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Exploria Resorts LLC

25 Town Center Blvd Ste C
United States - 34714-4836

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 855 849 2205(Reservations) 2 0
+1 352 432 2323(Head Office) 3 0
+1 800 654 6102(Owner Service & Reservations) 4 0
+1 352 242 1100(Summer Bay Orlando & 601 The Reserve) 1 1
+1 407 239 8315(Crown Club Inn) 1 0
+1 800 677 7880(Grand Seas Resort) 1 0
+1 386 427 1151(New Smyrna Waves) 1 0
+1 417 336 1428(Greensview Branson) 1 0
+1 865 436 2039(Gatlinburg Town Square) 1 1
+1 865 428 2897(Mountain Meadows) 1 0
Summer Bay Orlando
17805 U.S. 192, Clermont, FL 34714
601 The Reserve
17950 Tennis Ct Loop, Clermont, FL 34714

Crown Club Inn
105 Summer Bay Blvd, Clermont, FL 34714

Grand Seas Resort
2424 North Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32118

New Smyrna Waves
3208 Hill St. Unit 111, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

Greensview Branson
2800 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, MO 65616

Gatlinburg Town Square
414 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Mountain Meadows
2813 Rolling Hills Dr., Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Exploria Resorts Complaints & Reviews

Exploria Resorts / timeshare

Oct 17, 2019

Alice / Cornellius / or to whom it may concern: 10/3/19 customer 314761 This is my second e-mail to explain my cancellation of the deal / time share agreement. I came to the Gatlinburg resort with my disabled wife and disabled granddaughter. We listened to the offering for 2 hours; we said no...

Exploria Resorts / check in service

Aug 18, 2019

Hello my name is Devanity Griffin, i traveled from South Carolina, i reserved and stayed at the Gatlinburg town square exploria resort, the location was beautiful, very accommodating to the needs of my family except theres only one thing that i have to complain about which is the one staff...

Exploria Summer Bay / timeshare exit option

Aug 12, 2019

Has a timeshare class action suit against Exploria - Summer Bay been filed yet? Very interested in being a part of it, if this is being done. This timeshare company is unwilling to provide exit options for owners and continue to go up on maintenance fees. Currently, our maintenance fee...

Exploria Resorts / exploria poconos resort refund not received

Aug 10, 2019

Me and Family had been to Six Flags for a visit. On our visit we saw marketing person saying he is exploria resort individual and offered us trips to Poconos resort of exploria. He took 40$ which was a refundable deposit on attending a presentation in the resort and we will be given 40$...

Exploria Resorts / deceiving and manipulative offer - unethical behavior

Jul 31, 2019

On Saturday 7/27/19 I went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my husband and as soon as we got into the ticketing area we were aggressively approached by a woman who handed us a paper and a pen to each of us without saying a word. After two hours on the road I really needed to use the...

Exploria Resorts / my contract is a fraud and poor customer service

May 22, 2019

I purchased a Timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN October of last year. My husband and thought we were making a great investment. However, today 5/22/2019 I was on the phone with the loan service of this company and not only the customer service is terrible I asked the Question, "Have I been duked...

Exploria Resorts / exploria resorts - hoa inventory recovery

Apr 24, 2019

I have been contacted recently by Exploria Resorts HOA Inventory Recovery department, in summery they stated that they will forgive my $5K unpaid annual resort fees if I sign a Deed-In-Lieu Agreement and give them ownership of my week. I wish they can buy my week back. Frankly, I do not care...

Exploria Resorts / hour meetings that supposed to be 90 minutes.. high pressure sales, maintenance, fees

Apr 08, 2019

I am so disappointed.. We have been basically tossed out of the "family" unless we come up with $15, 000... we complained about the high pressure sales pitch from 2 years ago, was assured it would not be like that, but it was.. You just couldn't get it through their heads, that...

Exploria Resorts / Lack of information given at arrival at summer bay welcome centre.

Feb 16, 2019

I booked this vacation package 1922426 for myself and partner. because my partner has been delayed and will not now be arriving until late 19th feb I was not permitted to do the "tour and presentation". Therefore no further information was made available to me at all in fact I was refused...

Exploria Resorts / timeshare

Feb 06, 2019

Please count me in for any class action law suit against this scam. I wish I wasn't pressured into believing any of this was good for my family! Natasha is a liar and this company are nothing but crooks. I have written to them. Contacted natasha about her selling my unit after buying...

