Dollar Treeemployees, stocker and manager

C Jul 30, 2019 Review updated:

I was in this store today and these employees are the rudest I have ever seen. I ask a lady Stocker about a product which was loaded on a receiving cart near the check stand. She told me that she wasn't ready to do that cart yet she was working on one in the back . So I went up front got the product myself. I went to the check stand where the manager was checking out customers. As I approached I spoke he keep looking down, so I spoke again and said smile, He never looked at me but said
"I don't feel like smiling". So I said you in the wrong business, nobody want to be served by angry people. Three others customers said "these are some mean folks up in this store." I personally will never go back in this store, this is ridiculous! I have been in all the store in the Jackson area and never been treated so badly.


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