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Etsy review: Fees taken from our international shipping cost

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On Feb 7. 2024 I was contacted thru Etsy messages by Felipe from Brazil who wanted to purchase 2 of my fleeces from my Etsy site. However, he wanted me to use Fed Ex or DSL as the postal service is not reliable. I spent quite a bit of time packing and contacting the shipping options he requested to determine the best price. Shipping alone was $642. He agreed to pay it. To make the transaction as easy as possible, my daughter added the fee to his order and specifically labeled it INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. (Please see attached images)

He paid it and we shipped, excited that someone was willing to pay that much in shipping to have our fleeces.

Unfortunately, our excitement didn’t last. Instead of just taking your fees out of our fleeces $133.75 about $13-$15, you took out $90. Taking approximately $75 dollars additional from me! More than the value of one of the fleeces he bought. We have tried to speak repeatedly to “customer service” who tell me there is “nothing that they can do”.

We now understand that we handled this incorrectly and WILL NOT do so in the future, but margins in farming are small. I didn’t inflate shipping or add on handling fees for my time or running to town as his shipping was so much to begin with. However, I CANNOT lose $75 on this transaction! I’ve been recognized as a “STAR SELLER” more times than not. Have earned a “Customer Service Badge’” and am supposed to have “special customer service” for my efforts. Yet no one is able to look at this intelligently and give me a one time credit.

So I am hoping that someone here is able to do so. Look at my history and provide me with the same care and customer service that I give to your/our customers, and that you praise me for.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Claimed loss: Return overage charge of $75

Desired outcome: Return overage charge of $75

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