Exploria Resorts / taking money & not giving you full information need a refund

Nov 29, 2016

I was offered a holiday package with $3, 000.00 off & needed to pay $898.00US. Was given a spiel about what was included eg. 5 nights in Summer Bay, 3day 2 night cruise to the Bahamas, another 4days 3 nights a East Coast Central, Florida. I was asked if there was any reason we wouldn't be...

Summer Bay Resort / if its a scam

Apr 18, 2016

on 16th of feb 2016 got a message to look into was a promotion deal for this resort just had to ring with in so many seconds. then they answered was saying it was just a promotion to promote the resort. (florida sunshine holiday) Itinerary is orlando florida hotel with resort amenities 6...

Exploria Resorts / phone scam, don't let me cancel

Jan 20, 2015

I was approached by a telemarketer about a vacation in Orlando Florida, and since we had thought about going there soon, I was willing to listen. They promised me 5 nights two bedroom suite in Orlando, nights in Florida east coast, 2 cruises for 2 people each for up to 7 days and 4 nights in...

Summer Bay Resort / money from my account

Sep 24, 2014

This company bulldozed me by giving me all this free stuff at this resort, plus a cruise discount prices. They promised they would not take any money from my account it was to just hold my spot and I had 30 days to decided. I immediately went to my account online and they took $249, 00...

Summer Bay Resorts / holiday package


Summer Bay Resorts. Was on a Website and told I had won $3000 as I was viewer number such and such, had to phone straight away. Did so and was told I had won $3000 towards a package holiday in the US if I paid the remaining $498 (covered a holiday for 4 people). I agreed and received phone...

Summer Bay Resorts / scam artistes


was going to get a penpal when i got a message that i won a 3000 dollar travel spree, called [protected] and was told i got a trip to orlando florida for 6 days 4 nigths and a cruise for 4 days three nights, even got my customer no an was told i would get an email, when i called back the...

Summer Bay Resorts / rip off! beware it's a scam!


I purchased a vacation but didn't get to use it. A year later I receive another charge on my account for a little less than the one I really purchased. I disputed the charge on my credit card because I didn't authorize it but they sent the paperwork from the vacation I DID...

Summer Bay Resorts / nightmare holiday


I nearly got caught out today and feel very ***.They said they were giving me $3000 off all sorts of holidays and that i only had to pay $898 for 4 holidays and a car rental. Anybody asking you to pay that much money straight away on the phone sounds very dodgy.The sales person even offered...

Summer Bay Resorts. Orlando / pionts banked


Purchased timeshare may 2009. Available to use every other year. Maintenance fees paid 2010/2011. Today have tried to book a holiday for this year, but have been told that because I have previously not banked my points before end of year 2010 ive lost all of my points and the maintenance...

grand seas resort / cost of fees


how can they charge based on years of ownership. when we purchased our maintance fees and taxes was 226.00+98.00 this was the yearly total. I RECIEVED a bill this year for nearly 750.00 . Talked with another owner that bought two years ago their fees for a two bedroom for 2011 is less than...

Summer Bay Resort / is it a scam?


We were duped on New Year's Eve with a pop up screen on the computer that we were the 1, 000, 000 visitors to a site and had won $3, 000 worth of vacation with SBR and took up their offer of 5 nights Orlando, 1 week's car hire, 3 nights Daytona, cruise to Bahamas, etc. etc. We...

Summer Bay Resorts / rip off


They are an operator to advertise for resorts only - They call me with a special kind of special promotion for their resorts in US and worldwide, good deal I paid about $561.95 for the following as list in my Vacation Package Purchase confirmation letter -5 days/4nts in Puerto Rico...

Summer Bay Resort Vacations / initial $898 for holdiday


Have obviously been one of many sucked in by their you have won blah blah. Did not do my homework and suss them out. Realised lots have people have been scammed by them and gave a credit card deposit of 898. All number they gave me of person agents do not exist. When you ring website...

Summer Bay Resort / being ripped off


I have been scamed out of $1, 096 from my credit card account from Summer Bay Resort over a promotional holiday. I rang with 24 hours to cancel and each time was put on hold for more then 30 minutes waiting to speak to someone. I was on the phone for more than 2 hours and ringing from...

Summer Bay Resorts (Greatvacationsnow) / after 4 hours scammed


I received an email soliciting an awesome sounding vacation package under the heading of 5 days and 4 nights to Costa Rica. As I'm getting married on June 18, 2011 I thought this would be great and excite my fiancee with an all inclusion paid for trip. Afterwards and it's only...

