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Dollar Tree verified

store #5515

I have been a shopper of Dollar Tree stores since they came to our area. I have been in store 5515 in Rocky Mount, VA multiple times over the last 6+ months and there is never any merchandise on the shelves. There is always carts full of boxes waiting to be put out and it never gets done. On 1/9/2020 I went to the store to buy sugar free candy. There was not any on the shelves, but I found a box on a cart. I opened the box and took out the number of bags of candy I needed. I went to the store again yesterday and there is still no sugar free candy put on the shelves. Sure enough I found the same box that I opened last time still on the cart waiting to be put out. Anything I am in this store the employees are all standing by the registers talking to each other. If they have time to talk then they have time to put merchandise on the shelves. Last weekend I drove over an hour to another store in order to do my shopping and had no problem finding anything I needed. Something needs to be done before you lose everyones business. Photos attached.

store #5515
store #5515
store #5515
store #5515