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There is a commercial for late night show during which one person asks another. "Was I ever mistaken for a prostitute?" I now had to explain to my underage child what a prostitute was. And we where watching family friendly shows like The Voice or some home improvement shows! I'm sure there are more tasteful ways to advertise that show without educating children in appropriate topics.
Thank you in advance for taking care of this.

double charges

My wife and I have enjoyed Sling TV for many months. About nine months ago we lost our Sling Signal and followed the briefs on the TV and had to re-apply according to what we read. We used our credit card and signed up again. What transpired is that we were then double charged. I contacted Sling TV's contact number for charges and was connected to overseas operator. In November of 2019 we were able to receive a refund for the extra amount we paid per our charge card and instructed them that we were being double charged. In December 2019 we received our bank statement and once again we were charged twice. I called the overseas operator that handles the Amazon charging ( the charge goes through Amazon). This time the operator was rude and not helpful at all. They wouldn't refund our money nor would they take care of the double charging that was occurring. I finally asked for a USA operator but they wouldn't transfer my call. I had no other choice but to cancel my subscription to Sling TV. I am waiting to see if we are once again charged twice or if possibly one of the charges drops off or if both charges drops off. I wanted to contact you because we are happy with the channels we were receiving, although the hallmark channels dropped off all of a sudden??? Didn't know why as we were paying $30 for the extra channels. Please advise us.
Sincerely, Skip and Mary Beyer 389 Hillside Avenue Roanoke Indiana 46783.

customer service

The agent that helped m, charged my account without my authorization after I asked him if there was a price change between the services that I had a month ago to today. After speaking with a manager who continued to speak over me and say that I haven't been a member for more than a month (I have been a member for over a year) told me there's nothing he can do. I'm not asking for anything, I just want to let someone know this was a terrible experience.

sling commercials

November 2019, as I watch Hallmark channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, when the show returns ONLY after the (usually 2-3 per movie) specific Sling commercials, the movie has already restarted, having been cut off by the Sling commercial. This includes cutting off movie dialog. The movie returns promptly after all the other commercial breaks.
Please do not allow this to continue for the balance of the holiday season of Hallmark movies!

kept charging my card 2 months after cancellation

I had cancelled my account in September of 09 and received my cancellation email (confirmation) however they kept charging for the next two months when i finally saw this in my statement i contacted them via chat and the customer service lady only offered to pay for one month because that is apparently their policy!! even though i have proof of cancellation and haven't touched tehir subscription since cancelling. Apparently i have added some cloud service on an account i have already cancelled (really! try something better!!). More importantly this lady Rance was very unfriendly and didn't even try to help. She told me to go to the bank if I wanted to. Not to mention she couldn't even type properly. Not only Sling's customer service is bad they can't even hire decent professionals? I have the entire conversation saved and this is what she had typed: "deicision." and "guidlines"
come on guys at least train your CS people to be a little more professional.

live tv streaming service had a fight with Fox so was not carrying its channels. At the same time I signed up with a limited discount of $25 only to watch the American League baseball playoffs only being aired on FS1. So I did not and could not use their service and had to quickly pay another $50 if I were to watch the first game that was starting in a few hours.

Sling stubbornly says that because at the time, Fox was not listed on their website as an available network, they are justified in keeping my money. Because I didn't somehow know about the dispute with Fox and somehow know that after years or however long of having FS1, they suddenly wouldn't (even though websites that review streaming services all over the Internet said they did) and because I thought too highly of them to think they would remove a network as popular as Fox without announcing this clearly on their homepage so people would know BEFORE they signed up, Sling gets my money and I get nothing.

Sling's problem with Fox and what seems like a deliberate attempt to keep people in the dark created such confusion that Sling had to have known that people wanting Fox would mistakenly sign up and be all too willing to give refunds as any ethical and respectable business would. Instead they took advantage of the confusion.

I have to wonder why Sling would not refund money given to them by mistake and under false pretenses? Why they would give excuses, argue and find trivial, opportunistic reasons to refuse refunds, angering and turning potential customer into enemies. Why take such a hit to their reputation? It makes sense only if you think of it in dollars and cents. Sling simply wants your money apparently at any cost.

streaming tv

Tried to cancel my prepaid month on day 2 of the month. Asked for a pro rated refund, but the policy is you only have 1 day to cancel so they basically told me no.
They are intentially misleading about offering local channels, and they do not actually broadcast very many NFL games if that is what you are expecting. They offer a thing called NFL redzone, that basically gives you tiny snippets of games, but no actual games. worst service ever. do not buy from these dishonorable people.

