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Dollar Tree verified

cashier was rude nasty and started filming me

My wife and I popped in to dollar tree to pick up a few items. It was Friday 1/30/2020 around 2 pm. We finished shopping and the line was really long. Only one register was open and the cashier was ringing up items and never looked up to see how large the line was. I said excuse me. Can we get another cashier please. The cashier replied No... patience is a virtue...{ with attitude } I'm sorry but that was totally uncalled for. Than another customer put his items down and left the store. I said see, now your losing customers. The cashier replied So... I don't care... The manager came over and started with the first customer in line... When I got to the register I told the manager that I wasn't happy with the cashiers attitude. The cashier opened her mouth and told me too bad.. I told the cashier I will talk to your manager she said that I already was.. and started blowing kisses at me... now I got pissed. I called her a rude [censored] and told her I will talk to her bosses boss if I have to and that she will wind up working at McDonald's. Than she pulled out her phone and started filming me... she does not represent dollar tree in positive manner and should be spoken too suspend or even dismissed. I will not spend another dollar in that store if that employee is there.

cashier was rude nasty and started filming me
cashier was rude nasty and started filming me