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Dollar Tree / cashier

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I went to Dollar Tree in Moody, AL on 03/08/19. I purchased 2 items a car charger for my cell phone and a huge lollipop for my 2yr old. To begin with all I could find was the huge circular lollipop but I was really looking for the long, swirly kind that looks like the horn of a unicorn. So I asked the cashier and she pointed us in the right direction where my older son grabbed the sucker. I told him to check it to make sure it wasn't broken because I didn't want the baby to get choked. I explained to the cashier why I needed it unbroken and why I needed that particular kind of sucker and told her my sons age so she was fully aware. She rang up the items and I paid with all silver change. I gave her the exact amount so she didn't owe me any change. I got my bag and walked out the door. Upon arrival at the car my son wanted his surprise so I pulled out his lollipop and my older son opened it. It was broken in so many pieces there was no way a 2 yr old could eat it safely. I told my older son to take it back in and exchange it because it was broken and the baby was crying for it. He brought it back out and said he needed the receipt to exchange it. Now mind you by this time only about 5 minutes have lapsed since the purchase was made. I looked in the bag and there wad no receipt and then I remembered I paid with change and gave her the exact amount so she didn't hand me anything back including a receipt. My son went back in and informed her she didn't give us one and she STILL refused to exchange the lollipop. So my son screamed and cried until I got to another store to get a sucker. She was in the wrong for not giving me a receipt and then not exchanging a clearly broken lollipop I had just purchased a couple minutes prior. Until they get someone who can do the job better than that I won't be going back which is a crying shame because I shop there regularly and normally spend a lot of money. I didnt catch the girls name but she was an overweight blonde and I believe she wore glasses.

Mar 12, 2019
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  • Su
      12th of Mar, 2019
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    You didn’t notice that no receipt was given. Your son chose a broken lollipop. You blame everyone else but you don’t accept responsibility. Kids that age can bite into a lollipop and break off a piece and choke on it. Be a responsible parent .

    The receipt is needed for exchanges even if you were in a minute ago.

  • Su
      13th of Mar, 2019
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    Ho Honestdealwithit 28 mins ago
    Dollar Tree - cashier

    Either it’s hidden, I’m blind, or the system is having fun aggravating me

  • Su
      14th of Mar, 2019
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    I don’t see it. It’s so odd that you see it and I can’t. Frustrating because I know you aren’t writing something lame or unnecessary.

  • Su
      14th of Mar, 2019
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    I was at Dollar Tree today and saw the suckers. About a foot long, four inches around (thumb and forefinger in a circle) and display was on top shelf and none sold.

    I can’t fathom a parent giving this to a two-year old. I mentioned it to my companions and they were in shock.

    I told my friend that I’d use it differently 👍😘

  • Su
      15th of Mar, 2019
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    I was almost embarrassed looking at the lollipops. Felt like I was at a sex toy store and wanting to feel the uhm male-part silicone imitation toy. A girl’s best friend 😘

  • Um
      16th of Mar, 2019
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    Wow. What a terrible mother you are.

    Where was the two year old while you and your older son (who appears got nothing) were shopping?

    Why did a toddler who can not walk sure-footed get a sugary unicorn hard candy stick while you older son had to pick it out for him (and you)??? I wonder if he purposely chose the broken one because he is upset (understandingly) of your preference to the baby than to your go-fer. I know I'd be upset. I also wonder if you took the broken candy spear out on your older son rather than doing it yourself.

    Since you obviously prefer your baby why not treat his wants as your personal jobs. I mean, you want to keep your precious prince as safe as could be, right? Why didn't you look for the unicorn stick yourself??

    The free labor that is children. I hope your older son puts you in an underfunded, understaffed nursing home.

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