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M Feb 02, 2019 Review updated:

There is a bandaid inside my candy bag!!!

There is a bandaid inside my candy bag!!!

I bought this bag of candy today with some other items and when I opened up my first bag of candy I noticed the bandaid inside the sour neons bag. I have not opened the bag yet and will not. This is totally unacceptable and needs to be resolved immediately. My wife is pregnant and got sick to her stomach at this disgusting site. How did this bag even make it to the store floor?!? How the hell did it pass inspections or anything of that sort. I have never seen this kind of thing in my life.


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      Nov 16, 2019

    I found a bug in one of my hard candy butterscotch flavored one. It was in one of pieces. That's the Coastal Bay Confections how did that pass inspection and ended up in the store.

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