DirecTVnew installation

C Jul 14, 2019

07/13/2019 a new service installation was scheduled for the hours 0800-1200. The technician Ruben Hernandez (832-857-6190) called me and stated he was enroute and would arrive between 1100am-1200pm. I called the technician back at 832-857-6190 and he didn't answer. An AT&T representative also came out to the house and I was informed the technician was enroute. I called AT&T at 1:00pm and informed the customer service department regarding the incident. I was informed a message was sent to field service department and a supervisor would contact me. I was also informed an appointment was rescheduled for 07/14/2019 for 800am. 07/15/2019 a technician never arrived. AT&T was contacted at 9:00am and informed them a technician never arrived. I was transferred to three different departments and the issue was never resolved.

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