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Domino's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Domino's Pizza / online ordering

Clevetta on Feb 13, 2018
I'm a long-time customer in Columbia South Carolina I order my pizza online and paid at approximately 8:18 p.m. when at about 9:30 p.m. I called Domino's to let them know that my pizza was 1 hour late. They then proceeded to tell me that they no longer deliver in my community. I asked her...

Domino's Pizza / ordered online... never delivered

Lizzo2020 on Feb 9, 2018
After waiting for and hour and a half I called the store and they said it would be 2.5 hours more! They offered nothing for the inconvenience and said I'd have to wait 3 days for my refund. Had I not called I would never have know. My son has special needs and doesn't react well to sudden...

Domino's Pizza / service

heartnrose1955@gmail.com on Feb 9, 2018
They refused to take my order as they said they were short handed and had a very large order, 9 pizzas ahead of me. And yet each time I called 4 times, someone different answered the phone and put me on hold. 30 min. later i told them NOT to put me on hold and all I wanted was a pizza...

Domino's Pizza / order at 8901 virginia pkwy ste 300, mckinney, tx 75071

Towfek on Feb 4, 2018
i did order in this store for delivery ( I DID ASK IF THEY DELIVER TO MY ARE OR NOT..THE ANSWER WAS YES) ..after waiting for one hour and forty minutes another store called me and said my order was transfered to them! after all this waiting not even pick up the phone and explain! i called...

Domino's Pizza / pizza

Mary Alice Arizmendez on Feb 4, 2018
I have been a customer for so many years. What is happening with your food and customer service. I ALWAYS order the same thing, so why now are you making your pizza so nasty. I ask for light jalapeƱo and my pizza was full of jalapeƱos we couldn't eat it. At first would just throw it away and...

Domino's Pizza / management

Jazzyd01 on Feb 4, 2018
Hi, my boyfriend works at the dominos in Elmwood, NB. He gets harassed by his coworkers who make fun of him every shift they are at work with him and the manager hasn't done anything. Her name is Elise and he starts college tomorrow and he already explained to her that he can't close a...

Domino's Pizza / refund not received

julia smart on Feb 4, 2018
On the 18th of jan 2018 i made an online order and paied an extra $3 to receive it witin a time frame and ended up getting a call from dominos knox city that they wouldbt be able to make the delivery until 45mins later and that they would not be submitting me with the free pizza your meant...

Domino's Pizza / general manager

Nich52 on Feb 1, 2018
I whent in to pick up my pizza the last night (January 31st) and was met with a screaming lady seemed like she was throwing a tantrum until an employee told her off ( which i was frankly happy about) and then she whent and locked herself away in the back. This was a very unpleasant visit...

Domino's Pizza / pizza with ingredients that I didn't order

Cindy040811 on Jan 29, 2018
I ordered a small thin crust pizza @ 5:03, it was delivered about 5:47pm. Unfortunately after eating most of it an down to the last piece, I found a pubic hair in it. I was very disgusted and was in the bathroom throwing up and so sick at my stomach that I was dry heaving. ****This ha...

Domino's Pizza / terrible pizza

mac3032 on Jan 27, 2018
Today 1.27.18 I ordered a couple pizza with extra cheese and what I got was a couple hard discs of burned crap that was thinner than the cardboard that the box was made of! I have NEVER had worse pizza, totino's pizza is 1000 times better than this. I called to complain and was told I...

Dominoes Pizza / order not received

Molash on Jan 22, 2018
302 Spire 4/ week of the 16th Of January total order not received I want full refund I ordered with my bank card very dissatisfied with service please, don't make me revert to pizza hut, for my next order. I ordered 2 pizza's a salad & hot wings, the hot wings came hours later & the salad...

Domino's Pizza / customer service, delivery, employee

Ddrose2312 on Jan 20, 2018
I just ordered from the dominoes on Ralph ave in Brooklyn. I had cancelled my first order because it was wrong and then I re ordered a new one with way more products and cost way more money. I realized that after 30 minutes my tracker stopped working, so I called the establishment. I wa...

Domino's Pizza / 2 and a half hours and still no pizza quoted a much quicker delivery

richardchatoff on Jan 19, 2018
My name is Richard Chatoff. I live in Elk Grove, CA. 916 320-7424 rchatoff@comcast.net I ordered pizza, sandwich and brownies on 1/19/18 @ 6:57 pm, the time for delivery saying 68 to 78 minutes. After over 2 hours I call the store and they said it was just now going into the oven. So I...

Domino's Pizza / unhealthy work environment

sunshinehanefy on Jan 18, 2018
hello whomever this may concern. i would like to complain about the dominos store i work in, in Trappe, Pennsylvania. as a driver, Sherouk Hanafy (sunshine) my general manager Talal constantly calls me fat. i complained to him that my dominos jacket was a size medium and his reaponse wa...

Domino's Pizza / I am complaining about my employment as a assistant manager

Raven Wainwright on Jan 14, 2018
Well I feel very singled out at my store 5826 and my general manager refuses to work with me on my schedule, when I close he makes sure I'm under staffed or have all new driver who have no idea what to do. Also he threatens me with being fire sometimes worse he stole my store key and told...

Domino's Pizza / bbq bacon chicken

Andrealarre on Jan 13, 2018
I purchased the bbq bacon chicken bites and I was not happy. It was burnt and didn't have hardly and bbq sauce. The chicken was still frozen in the middle or it was still really cold and there wasn't even 12 pieces like it said. I really like dominos and don't like to complain but thi...

Domino's Pizza / mistreatment of employees

BodhiBow on Jan 11, 2018
I have been working at my store for about a year, I'm a CSR and one of my managers who was hired several months ago has been basically bullying me. Whenever he gets in trouble for something he takes it out on me. He has threatened my job a total of three times and lies to me and tries to...

Domino's Pizza / mistreatment of emps/drug use on the job

Ron Howard on Jan 8, 2018
5424 (Milan, TN) has been mistreating employee by not giving any form of a break for 8 or 12 hr shifts. Also, I believe the GM has been using marijuana on the clock as well as being very disrespectful to employees. "Maybe working's just not for; maybe you should be on disability instead."...

Domino's Pizza / dominos pizza driver in honolulu hawaii. bishop street satore

llau85 on Jan 4, 2018
Date of incident 01/04/2018 Reckless delivery driver on the road. I witness a Dominos Pizza delivery driver get into a confrontation on the Pali Highway with another driver. The driver wouldn't allow the other driver to merge. Then the Dominos driver slowed down his car rolled down hi...

Domino's Pizza / a pizza I ordered and they delivered wasn't the right pizza that I ordered

Radollas on Jan 3, 2018
So when I ordered my pizza on the dominoes app I ordered a large meatzilla pie and I put that I wanted ham bacon and pepperoni and I got a pizza with pepperoni onions peppers and mushrooms I am allergic to mushrooms I had to throw my pizza away I got charged for something I didn't even eat...

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