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support with no brains

Absolutely stupid customer service that never answers personally, all they have is prepared answers and if...

buyer beware

This sneaky website has pissed me off and I'm done with it for a while... or maybe forever. And thank god...

paying twice - and no refund

I recently made a large order purchase that was supposed to arrived within four to five business days. I...

ripoff, seller harlyley34

I ordered a book from the seller harlyley34. He promised the book to be delivered within 2 weeks. It'...

customer service

I recently initiated a return for a defective item. Ebay closed the return while I was still testing the item...

be careful

As far as many people know you should be very very careful with them. I want to say the same. Just imagine if any trouble with your order or a seller happens, be sure they will never help. Their support is useless, so you can't rely on them whatsoever. If something happens you'll be the one who will care for a refund. So always carefully choose where you buy from.

a big fraud

I have ordered many items on eBay. Each time there was something wrong. The way items looked didn't match their description on the website. This store is for those who don't know what honesty is, who exchange lies to money. Naive customers' money. Every time I was hoping that my next order would be special and I wouldn't face any trouble, but they always failed.


Why do ebay have to fix something that is not broken ??? Recently the listings have changed and you now have to click to see how long is left before item finishes. The system before was perfectly good, in fact better...A few weeks back we had to click on item description after already clicking to see the item, but this was changed back after a time.


Why does eBay need customer protection if it's absolutely useless and worthless? Their sellers sent wrong and fake products and then when my order reached my place it was left near my door. Nobody notified me about the delivery time, I was at work. And unfortunately, someone has stolen my order after it. I didn't succeed when opened a dispute with a seller, he blamed me for everything that has happened and refused to refund, but I know that he talked to the delivery company and grabbed compensation for a wrong delivery of his items. Isn't it a scam?

poor service!

When it comes to asking for help eBay becomes the worst place or shopping. You will just not get any help from them cause they are absolutely useless.
I got a wrong item and requested my money from the seller which refused to do it. I wanted their service to help me resolve it, but nothing. It's been 2 weeks and the problem hasn't been resolved yet.

item not received

Pretty much the same issue as others, I've bought an item from a seller called gbuyglobal on 14/06, after a month I hadn't received it. I thought it is normal as the item was arriving from Korea so had not looked into it for a while. When I checked the tracking id however instead of being delivered to me it was 'picked up by the recipient', aka myself, from some depot 20 miles away from my house on 23/06. Having bought many items from Korea before, I thought that was a super fast cargo! When I contacted the customer service about this, they implied that I am lying and told me the seller has given them tracking id that matches my address. When I asked them for a receipt that proves the match they closed my case :) I appealed and emailing them ever since however only thing I am receiving is auto responses with same exact messages and from same names. I contacted Royal Mail they said the address they have does not match my address!!!

So obviously ebay and the seller is lying and it is not my tracking id but for someone else. I've been asked to upload this document from Royal Mail and I did and they got back to me saying my case was already closed ?!?!

What a joke! They steal people's money working together with their dodgy sellers and on top of it they protect them.

Please advise if I can do something about this!!

shocked by your service

Your customer service is a joke and really messy. I tried to track my order because it stuck somewhere. I had to get it 3 days ago as it was said on your website, but it didn't happen. I called customer service and told them about my situation, they only answered that I was lying about ordering an item. They could have just found it if they wanted. But it's always easier to say some nonsense instead of doing things. For me, it was easy to prove, but no, they prefer arguing. I'm really shocked...

yamaha styles for tyros 5


I bought an item:

vst-store sent a message about YAMAHA STYLES TYROS5, PSR s950, PSR s750, PSR A2000, PSR S650, TYROS4 #[protected].

It's been almost two months and I haven't got this item.

Can you speak to the store and tell them that if they are not going to send me this item that I want to have my money back.

Thank you,


want to get my money back

I ordered an item on ebay. I’ve got a mail from that seller that I should write to him if I don’t get the parcel within 30 days. I didn’t stop sending messages to him after 30 days, but he never answered. I also wrote to him directly, but the result was the same.

So looks like he just took my money and disappeared. It’s also impossible to leave a complaint at ebay, because I can do it only within 45 days. What am I to do with the situation? The seller will lie to other customers taking their money. He keeps changing his name each week. Now he's trading under schutzen5639.

It just doesn’t make sense to me, if I can open a dispute only within 45 days from the transaction date.

ebay allowing item location misrepresentation to the chinese based seller

This has been going on for years, the Chinese located in China listing products as being local in Australia, from Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin etc.
These crooks from china committing fraud by tricking the Australian public into thinking that they will get these products quickly as listed locally when in fact it takes 6weeks or more from china.

These sellers have a monumental amount of negative feedback, with people saying (DIDNT RECEIVE ITEM, IT TOOK 5 WEEKS, ITEM NOT IN AUSTRALIA, CAME WITH CHINESE POSTAGE) does no one ever read feedback or cotton onto the fact that most of their items are priced well below the postal cost in Australia with free shipping.

EBay allow these Chinese sellers to continually breach EBay's own policy on item location, EXTREMELY effecting our economy and sales.

If a small seller was to scam, by miss representing item locations to suck in the consumer, EBay would boot them but the Chinese sellers have many accounts and sell huge amounts of products and EBay's cut in final value fees would be in the hundreds of thousands IF NOT MILLIONS.


I have include a pic, the item to post in Australia is $7.60 + EBay fees+ PayPal fees, you do the math, seller is china based item location says Sydney.

ebay allowing item location misrepresentation to the chinese based seller

seller issues

I recently received a notice from Ebay in regards to counterfeit items in my listings. After speaking with a representative from Ebay, they are telling me I need to provide proof of authenticity on the item I'm trying to sell. Now here is where I have an issue my item has the title as follows. (Nike Kyrie 2 BHM Black History Month size 6.5 looks new.) According to Ebay some part of my title is copyright violation. I don't know which part but they said I needed to at least upload a copy of the receipt showing that I own these shoes. these shoes are over a year old and they were listed as Pre-Owned. So now I'm suspended from selling and making any adjustments to my current listings. They were making it appear as though Nike in my listing was causing the problem. Out of millions of sellers on their site they "randomly chose me 3 times over 3 months with this same issue. HMMMMM! I have no negative feedback or chargebacks. I'm so PISSED at the them now.

mxq pro android tv box s905x 4k digital tv streaming


Please assist as I am getting contradictory mails from ebay and paypal. Please see mails below, from both yourself and paypal. Please assist with urgent response. I trust that a refund will be done.


The listing you're interested in is no longer available

Hello bertucraff,
We're writing to let you know that we've removed an item you recently won:
[protected] - MXQ Pro Android TV Box S905X 4K Digital TV Streaming Box Quad Core Android 6.0

It looks like you haven't paid for this item yet, and the seller hasn't shipped the item. Since we've canceled the transaction, please don't send any payment.

We wish you all the best on eBay and hope your future experiences are pleasant and successful. If you have questions, please click "Help & Contact" at the top of most eBay pages.

eBay still has lots of other great deals. Go to to shop. We hope to see you soon.



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Hello Bertus Crafford,

We've finished reviewing of the transaction below, determined the payment was authorized, and advised the seller to ship.

There might be a slight delay in your shipment due to the review time.
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crystal 1-[protected]

Hello my name is maria i called customer service on eBay for an item that wasnt mailed to me and it showed...

order for antminer s3 bitcoin miner

I have placed an order many times for antminer s3 bitcoin miner.Each time, you dont purchase on time and the...

holtjonathan 01 for 1 ball joint remover that was never received

I am trying to get a refund from a order placed [protected] for 19.80. The seller was holtjonathan 01 and a...