DirecTVovercharges about their equipment.

D Aug 05, 2018

Called last month to the company, to be able to watch FIFA World Cup in 4k, since my equipment was supposed to be 4k compatible (It was shown on the compatibility when it was sold to me). We were told we need to update one of our 3 mini genie boxes to the 4k one, because of a technical issue with them. When on the phone, we were told the charge was going to be $50 for the "upgrade" (isn't clear to me why you would need to pay for a box that belongs to the provider), we accepted the $50 charge. Their supervisor also advised that a $99 charge was going to be issued for the technician visit (to screw the coaxial cable on the back of the box), but that charge would be credited back. Now we're facing a $150 bill. Spoke with several departments, handling with the "dropped" calls without follow up, and rude customer service stating there's no note anywhere about the technician credit, and the $150 charges are valid. We stopped our auto payment method and now we're trying to get out of a company that doesn't respect their promises to their loyal customers.

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