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On Oct 13, 2017 several kids went in to the store. My daughter and her boyfriend went in to by stuff they knew the kids but were not really doing the stuff the other kids were doing they went in to get a couple of things and I get a text message from this employee husband saying my daughter and her boyfriend destroyed her store. I ask for them to please send the video where I could jump my daughter butt for doing stupid stuff. Neither he or her boyfriend where on the video. They know the kids on the videos names and I gave that information to her. Her husband was talk crap to me telling me your kid was doing it to and she had nothing to do with it. I felt bad because the kids that they know did something like that and I was going to have them go apologize to her for there friend behavior and they are no long allow to be around those kids. I went to the store this morning to get Bobby pins and flower to make somethings for home coming and she seen the kids and started screaming at them. My daughter at that time says there she is. I turn around and she starts srcreamimg at me to get out of her store. I do not like the fact that I was treated that way with people in that store and I also do not think it is right for her to try to kick the kids out when they were not the ones that messed up her store. Not only that she share the information with her husband and her daughter so they have been blasting my daughter out on snap chat as a bad person and I feel y’all need to get a handle on her because you can not put a label on a person because your company could be sued for her action. Y’all need to make a surprise trip to that store because it is always a mess just FYI. Misty Gray

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