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K Apr 27, 2018 Review updated:

The recent change in design on the guide is horrible! I'm so beyond livid! I can't tell the difference between what channels I get and which ones I don't! 50 shades of gray is it?! Really?! Did this really pass approval on a corporate leve?! Do you really think people can easily read that?! Thanks for making it so difficult... as if there's nothing else that's difficult these days.


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      Apr 30, 2018

    this has to be the worst engineering program, the fonts are to small, the color scheme is poor, try to put to much worthless info it is only tv if we needed to be engineers we would not watch mind numbing tv. either fix it or there will be others going to the dish network, been with this outfit for 30 years or damn close and this is poorly done.

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      Mar 15, 2019

    I've been with directv for several years now. Since AT&T took over most of the segments and operations of Directv's programming seems to have changed for the very worse. The response using the remote is stunningly unstable and so very slow at times. The guide and list selections are very inadequate. The cost for this optional service is not reflected in the quality of service provided.
    As I mentioned - I believe that the programming staff at Directv changed after AT&T took over. Its now absolutely the worst of any cable or satellite service I've ever seen or experienced.

    They should really fall back on their Directv computer programs to the last working Directv programs prior to the AT&T take over.

    As I said, the cost of this optional network programming is just not worth it. Its too expensive for what Directv AT&T is giving us.
    I'll be leaving the Directv family soon, because of the changes since AT&T took over.
    I really did not expect such bad programming. I thought things might improve with AT&T - I was wrong!

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