Dollar Generaldelivery trucks sitting in parking lot of the store leaving the truck running all night

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I called the dollar general and talked to a Lilly the assistant manager last night @ 9 pm. I informed her that the delivery truck running outside the store should be turned off by 12 I was being generous with the time. Your company prides themselves on putting there stores in small communities, well guess what ? Our bedrooms are right outside that store. The law states and this is the law # 2018-15 . No noise, back up horns, truck noise after 11 @ night. Here it is 3 am in the morning and the truck is still running. I've complained recently about delivery trucks b/4 8 am now I am complaining about trucks running all night. The drivers spend the night in the truck and leave it running overnight while they sleep, .unfortunetly I am not able to sleep. It's detrimental to my health. Called the police he turned it off right b/4 they got here, after they left it started again. Three strikes and your out. Unfortunately you don't take this serious b/c it goes on now everywk enough is enough so many complaints and the city will fine you maybe that would be better since being nice and writing to you and calling the store isn't enough. This won't be the last time you hear from me b/c tomorrow morning I will be @ the store complaining to your manager. I will leave my name And number tomorrow with the store manager about this problem and hope that it will be rectified

  • Updated by Terry ciarlante, Sep 05, 2019

    I don’t care who, what, where or why, bottom line is it has Dollar Generals name on the side of the truck they are responsible for there stores deliveries. Not here to debate, just fix the damn problem and stop letting drivers do as they please. Kinda funny that once I went & spoke with the manager and not the little puppets In place things got a little better b/c he talked to the drivers.

  • Updated by Terry ciarlante, Sep 05, 2019

    NO the law is in Atco N.J. 2018-15 No Noise after 11pm to 8am. Anything detrimental to the health and well being of the ppl. Since they chose to put there building in between two houses they must respect how we the ppl feel and we feel we don’t want any trucks running leaving diesel smell to come into our bedrooms . Noise like backup alarms on there trucks and there radios playing sorry you have a hard battle with me believing any of what you are saying since I experience this @ least twice a wk. Hey they can buy my house to expand there parking lot which would be there best bet!!

Aug 28, 2019
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  • Km
      Aug 28, 2019

    The law is no noise above 45-55 decibels, and these trucks typically only produce 40 decibels when in idle. These drivers are often private contractors and bid on routes that retailers have available and would be against the law if they didn't accept the lowest bid driver since accepting a higher bid would be racketeering. Ultimately even if the noise was above decibel allowance this would only be on the driver not retailers

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  • Te
      Sep 17, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 Hey Kmart shopper, come live here then you won’t have so much to say . Lol I just call the police now and they tell them to move on lol so I guess my complaint is legit.

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