Date 10/11/19

my renewal was 10/9, I called to cancel on 10/11. They refuse to end my subscription prior to 11/9 and will not issue a prorated refund. This is a bad company.

unethical stupidly terrible commercials...

I would not subscribe to Sling if it was free, if it is run by the same management that authorizes the worst actors / commercials I have ever seen... The commercials define the fact that bad decisions are going to be a part of the Sling network... Wish they were banned from TV permanently, as I mute every commercial as soon as I hear the first female speak & snarl their face...

sandy hook

I just saw the worst commercial EVER... and so did my school age children. Children playing in school but we're really running, escaping, holding scissors in self-defense, and a...

sling tv - sandy hook promise commercial

As an educator I find this commercial in very bad taste. Sling TV finds a way to run this commercial during every commercial break and in most cases twice during a single break. I have seen the same commercial Six times during a 60 minutes program. I am a new customer of Sling and will drop the service if this commercial continues to run as frequently as it currently does.

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    [email protected] Oct 01, 2019

    This commercial made my 6 year old terrified to go to school. It's hard enough to get a child to enjoy school, now I must reassure his safety all the way to drop off. I've been called to the school so many times to find my child in a panic that there are people hiding in the bathrooms going to get him! I cancelled sling for airing it. This is absolute gun control indoctrination. Nothing worse than waging war on the developing psyche to further your agenda. How disgusting.

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sling tv streaming

You guys have got to stop promoting Adultery!! It's a serious thing. Especially when my 12 year old daughter asks what are they talking about??!! We want to use sling tv cause it seems like a good rate for the channels you get, but my wife will not allow us to, because of your ridiculous commercials!!! Its sickening!!! So untill your AD is changed we will NOT use your service

sling commercials

I absolutely hate these commercials!!! Everytime I see one I want to throw up!! Since the first one I saw I said to myself "wtf!?" this gives me no motivation whatsoever to want to join your sling whatever it is! Please i'm begging u.!! Stop airing them!! The raunchiness and sexual innuendos are so pathetic, not funny or humorous in any way. Nothing against the actors, it's the actual commercials that are revolting.


the sling tv commercials are very disgusting to watch. the two actors in the commercials are acting like they are having sex. Sling tv obviously has no idea what kind of audience they are aiming at. Whoever came up with these commercials obviously has no common sense of what they are doing with them. Very inappropriate sling tv and you have a terrible job of coming up with commercials appropriate for all audiences. I want you're commercials off the air and your company to come up with better ideas other then sex to sell your product.

Sling Commercialscommercials

The commercials are absolutely disgusting! Please take the sexual commercials out of the lineup. It's so awful that they are advertising for sleeping around. It's even worse when it's on a channel that kids shows are on. It's not ok! I hope you take every complaint seriously! I'm so tired of letting these things take our children's innocence. Stop it! Have a conscience and take them off!!!

channel lost fox sports midwest

I am filing a complaint regarding the loss of Fox Sports Midwest without any notification. This is the only way we are able to watch St. Louis Cardinal baseball and now with several parties planned around these baseball games, I now am very inconvenienced. I am seriously considering cancelling my complete subscription and looking into alternative means of receiving my television programming. Please correct this soon because I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. Cardinal fans are pretty serious about their baseball. Thank you.

devour pizza commercial

The commercial from Devour Pizza that has been playing recently is completely disgusting and inappropriate. I'm not sure why you would approve a commercial that makes references to porn addiction, incestuous threesomes, and an entire family having an incestuous orgy. It is completely tasteless, and I am frankly sick of seeing it over and over again on every commercial break. If you are going to allow inappropriate commercials to be streamed on your service then there should at least be an option for the consumer to skip it. I can only imagine how upset I would be if I had children and they had seen this commercial. Even if the children may have missed the innuendos for the other sex acts, the word porn is specifically said in this commercial. I am very close to canceling Sling in favor of a streaming service that does more professional vetting for their advertising.

sling commercials

Seriously. Stop. Get rid of them. It's not funny. It's not catchy. It does not make me want to be a part of it at all, it's not good marketing it's provocative and sick frankly and I find it funny how I can't smoke a blunt on certain apps but you guys can be suggestive as hell on a disgusting matter and that's some how acceptable on mainstream tv. Stop. Just. Stop.

streaming with sling tv

My email address is [protected]; and, beginning about the 3rd week I repeatedly experienced in/out black outs to date, unfortunately occurring during desired programs I wish to watch. At this very moment I'm contemplating cancelling the service, though you've already been paid for the months june and july, I just cannot continue to pay and receive bad service; at times I've became very frustrated as well as irritated about the service. Tried calling but only got recording. I sincerely hope this matter can be addressed and solved before the next billing due for August.

