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my husband and I had to get a new box for one of our tv's and directv sent us a bill for Pay per view movies that they said we ordered a year ago. Which we didn't. Previously we had 9 adult pay per view movies on our bill. I tried to talk to them and tell them that we didn't charge these movies but that was a total waste of time!
We just switched to Charter communications and sent our boxes in to directv. They now sent us another bill for pay per view movies that we didn't order. I had a password on my account so nobody else could order them. I think this is a scam and I will never get another satelite dish from them or any other satelite provider. After all of my troubles they keep calling me to come back...LOL!!!


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    DAP6C6 Aug 01, 2017


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    shawnaanne Aug 13, 2016
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    The same thing has happened to me. I first received an email saying thank you for ordering pay per view. Knowing that I didnt I called customer service on 7/18/2016. They told me it was an adult movie and it was ordered by the remote. Only three people live in the home me, my 8 year old, and husband. The receiver they said it was ordered from is down stairs.(The family Tv) While on the phone with customer service, I explained we did not order this type of movie, she said she would remove the charge. I was still concerned because removing the charge was not enough I wanted to know how this happened. Had my account been compromised. The customer service forward me on to a supervisor, I explained to the supervisor, our remote has a password and spending limits- the movie exceeded the limits- she told me someone must have knew the password to the remote, and stood firmly on the belief someone in our home had ordered the movie. I asked if they would look further into this matter, because if it happened again I knew that they would be reluctant to remove the charges and I would not pay for the this type of content we I know we are not ordering it. I was upset by the time I got off the phone with the supervisor. I got my bill and sure enough they removed the charge but 5 more pay per view movies were added and my bill was over 200.00! The new charges dated back to May. But says it was ordered on 7/12. I called customer
    service again. This time, just as I had feared, they said they were unauthorized to remove the charges. So I had her remove auto bill pay and told her I would not be paying for these charges and asked why a customer service rep or the supervisor inform me on 7/18/2016 of these other charges, nothing about them came up. I got no answer for that. And I am disputing the charges. I have been a customer with them since 2011. Looking for answers I started going through the history list and seen a software download -oxABF? This software was downloaded to my receiver on 7/29/2016 around 3am. So again I contacted Directv this time by chat, asking about the software. All I got was it is the download that Directv downloads to receivers. I will post that conversation for you so you can see for yourself just what you are dealing with when you contact Directv. How Rude they can be and how misinformed they are. As of now my account is still being disputed.
    Hi, my name is Michelle G. (ID 455748). How are you today?
    SHAWNA L COBB: good thanks
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Hello Shawna
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): It is the software we download to the receivers
    SHAWNA L COBB: ok does it make the receiver do anything? I am have issues with the particular receiver that it was downloaded on
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): What trouble are you having?
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The software needs to be downloaded. It will have updates for the receiver
    SHAWNA L COBB: ppv movies were ordered I didnt order
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The software would have no effect on ppv
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Any error codes
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): While I open your account, may I have a mobile number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services?
    SHAWNA L COBB: they were all adult movies so I have been keeping an eye on this receiver for anything funny going on
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I understand
    SHAWNA L COBB: [protected]
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The software download would have no effect on the ppv titles at all
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Were you able to watch the movies>?
    SHAWNA L COBB: ok no we didnt order them and never knew that they were there until we got the bill
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    SHAWNA L COBB: I started going through the list and didnt see anything
    SHAWNA L COBB: then i saw this download
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The download has absolutely no effect on ordering pay per view
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Let me look at the billing on the acct
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): While I open your account, may I have a mobile number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services
    SHAWNA L COBB: then i went into the purchase history and they were in that list, they all took place around 3am- but we did not do this!
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I get that Shawna
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .If you will allow me a few moments to look at the billing on the acct I can then respond to your concerns
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): What date does it show the movies ordered?
    SHAWNA L COBB: On 7/17 and then there were some that showed up from back in May-I was just looking for answers, I know that these purchases was not made from my home and I am trying to figure out how it happened.
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): ..
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The ppv selections can take up to 90 days to bill to the acct
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): When they are purchased they are actually stored on the access card
    SHAWNA L COBB: I received an email saying thank you for ordering ppv- thats when I called customer servece then come to find out my bill showed 5 more charges
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Our system actually "calls" your system every 30 - 45 days
    SHAWNA L COBB: I dont know if they are stored on the access card how do i find out
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    SHAWNA L COBB: this never showed up in a play list or anything
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The ppv titles will not show in the playlist
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Pay per view is on the channel that was ordered
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): In a moment I will be able to share with you how the titles were ordered
    SHAWNA L COBB: there was three people in the home myself, husband and little girl- parental controls are all the tvs all adult channels are blocked there were limits set for 10.00 I think they said the one on 7/17 was done by remote control
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    SHAWNA L COBB: i dont know about the other charges- I have wireless internet
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Once I can see them Shawna, I will share them with you
    SHAWNA L COBB: the boxes are not connected to the phone line
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Shawna, please allow me to finish investigating for you
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .I see all 6 titles on the acct
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): They were ordered from the remote as well
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .They were all ordered on 7/12/16
