Ed Tomko Chrysler,Dodge,Jeepdishonest car dealership


Stay away from this car dealership. They are uncaring about how they go about getting a sale. I had told the salesman about the option i wanted and also it was the most important part of the sale.He said it was a cheap to install and only take a couple of minuted.When i asked how much it would cost the service manager told me it would be $460.00. I had already signed the papers for the car and there was little i could do about it. After contacting chrysler they told me that they can not do much about it because they do not have much control over the dealerships. Something else they do is force you to charge you credit card for a downpament and write up the sale even before they tell you what the payment will be. When you try to talk to managemnt or salesman about your complaints they will hang up on you. I could not believe how much they lie after the sale, I hope this help someone. I should have read all the bad reviews before going there for the first time.


  • Er
    eric karr Jan 10, 2012

    they really could care less if you post about them, warning, best to go to another dealer for a car

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  • Je
    jeep lover Jan 31, 2012

    I found out they really don't care about their customers. You know it's bad when the Chrysler consumer affairs division tells you I should let the attorney general in the state know what they were up to. Chrysler paid for remote start to be installed. If this helps one person from getting ripped off then it was worth posting.

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  • Ab
    abigbottomturn Feb 13, 2013

    Can anyone out there tell who the gemeral manager of this store is I would appreciate it.

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  • Je
    jeep lover Feb 16, 2013

    I do not know. Never heard anything from them after the mess they created. I had heard their upper management is very rude.

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  • Ed
    ed tomko Mar 13, 2013

    these guys are total pieces of ###. close the doors and buy a chevy.they don t honor warranty, may as well buy from from private owner.

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  • If
    I fell into the trap Nov 05, 2015

    I was screwed over big time!! I had a 2014 Dodge Ram and they gave me a crappy 10k mileage for 1 year. Which if you are someone who has a job and need to leave your house then you know that 10k miles is not enough. Well in Feb 2015 I was 10k miles "over" and I panicked and called the salesman Jared at the Avon Lake branch who was so great when I bought the dodge and I thought he would help me...NOT! I called crying and explaining that I am 10k over in my 1st year and by the end of my 3rd year I will owe a fortune in mileage and can he help me. He said he had another vehicle that he could switch me into. So I went and he showed me a 2015 Jeep Patriot which I truly didn't like and told me how it would be $399 a month, which was almost $100 more a month then I was paying for the dodge. I told him, no way because the car is ugly and why would I pay more.. So I started walking away and then he said but this is a year newer and it has all the bells and whistles of ### warmers, heated mirrors, ect and I can start fresh on my mileage. so unfortunately I said ok and signed and left. Well its been 7 months and I hate this jeep so I stopped in another dealership to inquire about when I may trade this for one of theirs and they called my financial company for the Jeep and the buyout is $28, 000!!! The jeep is not even worth $17!!! I am clueless when it comes to negative equity or knowing that he was going to add my Truck remaining payments!! I am stuck with this jeep for 29 more month paying a high amount and cant trade it at all! I will never go to Ed Tomko in Avon Lake again and hope I never run into the shady salesman and finance guy WHO NEVER once told me that I was going to be penalized in some way because I would have kept my truck!! Again, Ed Tomko in Avon Lake and sales rep was Jared!

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