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Etsy review: Scam/fraud

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My name is Mpho Nyambeni, from Pretoria South Africa, I am ETSY intern on the 3rd level.

I am left with only one (1) order to complete my internship, amounting to R26378.00, I asked my Supervisor to help me since it is difficult for me to come up with that kind of money.

On the 8th of September 2023, I paid R19700.00 to complete my internship. The deal was to top-up and she will apply to the mall to subsidize me.

After I paid, I got the message from my Supervisor saying I have to ask for a refund from my bank, because the seller deactivated his account and did not get the money.

How convenient that the seller decides to deactivate the account on the date and time that I paid so much money, it does not make sense, to me.

My bank said if the seller’s account is really deactivated, after 10 working days the money will bounce back into my account. That never happened.

When I complain to my Supervisor, she always says go back to your bank and ask for refund.

I hereby would like to open a case with ETSY on this matter, against the seller MR WE MEYER, because the money was successfully paid into his account.

That was borrowed money, I have to pay it back.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a refund of R19 700.00.

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