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T Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

I recently moved and my att internet service had to b cancelled because it is not offered at my new address so first of all why is my bill still bundled with them second why did direct tv charge me 199.00 for moving my services without telling me of this charge third why was I on the phone for over a hour just to try and find out why my bill was so much and why my services have been canceled att is the worst company I have ever felt with if you could see my customer info you would see a range of issues example... had a att internet tech show up at my house one day and inform me he had unhooked my service because it was not installed properly and that I would have to call att and fill out a new service ticket to have the problem fixed that's right he unhooked my internet told me I had to call and have it fixed then he left I spend 3+ hours on the phone that evening trying to get someone to come fix what he did and was still without internet till the next day I could go on and on the list is very long


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      Jul 22, 2018

    Ever since I bundled my directv to that of At&T, I cannot play and watch a DVD of my grandchildren.
    I used to enjoy watching their DVDs on my directv, but not any more, because my ATT directv remote would not
    respond to tv input button which makes it possible to to change from directv to DVD player mode.
    How can I solve this problem?

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