DirecTVdirectv bill

J Aug 01, 2018

I am very upset! I disconnected my DIRECTV service # 3353483, from 104 W. 36th Pl Kennewick Wa 99337 at the end of May, which I paid my bill off then too. I disconnected because the service was at my ex fiancés house and we had broken up! I had moved in with him but for only a few months. I had moved DIRECTV with me from Redmond, Ore. I had been with Directv a long time and no longer on a contract! During the installation the move installer in Kennewick said fine, I won't put you on another contract. As I wasn't going to install it if there was any kind of a contract! But my move was all of the sudden, plus I didn't even know where I was going to go, which I had explained to DIRECTV operator when I disconnected, as I did not want to keep paying for my Ex. To watch it. Now I keep getting billed! saying there was a disconnect fee. Which I was not supposed to be put on another contract! Is this what you DIRECTV Installers do? Lie to you so you will go ahead and install it, so they can make their money? This is not right... I was just searching for the DIRECTV arbitration address when I ran onto this sight, I'm hoping things can get straightened out before I go ahead with an arbitration. I did reconnect with DIRECTV but it is DIRECTV NOW through my AT&T. wireless...
My new phone number is [protected] address, 1686 Rainbow Dr. Springfield, OR. 97477 Sincerely a disgruntled DIRECTV Customer... Janet L Swan

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