[Resolved] commercials

The sling tv commercials are very inappropriate . The two actors in the commercial act like that watching sling tv is like having sex together. I don't have sling tv but the commercials are so inappropriate, their trashy, disgusting to watch, the actors are saying the freedom is exile rating. And they act like their having sex. They also say come watch sling tv with us tonight in a sexual way and bring your mother. they also sit on the couch in one of the commercials in a sexual position. I don't recommend watching these commercials they are truly disgusting and trashy and sexual.

  • Resolution Statement

    the company has taken no steps to resolve my complaint and i’m not satisfied with them and their advertising

offensive, very bloody commercials for movies, other programs offered, etc.

While watching a very mild, nice benign show called Lake Front Renovations, we are bomarded with violent scary movie commercials, and high drama shows that Sling TV now offers on demand. You cannot fast forward through them. I have begun to boycott any of their programs that run these types of commercials. I hate it that I now avoid some of hgtv programs due to the same level of programming of violence I left cable tv to get away from.

I watch sling to avoid that type of programming forced on me that I do not want to see, nor my children as well.

We watch family shows, home shows, etc. I do not want to see small children tied up and being tortured with butcher knives in between the shows we are watching and enjoy.

How do we get these taken off of family viewing time? Is there a way to block it?

Thank you,
Dortha Breaux

sling internet interruptions

Can't even go 15 minutes without either going to a black screen and/or buffering. It turns off the internet randomly while other devices are fine. Kicking me back to reconnecting my internet. Wireless isn't the problem. Bad situation that has gotten incredibly worse. Less than 15 minutes of watching something on Sling before it messes up. I haven't watched a single show with Sling without multiple interruptions. Finally giving up on Sling. I would rather pay a little more with another company and be able to watch a show beginning to end. Thanks Patsy Starkey

advertisement disgusting

Your advertisement is so distasteful, I cringe everytime it comes on and change the channel so I dont have to watch. The innuendo for slinging would not be lost on a child. I would never buy your product so unprofessional not sure if your promoting porn to children. Myself and innocent children are being forced to watch something so disgusting and dont have a choice because it comes on while watching a family show.

whole product

Terrible Service and Customer Service ( Specially Jimmy)... you buy it to watch world cup and it does not even stream for the whole length. And worst ever customer service possible with the most unhelpful unsympathetic robotic people hired for this job. SHAME ON YOU SLING TV for fleecing people of their money so that even if they dont consume your content since your service SUCKS, you still DO NOT RETURN their money and hold them HOSTAGE!!


The banner health commercial is redundant and irritating. it is known to play three times in a row sometimes. please figure out how to minimize its airtime or consider taking it off the air. we are considering cancelling our subscription due to the annoyance of these commercials. thank you for taking this into consideration. we have reached our wits end.

forced to watch unwanted advertisements on sling tv

I want to congratulate you with a CLASSIC bait and switch program you are running... You got us to switch from a service where WE COULD Fast forward past the adds, to your FORCED to WATCH the STUPID Home-[censored] advertisement, AND, you ARE not able to return to the same spot you WANTED to reenter programming, because you decide RANDOMLY WHERE TO "DUMP" YOU IN THE PROGRAMMING WHEN YOU ARE DONE INTELLECTUALLY RAPING US . I am considering to sue you for violating my civil rights, here in my home county in Texas.


The Sling TV ad campaign, playing off of the 'swinging' lifestyle, is a deep dive into the toilet. Is their imagination so lacking that th ceyan't come up with anything uplifting to the people they want to reach? Or are all of us forever condemned to a world constantly seeking a lower common denominator?

