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I originally booked this Itinerary with Expedia. Itinerary # [protected]

On our way to Washington my husband saw we booked the wrong dates. I called Expedia directly on the way there on Aug 18th in the Afternoon. The representative put me on hold and called the hotel. That is what he SAID. Then he told me to cancel and book the hotel directly or somewhere else. He said he could not change the reservation. He said he put in for the credit back.

Cancellation # [protected]

As of today 8/29 there is no credit on our Card for this. I contacted Expedia again today via only option on their website which is a virtual chat. The chat agent said the hotel denied to release our funds. The chat agent Fahmad said the front desk agent at Thompson Hotel refused to allow any money back to us. I called Thompson Hotel and spoke to the manager Lionel. Lionel told me that Expedia NEVER sent them any money for our reservation. Lionel said that they would approve to release the funds back to us as we ultimately stayed at their hotel anyway. Expedia wants to keep our money for 2 rooms and not refund us. The hotel is willing to refund the money. This is bad business and really theft by Expedia.

Desired outcome: I want a full refund. I called almost immediately after making the reservation. I want a full refund of $412.72. No money was lost by Expedia. According to Hotel Expedia never even sent deposit.

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