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Domino's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Domino's Pizza / late delivery

iona fernandes on Aug 16, 2018

Order no. # 79, store no. 3458 Ordered pizza on 8/15/18 at 8.36 pm, delivery tracker says pizza was delivered, however pizza wasn't delivered. Pizza finally arrived at 9.48 pm. I called the store at 9.28 pm and was told the pizza was on its way. The driver asked me to pay $ 20. I hereby...

Domino's Pizza / delivery drivers not having change upon request

Babs2881 on Aug 15, 2018

My name is Barbara Burnor and I live in Rutland Vermont. On August 15th at approximately 830pm I called my local dominos pizza and placed an order that came to about $22 and I had said to the guy taking my order 3 times that all I had was a $50 could they please bring change and 3 time...

Domino's Pizza / delivery and lying

Mari Gonzalez on Aug 13, 2018

Ordered 2 pizzas provided correct address and community gate access code. I waited 30 mins after Joseph left the store. I received a notification that it as delivered. I called the store and the lady answered and explained the situation. She checked her computer and couldn't provide any...

Domino's Pizza / farm house and onion pizza

Monika Agarwal on Aug 13, 2018

Pizza is hard and not tasty.veg singles onion is totally waste .The delivery boy doesn't deliver the coke with pizza, first he deliver pizza and after 15 mins he delivered coke.The pizza is not worth according to prize.cheese is not spreaded nicely and taste too hard to eat.Resolve our...

Domino's Pizza / about your milford delaware store

Melvin Snowden on Aug 12, 2018

If you stores can now deliver to hotspots why can't your Milford store deliver to places on Clendaniel pond road all of the road they go to the stop sign they go straight they go right but that don't go left because the box numbers are high than where they go there some house not even 5...

Domino's Pizza / customer service / overall experience

Empress T on Aug 12, 2018

I cannot understand how a whole chain can consistently get bad reviews and nothing be done to change this. Between (always) having to wait at least 20 minutes to sometimes over an hour JUST for some one to answer the phone to take your order already begins a less than ideal situation. If some...

Domino's Pizza / my wife's employer

Christian Vance on Aug 11, 2018

James at Domino's Pizza in Saint Mary's PA was refused a brake after being scheduled to work over 5 hours yesterday she worked 2- close with no Break. She also shows up 1 hour early and stays late willingly. Earning more hours but he said he's cutting her hours because she...

Domino's Pizza / customer service

Jen5 on Aug 10, 2018

I order from Dominos in Booneville Ms 38829 online at around 7:30pm the delivery driver messed up twice taking my order to the wrong place it was around 11:00pm before we received our pizza the manager was very rude about the situation when the pizza arrived at my house one of the pizza...

Domino's / inside male worker

Heather sassman on Aug 10, 2018

Today I went to the Domino's in mt Penn as I got there the male with braids was extremely rude as I placed my order, he seemed very annoyed. As I placed the order I took notice of a female driver Hispanic maybe that was leaving to take a order as soon as she left the male worker...

Domino's Pizza / unethical behavior+undercooked pizza

Collette Brown on Aug 9, 2018

Store in Shoppes of Arrowhead Davie Florida. I'm so upset how my transaction went at this particluar dominoes store. Basically i pre-order with the app for 8:35pm to grab the pizaa after work. I tracked the preparation with app and i realized that my pizza went in 8:20pm and came out at...

Domino's Pizza / delivery driver and manager east kearney springfield mo

Shawntelle on Aug 9, 2018

My household orders pizza from this dominoes alll the time. We always have problems with them not giving us our condiments we paid for and act like we are bothering them when we call to have them redelivered... I mean we pay for them! This last situation involved a very rude and...

Domino's Pizza / full menu not received in delivery at home

Shipra.Gupta on Aug 9, 2018

Order No.-277 I didn't received Veg parcel from my menu and I called number of times but nobody picked up the call. After contacting support they told me that I will receive call withing 7 mins but didn't get any. Again I called after half an hour then, I was able to connect with branch...

Domino's Pizza / pizza

Kasey Gerst on Aug 8, 2018

I had a terrible experience with customer service. I ordered delivery and 1. Was charged twice 2. Buzzed in the delivery man who never came up 3. Called 5 times to find out where my delivery was and was ignored 4. On the last call the person on the other end was so rude and refused to send...

Domino's Pizza / manager & pizza maker

254 prince chowdhury on Aug 7, 2018

Dominos Pizza (213) 385-3888 Date 08/07/2018 6:33PM Order 785378 server 4136 total cost 21.88 Very bad customer Service Still Manager Koreatown 4257 W 3rd St. Hi I am sahil and i am here to Complaint the Dominos pizza because when we came to the store we ordered a ExtravaganZZa and I did...

Domino's Pizza / delivery

Amickey on Aug 6, 2018

On Saturday August 4, 2018 I ordered a pizza to Kensington Maryland from the Weaton store to be delivered. The pizza took close to an hour to arrive, and when it came. The pizza was cold, the boxes were crushed, and in both boxes the pizza was folded and jumbled together like puzzle piece...

Domino's Pizza / delivery driver

ttkelvin on Aug 6, 2018

I filed a complaint about the following matter with the store manager. She assured me that I would hear from corporate and that these matters are taken seriously. I did not hear anything from Dominos. About 3 weeks after this incident I was heading Eastbound on Bond at Stockton when thi...

Domino's Pizza / employee

Koriestowe on Aug 5, 2018

Late last night I ordered pizza for pu and they said 20 mins...i arrived and decided to wait in the car as im watching my partner walk in to pay he uses his card so the lady helping him ran the order through the debit machine walks away to the kitchen part eats a wing throws the bone away...

Domino's Pizza / delivery

Brent Thompson on Aug 4, 2018

I have been ordering pizza to my address for 20 years! and yet today (8/4/2018) I was informed that as of today I will have to drive down the road just to get my pizza if I want it to be delivered. Like seriously it's like less then a quarter of a mile you would be driving. I should not...

Dominos / gm

Biggs80 on Aug 4, 2018

Samantha Morgan is my gm. She works for the store in sumner, wa. I am continually yelled at in front of customers, as well as my coworkers. Today, she came out of the bathroom yelling (in front of two customers) "who the fuck cleaned this bathroom!" You need to clean it again, and don't...

Domino's Pizza / waiting for an hour and getting the wrong pizza

Carrot lazagna on Aug 2, 2018

I ordered my pizza inside the store was waiting patiently and saw on the screen my pizza was ready, only one employee out of all the ones they probably have was doing all the orders. I asked about my pizza because 30 minutes have passed and no pizza. They said "I accidentally skipped over...