This commercial campaign should be reimagined in a way that does not include a subtext of adultery and a lifestyle most consider immoral.

sling tv commercials

The Sling TV. commercials promoting an indecent lifestyle are offensive and disgusting. I am forced to change channels to avoid them, especially if there are minors in the house. If the company feels these commercials have any redeeming value, they are dreadfully mistaken. In my opinion, the company is using a immoral message to promote low value service.

had sling, cancelled it, and the advertising campaign is gross

Please get this off the air. One ad has the swingers, which is what they want to be portrayed as, inviting their neighbors and the neighbors mother to come over and "sling". But I guess if you're Hollywood it's O.K. Anything goes. Zero morals any time of day. Promoting swinging is their choice as a way to sell t.v. service. It's appalling to me. And if they want to promote promiscuity, run safe sex ads with it. They should stand by their political correctness.

romulo/sling tv service

Whenever watching a paid programming through Sling Tv, Netflix, or Hulu, the programming simply drops out to the roku main mid program or movie. I pay for a good uninterrupted tv...

subscription service

I have used Sling TV several times in the past few years. I did not remember old account information so I opened a new account to watch NFL games on ESPN for a few weeks. On December 23, 2018 I opened the new account. In the second week of January 2019, I canceled the new account, less than three weeks after opening it. All was well. I was charged for one month, which is what I expected. Then, in February I was going over my credit card statements and noticed three charges for Sling TV. I was of course shocked and called them to find out what happened. They said that an old account was reactivated at the same time the new account was started. It went unnoticed on my end for two months so I was charged for two months. I asked them how that could be possible. They said that one of my devices must have logged in using the old information. I told them I that never saw any kind of message, or even a hint that was happening, and more importantly that I only used one stream and never used it after I canceled it in January. I asked them why would I activate two different accounts and only use one. I asked them to check my usage and confirm what I was saying. They did so and admitted I was correct. I felt relieved because surely the next step was to refund my card. Then they simply told me that they would not refund the card because usage did not matter. They said it was a prepaid service and they offered no refunds. Of course I was very angry and told them that I never authorized the old account to be opened and ask them to provide me proof that I did. They would not do so. They simply said that I needed to remove all log in information on all my devices so it would not be activated again in the future. I agreed that I needed to do that, but explained that did not settle the two charges for service that I never used, or authorized.

So, I disputed the charges with my credit card company. They were off of my bill for a month and then they showed back up. I called the credit card company and they said that Sling TV responded to the dispute saying I had authorized the charges. I told them that I did not and the charges are back into dispute. So far, I have had to be on the phone and chat for nearly three to four hours attempting to resolve the situation.

Sling TV is completely irresponsible in the way they charge people's credit cards. They are unapologetic and will not give a refund even when a mistake is made in the system. They will not consider any details whatsoever. Even if you don't use the service at all, they will still charge your card and refuse to refund the money. I thought they were a large corporation that would have reasonable customer service, but they are like dealing with scam artist. It is unimaginable. I will NEVER give Sling TV my credit card information again. They are extremely irresponsible and untrustworthy with it.

disgusting, inappropriate commercials

The Sling commercials, especially the "slingers" commercial are so disguisting, make no sense and it's just downright awful that this is what our children are subjected to seeing in between their shows!! PLEASE do something to clean this up!!! We have enough to deal with trying to let our children grow up in their own time but this commercial prompts questions and encourage children to look things up that are beyond their years. Commercials should be PG and for EVERYONE. These commercials are not so.

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    ReaganHumpedDogs Aug 17, 2019

    I have nothing against sexual freedom, but the "Slingers" commercial features actors who look like hillbillies and Trump voters and should not be held up as any sort of model.

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    ReaganHumpedDogs Aug 17, 2019

    One would shudder to let them past one's doorman!

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Why does Sling TV find it necessary to sexualize a TV service in these repulsive, obnoxious, and inappropriate TV commercials starring couples insinuating wife swapping content? It obviously is not helping their single star ratings. Find a better way! Develop a commercial that provides real information about your service, compare to cable or other services, etc. It turns me off so much that every time it comes on I switch channels immediately.


