!

    I am unable to use the Status Update function for posting photographs, and understand from other users that there has been another possible outage. Would You please be able to get on to this issue straight away, as I need this function to run my busy fan based FB Jam Club.

    Many thanks,

    Matthew James Excell

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · Dec 04, 2019

    I can't share posts without them disappearing off the page.

    This is quite odd, as it was working ok Yesterday morning.

    Some recent posts I can't even find properly. I know they were posted, and shared.

    Please can You fix this issue as soon as possible.

    Many thanks,

    Matthew James Excell ( Jam Fan Page Admin )

  • Updated by Matthew James Excell · Dec 16, 2019

    I am not sure what is going on with Facebook Today!

    Main issue: Cannot see all Photo Album Pictures. I have more than one Album.

    Unable to use the forward arrow, as it doesn't appear to be working at all.

    Already sent two messages to the FB Help Centre. No response, as yet.

your existence...

What a worthless entity you are. Your exploitation, ill will and global misinformation is UNCONSCIONABLE.

I EXIST VERY WELL WITHOUT YOU AS I AM A TRAINED RESEARCHER. I neither need you nor want your input on my/our collective conscience. God help the poor smucks who consider you a source of information..nah,

Your problem is you pray on human weaknesses and shortcomings. Not a good business model not sustainable resource.

Novel thought. Read a book. Talk to your peers. Connect with someone outside your socIAL economic core. Life is simple. Question what is presented to you. UNDERSTANDABLE PRIMARY RESOURCES.



The video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doctored show her drunk is an outrageous and should be removed immediately without any question. It was sickening and unbelievable to see Facebook representative justifying to leave the fake news doctored video spreading by making up crap about informing people that it is a doctored video. SHAME ON FACEBOOK to become puppets of a sick President Donald Trump. Yuu are responsible to spreading fake news. Whole bunch of Facebook management needs to be fired

gameroom game the simpsons quest for stuff

This game has not worked in weeks. The game owners even removed the chat as they were tired of people complaining about it being down with the pardon our dust logo on the page. Not only doe's it not work here but it doesn't work on a smartphone emulator anymore. Either have them fix the problems in a timely manner or have it removed from Gameroom. No game is worth that much frustration.

gameroom game the simpsons quest for stuff

facebook gameroom game "european wars"

I started playing the game about 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago and again today I bought gold for $9.99 each time. The money has been removed from my account and I did not receive the gold. I like the game but have been sheated. I want either my money back of the gold.

I spend a lot of time and what money as I can to pass time. I am a 70 year old disabled veteran and do not have a lot of discresionary funds.


flawless value think this a scam

On April 24th I orded a pair of sunglass from a ad on my facebook account money was removed from my account after a week i tried to contact them for an up date on the order sent 2 emails without any response other than a automaic email saying someone would contact me no response so i tried to track the order on the flawless webb site and it came back as no order for the Order #32450 confirmed by email
tried to call the 800 number left message to call and have not gotten anything from them I am willing to wait on the order if i can get some kind of update

Only did the purchase because it was on my facebook account thinking it was ok anything you can do would be great if it is a scam you need to let everybody on face book know you do not screen the ads allowed on facebook

Flawless value

Wed, Apr 24, 8:27 PM (9 days ago)
Order #32450 Thank you for your purchase! Hi Rick, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

sandals sold by riticonic advertised on facebook not like pictures

Purchased a pair of sandals sold by Riticonic and advertised on Facebook. Said to be genuine leather. They are faux leather and not at all like those pictured. The picture indicated a dull black leather and the sandals were actually a shiny patent leather-like black in color. The soles are a foam with a vinyl covering that would be suitable for bedroom slippers or wearing around a pool, but not usual street wear. They were marked as a Size 9 and in reality are about a Size 7 ( about 1-1/2 inches shorter than my other sandals). They cost around $50 and are truly the WORST product I have ever purchased on the internet. There was no return shipping info even though they advertise "easy returns". Product shipped from China and took over a month to receive. I contacted their customer support but have not yet got a response.

  • Updated by Betty Chorba · May 16, 2019

    I sent Riticonic 2 emails asking where to return the sandals. No response. Used the email address posted on PayPal and sent a 3rd one detailing the problem. Still no response. Filed claim with PayPal. Riticonic first offered a gift certificate of $30 which I refused. Why would I want any more of their shoddy merchandise? PayPal sent me a final email giving a return address in China. I checked the cost of shipping the shoes back and it was about $40. Not wanting to throw more good money after bad I refused to send them back because even if I did they could always claim that the shoes I returned were damaged and refuse the claim. I spoke to someone at PayPal who told me that unless I sent the shoes back, PayPal could do NOTHING about the dispute. So, I'm just eating $52. Also, after I ordered the sandals I got an email from Riticonic indicating the package had shipped and was given a FedEx tracking number. The number was fictitious. The shoes were actually shipped by US Mail from a warehouse in Los Angeles area, but they only accept returns to China. Note that the original shipping fee I was charged was $5.99. Why would anyone think that a return would cost over $40.

  • Ru
    Ruth Whitnah May 09, 2019

    Similar experience. Purchased a pair of sandals advertised as leather. They were not. Additionally, I ordered a size 9, and my toes hang out about an inch over the toe. Definitely not a size 9. I have been trying to reach them with no response. I don't know where to return the item for refund.

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  • Mr
    MRGz Jun 14, 2019

    Do not order from them - they took my order/payment and I have yet to receive them - 3 months after I ordered. The only way to contact them is through email - which they have never answered. TOTAL SCAM.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Miller Jul 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just received my sandals and were so disappointed! They are not leather and look very cheap! The very first pair that I ordered from them were leather and lovely …. thus I ordered two pair of "leather" sandals. I am very unhappy!

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someone has hack my credit card

For the past 2 years someone has hack my credit card I have not charge 6.000 dollars of games this is crazy I i, m the only one using this computer someone has hack into facebook. I need help finding what has got into my account and to refund this money to my credit card please help me. Myaccount number is [protected] capital one. Thank-you. Please let me know. My email addresse is [protected]

I place an order on January 23 and have never recieved my order. I have messaged Dealchest and was told they would make sure I recieved my order. I messaged them again and was told once thr crouier picked up the order it was out of their hands and said it could be held up in customs. Things are not held up in customs that long. I know this from in coming international orders at work. I was ripped off $26.22 for 3 tubes of mascara 4D silk.

  • Aw
    Awilda Bourdoin Apr 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I going threw the same thing. I order the mascara on February 10, till this day haven't received anything. Cant called them only threw messager from Facebook. Also no human customer service. So very disappointed

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  • 4f
    4 four boys May 22, 2019

    Yes they are scammers. I ordered the Mascara on March 13th. I emailed and was told that it was sent and it was out of their control. And that I should receive it in 3 weeks. Now it is May and I have not received it. Do not order from this company!!!

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