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Facebook - Posts

I was put in FB Jail for 24 hours for a comment that I was supposed to have made. Instead I was hacked yet I have no recourse but to sit out 24 hours. This is not fair that I have no way to defend myself against these evil idiots! This is against the constitution of the United States but I guess zuckernuim or whatever his name is, is above that. Actually they are lower than a snakes belly!!!

Facebook - Complaints and customer care

I was locked out of my Facebook account for alleged inappropriate posting (nefarious activity supposedly) and though I can now again access my personal page I am still unable to get into my facebook...

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Facebook - Community standards decisions

Yesterday I was laughing at a post a friend put up. A video that took place in Rome, Italy, a young man dressed as an elf on a stripper type pole. It was funny, it literally took place in Rome, and I...

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Facebook - Facebook in general

My account was recently banned from entering any text on pages. Was told that I went against community standards. No explanation was given to why io went against community standards. I think Facebook should be renamed the 3rd reich. As they also tried to burn and sensor information disgusting company. If I was to put graphic images of people and animals throats being cut or supported terrorism blm and antifa my comments conveniently wouldn't of gone against standards

Facebook - Marketplace

I am using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, I have tried using other browsers and the same thing happens. I had my bank info on Facebook and Facebook removed it, When I try to link it up again...

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Facebook - Falsely accused

I was banned from FB due for posting who's the better R&B group Tony Tony Tony of Mint condition which floored me FB allowed me back 11/22/2020 and I post news articles and majority NFL sports and as of 11/23/2020 FB say I post sexual explicit content, which I DID NOT! Now I would like to know why am I being targeted and LIED on? And if it's a so call friend on my friend list that's out & out lying on me, I have the right to know so I can delete such a person that would make up such a horrible lye on me like that. FB should also show me exactly what was sexual about any Nfl post i posted 11/22/2020 and tell the NFL not to post on FB page, but do not LIE or blame me for something so sicking that i did not do. This twice FB has got it wrong with me

Facebook - My facebook account was closed

I am a language instructor and thought I should have a FB account to stay in contact with my students. So I created the account, uploaded a picture and wanted to continue the next day. But, surprise, my account was blocked. Then they wanted a photo and a mobile number. I gave them the information. Two days later I read that my account was permanently disabled. No reason. My wife created an account two days earlier and her's is still active but now without her husband. What is that about?

Facebook - Your integrity and policies

I am writing to you bc you keep saying I do not follow policy. Well let me tell you I have informed my attorney of my complaints other people make same comments esp against Democrats but if Democrats posted stuff about Republicans but it's ok. Again you will be formally notified by my attorney regarding your company. It appears that your company is Democratic biased just like this past election. You are taking my rights away as an American Citizen.
Thank You
Frank DiRobella

Facebook - Account access

About 2 weeks ago my account was disabled by FB. I used the help link and sent my photo ID for verification. I immediately received a message that my account was permanently disabled and the decision was not reversible. No specific reason was given. I've had no warnings. I am a senior citizen and this account is my only contact with family and friends. I have had this account for over 10 years and now have lost all access to the photos and videos I posted. Violation of community standards is the only reason given. There is no way to contact a human. I am really upset about this and there seems to be no recourse.

I have the same issue going on now. For no reason my account was disabled. I have tried contacting them threw the help center and i get a message saying that it can not be reviewed because it was to long since the account was disabled. I did contact them and sent my ID to them with the 30 days. I have not violated any standards and I can't get any help from them at all.

Facebook - Access to my account

Facebook has locked me out of my account with NO explanation as to why or a chance to address whatever accusation they are making. First they denied my signing in for 24 hours, then they asked for a copy a an ID for security reasons, I did that. Then after a few days later asked to confirm that vis my email address and in that offered to change my password.
To date I still am denied access - "Log Into Facebook
Wrong Credentials
Invalid username or password"
I have no other name or credentials with them. I have re-entered this data time and time again and absolutely NO WAY to contact them because I cannot get INTO the account to do so. They offer NO WAY to get a message in if you are locked out in the first place. This is over 2 weeks of inaccessibility with NO explanation no matter how I am complying

wish is not performer. No office address impossible to join your distribution center.You are far of Amazone.

Join me if ypu are serious oeganisation ( [email protected]

Facebook - Social media

I was removed by Facebook without warning after 15 years of being part.I was given no reason of why that was done, I lost all my content friends and contacts!I want my story to be heard as I don't believe that I have done anything wrong.
I will fight vigorously and I will go see congress and get in touch with the media to tell my story!!

Facebook - False advertising a product

I found on facebook a dinosaur toy that was big enough fir a toddler to ride its back (which was shown on video advertisement on facebook) it moved its tail, eyes, mouth, head.
in the post came a 9 inch tall stuffed dinosaur that does nothing?
This toy worth about £8.00 max cost me 39 dollars plus postage.
These companies should not be aloud to advertise on facebook its fraud.
I only have a returns address in southall. Y&G F2P.
I cannot remember the companies name I brought from. I am waiting for it to come up again on facebook, which I have seen since ordering but at the time did not know this was a scam.

Facebook - Heminx international

In July I responded to advertising on FB and ordered their "Long Handled Weeder". The parts finally arrived September 22, 2020. One item, a key component was not included in the shipment. Instead of...

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Facebook - clip cord (co. name)

In early Sept., 2020, I ordered 2 items from an entity identifying themselves on Facebook as Clip Cord. My order was acknowledged as having been received on Sept. 9, 2020. I subsequently followed up...

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Facebook - Won't let me sign up with my real name

I have an unusual name, and Facebook thinks I am sending a fake driver's license. Which I have sent twice and gave them my cell phone #.

I've been a FB stock holder for 8 years, but can't get a working account?

Never got to use the account, but it was disabled for violating policy. Since all other violations require actually being able to use your account, I can only determine they think I'm using a fake name.

Used to have an account, deleted it years ago.

Facebook - ads and suggested pages

Facebook has consistently and perhaps willfully kept recycling certain ads and suggested pages of a political nature which i find unprofessional, and frankly very distasteful ; as many times as i...

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Facebook - Censorship / account disabled

My account was disabled September 2nd without warning or explanation. No previous "violations" of their community standards. I posted a video on Aug 29th of Trump's motorcade when he visited TX after Hurricane Laura. Got over 3k views & 30 shares. Got deleted 4 days later. Have submitted 25+ requests to FB to re-enable my account, & still no response.

been banned 3 times now. just hours or days from coming back from a 30 day ban. I am being censored like crazy by these communists.

Facebook - Why are they allowed to suspend conservatives?

Since Facebook is a platform, not a content provider, why are they allowed to suspend conservatives, with no notification and no appeal, just for stating the truth about the corona virus or Ginsburg...

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Facebook - Banned... Why?

I have been permanently banned from my long-standing Facebook account. No explanation & no appeal allowed. The claim is that I violated their Community Standards. WHICH Community Standard? No...

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Facebook - Banned or blocked my account without a proper reason.

This is the message I get when I try to log in. You can't use Facebook because your account, or activity on it, didn't follow our Community Standards. We have already reviewed this decision and...

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