The sling TV commercials are disgusting and what does sex have to do with TV service? The lady makes me want to throw up trying to be sexually suggestive. It is also inappropriate for a commercial. Kids do not need to see this. If sling wants customers, this is not the way to get them. It drives them away! I absolutely hate the commercials!! They should be banned! Whoever the lady is in the commercials needs to stop trying to be sexy, she is far from it!!

sling tv

If your Looking to cut cable, Stay away from SLING TV! I only have sling for the walking dead. My service is broken from the day I signed up. I called immediately and reported the issue, a ticket was created I was told it would take sometime for a "engineer" to review it. I called the next day spoke to again the call center in the Philippines where they just read from a piece of paper. I asked a dozen times to be transferred to an American call center, which they finally did. The gentleman "trouble shot" with me we finally got my missing dvr back on the account. But my recording of the premier of The walking dead was not there, he told me he created several tickets to bring attention to my account to hopefully get it fixed quicker, by quick he gave me a time frame of 3-4 days! (Which I'm sure everyone can agree that is absurd to wait that long for something you prepaid for!) I asked to be called or emailed when that fix occurred and was told sorry they don't do that. So I waited Sunday the 17th comes my show is set to record from the guide it has the red dots and saying record. It did not record once again! So I called Tuesday when I had time between my 12 hour shifts at work. I reported it still was not fixed and now this is day 9! I requested a refund and to cancel my service since it's not working properly and I reported the issue only a few hours from
Signing back up and several times after! I was told there was no options of a refund!! I have called several times spending hours on the phone with various employees and supervisors! They will not refund my money I have not used the app only to trouble shoot the problem. Today is day 10 I've called 3 times still no fix and no money back! Stay far far away. I would recommend PHILO for a streaming service it's 10 dollars cheaper, more channel options, does not crash! And a free DVR. And just FYI sling is owned by Dish network which explains the crap service and horrible experience! Look up the complaints on BBB I've filed there and at the attorney general (whom also has a plethora of complaints of them) !

tv streaming service

I really didn't even know what this commercial was about when I first saw it. It is so offensive the way the parents dress, slink around and is incredibly suggestive of swingers. I think it was when the parents addressed the children to be "slingers" was most disturbing. I know now it's not swingers but a tv streaming service. This is not what life should be about. Clean up our act and we'd live in a nicer world. You're not the ones that have to explain about this pervy commercial to your kids: or you don't have any self respect or respect for family. I know the juxtaposition here. It's just offensive.


I am by far conservative, however this line of commercials are horrible! I should not have to explain to my 9 year old why these people are acting so weird when they are watching tv! These commercials are on all times of the day and need to be limited to certain times when there are sexual innuendos. This is very crude and makes me not even interested in their products. I would hope these commercials are removed!

commercial for "sling tv"

December 26th 2018. This must be the 30th time this disgusting commercial with the purposeful idea that they are SWINGERS--and god awful UGLY ones at that VS SLINGERS shown up on CNN. I will continue to pay for Direct TV-, along with Netfix AND Hulu. NEVER will this vulgar, obscene and down right disgusting group ever get a dime from us. I grew up with STREAKERS as the norm at many events. Skinny dipping part of a summers day. But swapping sexual partners as a joke? Their ad department needs a smack up side the head. So "Slingers" take your product and Sho*e it.

  • Br
    Branski Mar 08, 2019

    Sling commercials are totally offensive... Years ago, this garbage would never be on the air... Since our complaints fall on deaf ears... The ONLY WAY that they will listen to us is through loss of revenue... What the other advertisers that follow the SLING commercials need to realize is when we mute these sling commercials, we also mute the commercials behind it as well so your money is being wasted...

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sling commercials with megan mullally and nick offerman

The ads are not "funny". The ones with Megan and Nick are especially offensive. These ads appear all during the day and into evening programming. Kids are around when these ad...

sling commercial

Your "Slinger" commercial is obscene, offensive, and not family friendly. Parents don't want their kids seeing it. I will never buy your product simply because of this commercial. At this time of the year especially, people enjoy commercials that promote family values, community and morals. This commercial has none of this.
Please rethink your commercial.

  • Db
    DBX23 Jan 30, 2019

    With Sling TV's current 'swinger' commercials...there is no chance in hell I would ever purchase their products. Those commercials are entirely inappropriate to be aired any time before 11pm or so. I am not a prude at all, but I don't want to have to be explaining to my children what they're talking about, and have already had one of them asking about it. Stop the trash now, Sling TV!!

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slingers commercials

These commercials are exploiting, inappropriate, crass, vulgar, and very offensive. This commercial is being seen by people who do not wish to see sexual commercials and having it...