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Domino's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Domino's Pizza / warm/cold pizza

Pauline Charles-Ajim on Oct 15, 2018

I ordered a pizza from 109-50 Merrick Blvd according to the app on my phone, which is suppose to be 3 mins away. The pizza app show the pizza left the store at 12:23 pm and it arrived 1:26 pm. I called the manager of the store and she had a horrible attitude - she definitely need customer...

Domino's Pizza / customer service I am complaining about.

Keyur Kansara on Oct 15, 2018

Hi, i had 20 guests at home that night we ordered pizza. We ordered 6 XL pizzas for pick up from two different Dominos Mobile Application. When we got there and paid for our order. We asked for plates and they didn't have any, we also asked for chilli peppers the girl gave me only 3 packs of...

Domino's Pizza / salad

Mauricio Arias on Oct 15, 2018

I was on vacation in Fort Myer on Wednesday the 10th. I ordered from Dominos a pizza and a salad. I never had an issue with them but I got a rotten salad. I noticed it when I got home but I was really tired to drive back. So I sent an email to them and I sent 2 pictures of the salad. They...

Dominos / the manager

Unknown457 on Oct 15, 2018

I witnessed the manager of the store speaking to one the driver whose name is Federico Little in a manner no one should speak to a employee and after enquiring I was made to understand that the driver has been with dominos for more than 20 years the driver quit I would have quit tool if...

Domino's Pizza / not bringing what I ordered

Jch1974 on Oct 12, 2018

I ordered two pizzas, wings, 2 salads, Philly cheesesteak sandwich and 2 two liters for delivery. I argued the total because I was ordering all 5.99 promotion stuff and I was charged 6.99 for the salad and the wings. The general manager said that's the way they rang up and he didn't know...

Domino's Pizza / order process and delivery

Omar Turner on Oct 10, 2018

I've ordered from this location before for delivery, however I've always sense a lack of management professionalism and oversight at this locations out of every dominos I've called throughout the country as being a trucker. So this time I ordered a pizza for delivery at the same location...

Domino's Pizza / amount of toppings on a deluxe pizza

Art Vieyra on Oct 10, 2018

I have bought many pizza form Dominos before and been very pleased, however the other day I purchased two Large Deluxe pizza's and Garlic twist strips. Total with Tax $41 dollars and some change. I even tipped bringing the total to $45 and change and I picked it up at the store. I didn't...

Domino's Pizza / the delivery and pizzas

thejus shibu varghese on Oct 9, 2018

My order at Dominos has been delivered after 1Hr 45 Mins after ordering it andwhen enquired with the store they had mentioned that it has been delivered after 1 hour of ordering the food. The delivery guy gave the excuse telling that he had delivered it to the wrong address when the...

Domino's Pizza / fast food

jkell1 on Oct 9, 2018

I ordered a large pizza with 3 toppings and tomato sauce from 3682 John F. kennedy blv in Jersey City, NJ on 10/8 at 9.40 PM. When it was ready, I saw my pizza had the garlic parmesan white cheese on it instead of tomato sauce and it was a medium size without any toppings on it. I informed...

Domino's Pizza / staff not using gloves making pizza on contaminated surfaces

mekcala on Oct 8, 2018

waiting for my order of sandwiches i noticed an employee checking the bottles of sauces putting them on the counter. She then moved the bottles back never cleaned the counter or washed her hands. She threw some dough on the counter there with No gloves on and was digging pepperoni out of...

Dominos Pizza / website in thailand post up expired promotion to lure customers

scindyv on Oct 8, 2018

Hi i would like to file a complaint against your office in Thailand. I checked your website and you had the buy large pizza and get one medium and one small one for free. So i drove 20kms from my house to pick my grandmother up in town to take her for your pizza a block away. She's thai...

Domino's Pizza / pizza

Chigby on Oct 8, 2018

I ordered my pizza at 10:03 followed my tracker it said my pizza was done and checked. I waited 30 minutes and no delivery. I called the store they said my pizza wasn't being delivered yet and would be first to be. So I checked my tracker once again it said my pizza had just been started...

Domino's Employee / racist empolyee

sidou2 on Oct 7, 2018

I met this racist white women who was wearing Domino's uniform at the gas station in Los Angeles, CA. The incident happened around 8:30pm LA time on Saturday Oct 6, 2018. I was about to take off after I finish pumping my gas and this lady parked in front of me while I was leaving. It wa...

Domino's Pizza / ordered food never got delivered to me

TaniyaR on Oct 6, 2018

I Ordered a medium pizza and sandwich it was never delivered to me called the store manager multiple times have it logged on call records & time he repeatedly told me my food was on the way I placed my order online around 10:30 called around 11:40 he said he'll call his driver to see...

Domino's Pizza / 2 leg. pepperoni pizzas

ampaul on Oct 6, 2018

Tonight I ordered 2 large pepperoni pizzas one with extra cheese and extra sauce. With a side of jalapenos. It took 1& 1/2 hours to get to my house. I received 2 large pepperoni pizza both with no sauce and lite cheese and one was burnt. This made me so mad. The driver was also ride...

Domino's Pizza / wrong order

Burt Arndt on Oct 4, 2018

Ordered the three topping large pizza, and added a forth topping. I order the same thing about once or twice a month. I am a regular customer. Ordered a 4 topping pizza on Oct 4. Picked it up and the price was $15.13 with a 2 litre coke. I got home, discovered it was a cheese pizza. I...

Domino's Pizza Fenton Rd Flint Michigan / manager

Dennis russell on Oct 1, 2018

I ordered online your 2 for 5.99 at 6:24pm I arrived at the dominos at 6:50 just as they called to say they was out of bread to make my sandwich so I chose pasta instead which they was out of along with salads along with coke to drink. I was left with bread so I chose parmesan bread bite...

Domino's Pizza / price

Janeen Malcolm on Oct 1, 2018

i quoted a code 488159 which too the price down to 24.95 but when i rang up and quoted the code the lady said 28.70 i said it should be 24.95 she spoke to the manger and he said it because its the queens birthday we get charged a serchage how can we get charged a serchage be cause its the...

Domino's Pizza / service

Upsettextinsteadofcall on Sep 30, 2018

We ordered 14 chicken bites and a chicken Alfredo pasta bread Biel dish at 730 on Sunday night. The wait was already an hour and a half which no problem there. Apparently the store ran out of pasta so they sent a TEXT message to let us know. They decided to cancel the complete order...

Domino's Pizza West Sacramento / unethical business practices

jay2fiji on Sep 30, 2018

I walked up to this Dominos pizza shop in west sacramento Ca, to order pizza on 9/30/18 around 3.59pm. I ordered a instore promotion menu which was a large pizza with 2 toppings and chicken wings as advertised for $17.99. I also ordered for garlic bread together which i been charged a...