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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

never clean trash everywhere

Good morning,
I go to the gym every morning which is located on the opposite side of same lot as Dollar tree is located in. The opposite side of lot is always clean, clear of trash and that end of lot the trash containers are never over flowing. But your Dollar tree side of lot always has trash in parking lot, the trash container is never empty and most of the time it is over flowing with trash, so much so there is alway trash on the ground. This is the nastiest store i have ever seen. It shows that Dollar Tree and their employees are very lazy and dirty, makes you wonder if they even clean inside. Your employees there should be very ashamed. If you would like to speak with me my name is Debra Lambright, i am a office manager and you can reach me at my work monday thru Friday 7am to 430 pm central time my work number is 972.563.5979 or you can email me at [protected] Also you might want to contact manager at Anytime Fitness which is in same parking lot we have both talked about this and she has gone over to store several times and asked if they would clean their side up because debrie from their side goes evrywhere. It is very apparent the emplyees there do not care.
Debra Lambright