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Expedia review: Double charging for car, once to book and another when picking up car

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I am currently on a trip in Ponta Delgada and have encountered an issue regarding my car rental. I would like to bring to your attention the matter concerning the charges from Ilha Verde, which is the car rental company utilized by Avis, the provider of my Expedia package. As per my itinerary #[protected], I have already made payment for the car rental services through Expedia.

During my interaction with the store clerk at Ilha Verde, I was informed that I need to obtain the reference voucher from Avis. However, despite checking my email, including the spam folder, I have not received the voucher. As a result, I have been billed twice for the same service - once by Expedia ($367 USD) and once by Ilha Verde ($367).

Considering the urgency of the situation, as I am scheduled to depart on Monday morning, I am concerned that there may not be sufficient time for resolution and a refund. It is unreasonable to expect me to pay twice for a vehicle I have only used once. Despite my efforts, I have not been able to locate the email voucher from Avis, despite thorough searches in both my spam folder and other email folders.

Regrettably, this experience has been far from satisfactory, causing significant stress and inconvenience. Furthermore, I had opted for insurance coverage, assuming that it would provide additional protection through the package protection plan. I have contacted customer support on three to four occasions, but they have been unable to establish contact with Avis, particularly due to the unavailability of Avis customer support on Sundays. Consequently, my refund request was canceled, which I find unjustifiable. Had proper investigation been conducted, it would have been evident that Avis customer support does not operate on Sundays but rather on Mondays. It is disheartening to have my request dismissed after only one attempt.

I kindly request your immediate attention and intervention in this matter. I trust that you will rectify the situation promptly, ensuring that I receive the refund for the duplicate charge from Ilha Verde. Additionally, I kindly urge you to look into the issue of the missing email voucher from Avis and provide a solution to prevent such inconveniences for future customers.