Dollar General / discrimination of disabled customer

United States

On 6/21/19 we were in the. Dg on s. Park ave. In Herrin Il. While checking out my disabled son asked the cashier if he could use the bathroom. She looked at him and said she didn't have time to walk him to the bathroom. I said she didn't need to walk him to the bathroom he was capable of doing it on his own. Employee stated she had to walk him and she didn't have time so he couldn't go. We left got into the vehicle and my disabled son who is almost 27 years old, started crying! I asked him what was wrong he stated he had peed on himself and he was sorry for making a mess. I am outraged my son can not help that he has an it of 56! ( mentally he is between 3-8 years of age) did the survey to complain and no one called to follow up. Called the customer service number and made another complaint on 6/24/19 . I was assured I would receive a call within 24 hours! no one called!! Called back on 6/26/19 and was told I had to give time for the first person to call. Apparently 5 days is not enough time. I told them that they had till end of business today or I would hire an attorney for discrimination against my disabled son who is protected by the ada . Dollar general won't even acknowledge that this is a problem. HELP

Jun 26, 2019

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