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I would like to understand what damage it might cause your company to allow customers to exchange items they received for gifts, stocking stuffers, etc., for something that is of actual use to the gift recipient!!! I shop at Dollar Tree all the time so it would be nice to be able to exchange a buggy of useless crap, for a buggy of items that I actually will be able to use!!! Simply put, the owners of Dollar Tree are double dipping at their customers expense!! Im a single mom if 4 kids so they receive a ton of garbage each holiday from your store...not anymore however!! I've asked all family to buy their $1 items ANYwhere but here!!? SHAME ON U $ TREE!!!


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    Kmart 9459 Jan 27, 2020

    The damage is the cost of man hours to perform the exchange and restock the item, and that's only if it's a restockable item. Not all items even if unopened is restockable. If it's a holiday specific item that cleared out of the system it can not be resold and must be thrown in the trash after that holiday period has ended. The cost of the sales floor place. The average cost of a single square foot of sales floor space is $20 a month. If the item being returned in say a $35 comforter. 4 comforters take up about a single square foot, and comforters only sells in cold seasonsso if a returned $35 comforter stays in a store for 9 months it's already costed the store $45 in sales floor space that could have been used for quick rollover items of the summertime. Plus the possibility of clearance pricing where the $35 reduces to $7 before being resold since it was returned after the season is over. Fact of the matter is returns are often better being thrown in the trash then to try and resell the item unless and this is rare the item is basic stock that is currently low in inventory.

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