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D Dec 27, 2019

I received gift card # [protected] in the amount of $50 for xmas from my Son in law.
On Dec 26 I used it on Lynden Road Brantford for $10.01 which went through fine. I went to use it this evening on Colborne St Brantford for $15.00, we tried and tried and it would not go through. We called the support line only to find out my card was put on hold !! How can a PAID FOR gift card be put on hold !! The girl finally transferred $20 onto an Esso Extra card number [protected] and I paid for my gas but I did not want to use $20.00 this evening. I said to the support girl I need that card working for the morning as I have clients out of town and will need gas and cannot be stranded only to be told "well there is no guarantee it will work by tomorrow" !!! THIS CARD HAS BEEN PAID FOR, IT SHOULD NOT HAVE FUNDS ON HOLD PERIOD !! All of this nonsense caused me to be late for work, I am so disgusted with Esso at this point. I need this rectified this evening, not tomorrow morning... I need more gas and do not get paid until Dec 31 and as I stated this Gift Card has been PAID FOR !!! Please tell me how you will fix this situation !! At this point I am very soured about your Gift Cards and certainly if this does not get fixed ASAP will tell everyone to not purchase a Gift Card EVER from Esso and feel I should take this to Marketplace or some form of Media to make others aware that you put holds on PAID FOR GIFT CARDS !!


Dianne Bell

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