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Optimum Phone number not working at pumps

Hi, it seems forever since you launched the Optimum Rewards Points accumulation and the the acceptance of typing in your phone number at the pump at teh below station has not...

Outdoor property

I would like to complain about litter scattered all over this particular Esso gas station on its property. There is no daily cleaning/sweeping of the area being done. I have...

Gas station attendant

I was waiting to use the washroom but the attendant he did not allow me to use it and he misbehaved with me and locked the washroom while i was their

Customer service

[protected] 10am. I'm old man and I'm Esso customer more than 10 years. Today I have some problem to input washing code in a new washing station on Esso gas station...

Points inquiries

Reference #: [protected] i had some points but now there's zero now.why?Email address: [protected]

Member Id: [protected] Sent: Monday, February 24, 2020 2:34 PM
To: ESSO Customer Service /SM
Subject: Category: Points inquiries

Thank you for taking the time to contact Imperial.

For further assistance with this or any other issues, please call us at [protected]; a Consumer Care Specialist will be happy to assist you between the hours of 9am to 7pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.


Fany why can't they help me by email ?

Customer service

I visited Esso gas station tonight around 10pm located at 2611 Lawerence Ave, Scarborough, ON M1P 2S2. I filled gas for 25.35CAD with PC Financial MC. when I paid at debit machine inside the store at debit machine, the payment was approved and my bank statement showed the transaction. But the employees said system frozen and got reset but bill not closed. I requested them to check at their payment processor web portal by logging into their account. Since I am working in POS industry, I know how the System works. The employee called the owner and to my surprise they replied rudely that i have to make payment again and have to come back after 3days with proof of paying twice so they can arrange for refunding the 1st payment. I told then weather going to be bad and i can not come again. instead of I go thru this suffering for 3 days, you can take out 1 min to log into your portal which will tell you in minute if payment has gone thru. he took my car picture and said they will police if i don't pay right away. I told them I am ready to explain police and further after proving my payment, I will have to take action on this gas station for all suffering I went through all suffering. Then they calmed down and took my phone # as i suggested and agreed to check their account and call me. I decided not to visit esso again and will share to as.many people as possible not to visit esso due to bad system and more than that their rude behavior. What a waste of time. If esso would have trained them properly on system as well as on Customer service, myself and other customers would have not suffered.

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    Ratery Feb 26, 2020

    Oh for crying out loud GROW UP. Telling you something you do not want to hear is not the same as rude. Hopefully one day you have to tell a customer something they do not want to hear and they accuse you of being rude. If you mistreat those who work in the same field as you do, you deserve to be mistreated. I am sure if you were in the same situation in your place of work you would have called the police. Trust me you won't be missed. It is a shame that someone who is old enough to drive acts this immature. Also you should not get anything for the suffering that you went through. If you do then they suffered as well by dealing with you and should get something for that. Since you both "suffered" it cancels each other out. Hopefully one day you say something to a customer that they do not like and they demand that you are retrained and accuse you of being rude.

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gas theft

My wife was accused of 3 gas thefts by your franchisee owner from the tillsonburg station last night (February 12, 2020). My understanding is that the speadpass technology on hi...

bad system

Privileges card, point card, optimum card, Esso extra card, none of these cards work at the pumps, I have tried at multiple stations, I have had attendants try and get them to work and never do. Why can't you simplify these cards and just make them work or use points to pay for fuel or any of them, I get emails stating I have deal to earn more points and never does. I have over $50 available to redeem and I can't access it, nor the stations. What a waste of space in my wallet.

charged too much for fuel on my mastercard

When I got gas, the fuel pump said I put in $50.60. The pre authorization I gave was $70.00. But the service station put the full amount of $70.00 on my mastercard instead of the pump total of $50.60.
The following is the information from the receipt:
Date: 2019/12/26
Term #: [protected]
Record #: 004047
Host Invoice #: 0004382
Host Seq #: 1004662
Auth #: 026812
HTS#: [protected]
Merchant copy

I did not get a copy that said "customer copy" showing actual purchase price of gas.

I would like to receive a refund on my mastercard of $19.40. Plus I would like the service station investigated as to why such a thing is being done. Am I the only customer they have done this too or are there others.