Summer Bay Resorts / abusive bad company scam


stay FAR away from this awful company-- it is run by scam artists con-artists...everything about it is a con..they lie to people and steal their money...they treat their employees like dirt---they are one of the WORST companies out there...I got hired by them then got abused by the...

Summer Bay Resorts / scammed me, don't buy their vacations


After purchasing an educational product for my children, a sales rep for summer bay resorts came on the line and said that I had won a 4 day 3 night vacation package to Napa Valley in California. He said the only fee that I would have to pay for were two tickets to visit all the vineyard...

Summer Bay Resorts / dishonesty, excessives fees


I have owned now for over 6 years. I am on the points system and have had nothing but problems from the time I signed the contract. The office staff is discourteous and management doesn't care about the owners concerns. I was hit with a 30% fee added to my maintenance fee while I wa...

grand seas resort / timeshare deception


June 25, 2007 Jimmy talked Ronald Banks into purchasing a timeshare by telling him that he could he make the timeshare profitable by renting it out before the first payment was due. Ron and I had an agreement not to purchase so we said no. I left the two of them talking and when I returned...

Summer Bay Resorts / don't trust them


What stuns me, is that alot of people were the "1.000.000" visitor. I was also that one. Being 15 and having no creditcard an a lousy phone with only change on it, i called. First i was greeted by a man who asked for my confirmation code right away. I hung up and called again, saying i wa...

Summer Bay Resort, Clermont, Florida / terrible!


When we drove up, it seemed to be a nice location with nice ammenites. However, once we got in our rental house, we were disgusted. It was dirty, rugs were stained, there was mold around the bath and showers. When we woke up in the morning, there were ants in our bathroom. The WORST part...

Summer Bay Resort / smoother than smooth! run!


I received a message that I have won a holiday and that I needed to call a given number. I called and a very pleasant lady (Jo-Ann Lester) told me that I was so lucky and she is so happy that I called the number because if I did not I would have missed a great opportunity ... bla, blah ...

Club Navigo/ Grand Seas Resort / sales fraud


We were grossly mislead in the purchase of our timeshare, the major one being that we were told they would sell our old one to purchase the new one. Absolutely did not happen, so now we have been paying on it at a horrible interest rate we never would have agreed to if we new it was not...

Summer Bay Resorts U. S. A. / win a holiday package


This company will advertise a pop-up that you have won $3, 000 U.S. dollars towards a holiday package. It will include 6 days in Orlando, Florida, a 7 day economy car rental, 4 days in Daytona beach, 4 days in the Bahamas including a cruise. You have to pay upfront on your credit card, the...

Summer Bay Resort / money taken from my credit card


I told the Gentleman on the phone that I was not interested in the Orlando 6day/5nights package that you have put together, but the money was still taken from my Credit Card. I would like my money to be paid back into my account as soon as possible. THIS IS FRAUD!!! CUSTOMER NO...

Summer Bay Resorts / scam-ripoff


Firts off let me start off by saying...I worked as a fronter and closer for Summer Bay Resorts for 3 weeks in Altamonte Springs Florida. I represented this company with what I thought was honesty and integrity, this was proven to be wrong towards the end of my employemnt with them. I will...

Summer Bay Resorts / fulse information


I am a single 61 yr old women. I called to order a shark steam cleaner, was passed on to summer bay resorte. As I tried to explain to them that I was not interesed that keep pushing me. Told me I could us it, at a later date. When I called to make reseravation I was told I could use it...

Leisure Time World Travel Or Summer Bay Resorts / vacation package scam


Apparently in 2004, I purchased hotel rooms at a modest discount in Los Vegas. I thought the website was a simple vacation website. Since this was 5 years ago, I do not recall the name of the website. As part of the purchase there was a requirement to visit a vacation rental for a 90...

Summer Bay Resorts / didnt explain before taking deposit you had to have a certain income


I have been told today I had won a holiday to Orlando and Daytona beach etc. At first I thought it was a scam but then I believed them but what they didnt tell me before taking a deposit of $498 that you had to have an income of over $40, 000. That was in the purchase confirmation letter...

Summer Bay Resort / immoral and unetical salesmethods


Pup-up sides with 3000 dollars as a amount to use on Vacations i Summerbay.resorts. Trickin you to pay a amont to secure your Hollidays.. You are whirled aroud between several names securing you, that there is no risk. I feel rearly tricked and naive...Don´t ever call the number in...