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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Treemanager theresa or teresa

I went to this dollar tree and was needing some help with how tax exempt works and if I can buy bulk here or does it have to be online? One of the girls that works there was soo nice I can't remember her name but she has glasses and dark long long hair and was trying to answer some of my questions but it looked like she was the only cashier and the line was getting pretty long. She asked me to wait for a moment so she could call her manager up to the front to help answer some of my questions. The manager took literally 20mins to come up and talk to me. I could see she wasn't very happy. I introduced myself and started to ask questions about how tax exempt worked and bulk buying as I try to send care packages to troops overseas and help the shelters here around colorado and I haven't had a chance to buy from the dollar tree bulk items. Teresa/theresa, she kept rolling her eyes at me, told me that I could of just looked online to see how this works. I told her that I wanted to talk to see if bulk items can be bought in the store and how it works for care packages. She literally told me "I don't have time for these questions" started to walk away from me told the nice cashier girl "next time call me for something important" rolled her eyes at her and walked back to the back and still left the poor cashier girl checking out multiple customers without even helping her out and there had to be 10 people in line and more customers coming in. It seemed like the cashier girl called for other people to come to the registrars to help check out but the other 2 girls that I could see weren't coming to help. I quickly told the cashier girl that I was sorry that she got in trouble for helping me and asked if there was someone higher than her manager. She did give me name of a greg. I tried several times to leave a message for greg at that store but kept getting teresa/theresa and I am pretty positive she wasn't gonna give any messages of mine to her superior greg. I did not appreciate how the store manager teresa/theresa acted towards me or her employee. Very very bad people skills, very very bad attitude, very very bad for the dollar tree company. I will not be using the dollar tree for any purchases and will deal with the dollar general and walmart as they actually care about our troops and the families that need help.