Thank you
Jeanne Cooper

car wash

I used your car wash service at this location at 9:20am on December 28, 2019 as I was attending a funeral and wanted my car to look nice. I did not get out immediately after the...

gift card

I received gift card # 70423000002939320937091 in the amount of $50 for xmas from my Son in law.
On Dec 26 I used it on Lynden Road Brantford for $10.01 which went through fine. I went to use it this evening on Colborne St Brantford for $15.00, we tried and tried and it would not go through. We called the support line only to find out my card was put on hold !! How can a PAID FOR gift card be put on hold !! The girl finally transferred $20 onto an Esso Extra card number [protected] and I paid for my gas but I did not want to use $20.00 this evening. I said to the support girl I need that card working for the morning as I have clients out of town and will need gas and cannot be stranded only to be told "well there is no guarantee it will work by tomorrow" !!! THIS CARD HAS BEEN PAID FOR, IT SHOULD NOT HAVE FUNDS ON HOLD PERIOD !! All of this nonsense caused me to be late for work, I am so disgusted with Esso at this point. I need this rectified this evening, not tomorrow morning... I need more gas and do not get paid until Dec 31 and as I stated this Gift Card has been PAID FOR !!! Please tell me how you will fix this situation !! At this point I am very soured about your Gift Cards and certainly if this does not get fixed ASAP will tell everyone to not purchase a Gift Card EVER from Esso and feel I should take this to Marketplace or some form of Media to make others aware that you put holds on PAID FOR GIFT CARDS !!


Dianne Bell

car wash issue

Hi, I am working with gardaworld as Mobile officer, We always get company gas from esso. Fleet card from esso. I went to 1 and half month to get gas and car wash. I went to car...

refund of my payment

52555 Hello I have purchased gas on 23rd November 2019 at 581 Parliament street around 8:58 PM . The guy who took my payment was careless and instead after stating that I'm going for...


I purchased gas October 24th from the Esso gas station at 760 Hwy 15. The amount gave me just over 3/4 of a tank. On November 1st I was driving to work at 5:20 a.m and after...

prepaid visa

52555 I bought a prepaid Visa from Esso I brought it home and I tried to register it it said its not been activated I went back to the dealer and he probably said sorry that's not...

I am complaining about the agent in esso

I went today Wednesday October 30, at 16:27 to put gas in my car. When I went to pay, I gave him my Optimum card to have points. He asked me to put fir scan. I did not understand...

car wash

A girl named foram was very rude when i asked for regular car wash and started talking in her own language while she was serving other people too. Apparently i do speak the same language and i understoond what she was saying she that what you get when u buy cheap car wash and she wasnt going to give me re wash even after checking my car which wasnt washed at all properly her employee partner was ready to help but she just refused and made faces . I am really pissed with this location and wouldnt be going to it again any time ever. Worst location ever .

Black Diamond Esso — staff being belligerent

656654 I stopped in to buy lottery tickets. While paying was to I was not to use the parking lot because it was taped off. I said there was no tape where I parked. She that was because...

worst customer service manner

52555 The station just switched from husky to esso within a month it was my goto station for the last 3 yrs. on October 22, 19 I did like any other times fueling gas started pay at pump...

gas purchase

I pulled into a stall around 5pm When I got out of the car a man was at the pump and proceeded to fill a jerrycan with gas. He put 7$ worth of gas in his can and walked away. I...

rude assistant manager at store

52555 Hello I visited the esso today at 278 Lake Street in St Catharines ON at 18:11 I went in to pay for my gasoline when I entered the store I dropped some change on the floor which I...

a failed debit reversal transaction.

I was in Esso Tuesday to buy my regular 2packs of smokes and a 50 dollar pre paid m/c for my niece. After charging my debit card for the purchase I was told the machine to...


Dear Sir
On September 28th 2019, passing by Vibo Marina, Italy. I deposited a 50 euro note in your automatic cashier of your ESSO gas station and only we received 20 euro worth of gasoline from your number 5 gasoline pump, so I will have a reimbursement of 30 euro as it is stated in your own receipt ( see the insert ).
Please how are you going to do it since I do not live in Italy.
Charles Foubert


not accepting visa cards at the pump


I was a loyal Petro Canada gas customer and recently I saw I can earn optimum points with Esso so I switched to Esso gas. I only had maybe only one time getting gas for my car without any hassel. One time it told me i had to pay inside it would not accept my visa at the pump. Ok fine I did that, but I had to wait in line for an extra 5 minutes and I was rushing to go to work. Next time it told me the same thing that I had to pay inside again and then when I tried to get gas it kept beeping and would not let me get gas. I tried again with my husband's credit card it told me the same thing. And I was like okay I will try one more time and still it would not let me get gas. It was so frustrating I left the station and went to get gas at Petro Canada at the end, and most importantly, it was hassel free. It is very important for me to be able to pay at the pump it saves me a lot of time. Obviously there was nothing wrong with my credit card because it was the same with my husband's credit card. I am now back to getting gas at Petro Canada. After all earning optimum points is really not that of a big deal when it comes to my stress when getting gas at an Esso station.

I am trying to point out maybe look into getting better machines at the pump or ones that can accept optimum card by tapping the key card.

Thank you for your time for reading this email.



I filled up my X5 BMW truck in September 2019 at Esso gas station in Brampton with diesel and my truck seized shortly after. I was advised it was poor diesel or the gas station...

pre authorize payment

52555 I selected $100 pre authorized payment at pump, but selected diesel by mistake(I wanted unleaded). The purchase went through my account but I did not receive any gas. I showed the...

gas purchase

I filled out your complaint form, but have no idea if you received it or not? I had originally sent my concern through Resolver, but now have received a email stating they are ceasing operations in Canada. I have include their case download.
Here's hoping you got the original.
B McCune
21 Greengrove Drive
Sherwood Park, AB


staff member & manager

52555 I have typed out this complaint more than once. I have been trying to get a hold of someone for 2 days with no luck. If I don't hear from someone soon I am going to have to file a...

car wash

52555 I got a car wash receipt from this location which expires in November. Car was code 46589. The receipt that I got says duplicate on top. Now when I went to redeem it the guys at...

credit card

I went there to buy gas and lottery and cashier asked me how would you would like to pay and i said visa and she gave me different terminal from her side to pay on that its kind...

Esso (Imperial Oil)overcharges by double debits

I was charged the $100 I entered as the amount to spend PLUS $59.75 for the ACTUAL amount pumped. I want to know how this happened, where the $100 went to and I want a refund cheque to ensure I have been reimbursed with accompanying documentation.
Date of transactions: July 27, 2019
Seven Eleven Store #37867
Station #:[protected]
TRANSACTION #: 809199 BN R119335453

Some one needs to audit the transactions associated with Esso/Seven Eleven/Credit card sources and direct debit cards.

Cliff Blair, 9305 Monkland Place, Surrey, BC. V3V6M3. [protected]

customer service

This complaint is being made about the shift working today, August 31st, at 9am. I was using the bathroom for about 6 minutes while my husband was getting a coffee. And I had a...

Esso at Derry Rd and Kennedy Rd Mississaugacustomer service

Hello well it seams to be every time i go into this station there allways seems to be a problem with trying to get a gift card or just paying for my fuel i dont think this station is being above board because every time i ask for a gift card they say it does not work and i have to pay in cash yet if i use my bank card it works just fine and they do not like it when i use my bank card i think you need to look into this station and maybe offer some sort of training to the staff cause i think they maybe ripping people off

Martingrove Esso, 1075 Martin, Grove, Road Etobicoke on M9W4W6 — bad customer service and rude behavior

653689 Hello esso I went to martingrove esso On 1075 martingrove rd Etobicoke, on m9w4w6 For gas Attendant was changing garbage sacs so i wait.he saw me already standing at the...

free car wash

I have attended this station for the past 4 years and have had a relatively good experience up until the past few months. Two months back a purchased fuel at this station and wa...

the new speed pass

52555 Hello, I stopped to buy gas at the 565 Goderich St Port Elgin. Time 3:45 PM on Sunday August 11th 2019. I had downloaded the new app to get the 5x points on optimum card and my...

self service gas station

52555 Dear Support! I tried to use your self service gas station in Volterra today (July 20. 2019 17:21). I put 50 euros into the machine, selected the station number (7) but nothing...

Esso gas station QEW and Gilmore — staff

651990 I have already written till you before, but nothing has been done so far. One of the staff people's car has been parked in front of pump#1 and is interfering on the smooth drive...

Esso Service Station — discrimination

I went into Esso station in Colborne I filled my tank with gas and went in to pay and cash in4 winning lottery tickets. While waiting on me a man walked in. He pushed my stuff...

[Resolved] used paypass @ pump # 10 and was accessible @ first then said not available.

52555 I Have Downloaded an app from Esso. It's called Paypass. I used the promotion because it was giving 5× the Esso points untill end of September. So I tried it @ the gas station...