    SHAWNA L COBB: but they date back to may
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Yes
    SHAWNA L COBB: how is that
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): That is because of the delay in access card being called from our system
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): PPV can take up to 90 days to bill to the account
    SHAWNA L COBB: we did not order these movies
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I understand that you are not in agreement
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): They were ordered between midnight & 1am on 5/22/16
    SHAWNA L COBB: the ones from may were almost ordered back to back everything happens in the early morning hours when everyone is asleep and this receiver is in our living room downstairs we sleep up stairs
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I understand your description Shawna
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I can meet you half way as a courtesy - these were ordered from the remote
    SHAWNA L COBB: purchase history says they were ordered around 3am
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): That is likely the time difference from Florida
    SHAWNA L COBB: oh i see
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Our system reports in pacific time
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Subsequently the 12-1am
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Let me check the total as well
    SHAWNA L COBB: this is crazy
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Not really
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): You are aware that you have already had all the titles credited to the acct
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): When we talked with you 7/18/16 the movies were credited to you then
    SHAWNA L COBB: yes really because I know in my heart nobody from my home did this- no I was not aware
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I get that as well
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .You have already been credited the movies
    SHAWNA L COBB: no- one was- the bill i got was for 214.00
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .There is no reason for me to provide more credit, you have alreay been credited the full amount
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): They were credited on 7/18
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .You made a payment on 7/20 for 149.39
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): In order to prevent this in the future I can certainly turn off the ability to order ppv from the remote
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    SHAWNA L COBB: my new bill has a total of 214.00 that stated one ppv was credited
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Shawna I will look at the others as well
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .I see credits for at least 2 of them on 7/18
    SHAWNA L COBB: my bill did not reflect that-
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The credit was made for 14.99 oni 7/18
    SHAWNA L COBB: Payment received on 07/20/16 - VISA -149.39
    BALANCE 0.00
    DIRECTV Channels
    SUBTOTAL 89.48
    DIRECTV Equipment Services
    3. Watch DIRECTV on Multiple TVs 21.00
    4 TVs at $7 each; Save $7 off 1st TV
    4. Advanced Receiver Service - HD 0.00
    $10 off HD Access with Auto Bill Pay
    5. DIRECTV Protection Plan 7.99
    6. Advanced Receiver Service - DVR 10.00
    7. DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service 3.00
    SUBTOTAL 41.99
    DIRECTV CINEMA & Pay Per View
    8. PPV 94 10.99
    Ordered 05/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/12/16
    9. PPV 99 10.99
    Ordered 05/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/12/16
    10. PPV 96 10.99
    Ordered 05/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/12/16
    11. PPV 98 10.99
    Ordered 05/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/12/16
    12. PPV582 13.95
    Ordered 05/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/12/16
    13. PPV 91 14.99
    Ordered 07/2016 via Remote. Charged on 07/17/16
    14. PPV 91 -14.99
    Adjusted on 07/18/16
    SUBTOTAL 57.91
    Other Charges, Adjustments & Taxes
    15. Regional Sports Fee 3.63
    16. Sales Tax 2.34
    17. Communications Service Tax 18.44
    SUBTOTAL 24.41
    Total New Charges 213.79
    TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $213.79
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Are you seeing the item #14
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .It reads adjusted on 7/18
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Shawna these were ordered from the remote. As I stated I will meet you half way
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .This is a courtesy - also I am blocking the ability to order from the remote
    SHAWNA L COBB: yes that was the only one when i called in on 7/18 when i got my bill after that all these others were on there
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .'
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .Shawna, I am not certain you are seeing all my responsese
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): responses^
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I will meet you half way - I am not able to credit completely what is ordered from the remote.
    SHAWNA L COBB: first you tried to me everything had been credit and was I aware of that- then you tell me only one of them were credited- i know this-Im reading what you say maam-
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The total for the ones remaining after the credit already applied to the acct is $57.97.
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): That was my mistake
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): Please pardon me on the credits for them all - I was waiting for the screen to scroll for me while I was chatting twith you
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .You were in fact credited for one of the titles 14.99 on 7/18
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): The remainder is a total of 57.97
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I will apply a credit for 28.95 representing half of that
    SHAWNA L COBB: ok there should be a block on the remote ordering is there
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I have already disabled the ability to order from the remote
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .Once I have the credit in place I will share the new balance on the acct with you
    SHAWNA L COBB: thank you- for the remote block- but none of these charges are mine
    SHAWNA L COBB: We did not do this
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): OK I understand you feel stronly about the ordering Shawna
    SHAWNA L COBB: we were at lego land that week end
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I see other titles ordered over the internet at different times
    SHAWNA L COBB: kid titles is usually all we ever ordered for my daughter
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): When the titles are ordered directly from the remote I am not in a position to credit the full amount
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): I have in fact agreed to meet you halfway - that is a courtesy as well.
    SHAWNA L COBB: thank you for your help
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): .If you are still adamant about it you are welcome to dispute the charges by not paying them
    SHAWNA L COBB: no all or nothing please...Its being disputed
    Michelle G. (ID 455748): At that point a billing/finance specialist will then review the situation with you
    SHAWNA L COBB: thank you
    'SHAWNA L COBB' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').

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  • Le
    leahsmithlee Jun 01, 2021

    @shawnaanne It is 2021 and I Supervise a home that assists peoe with special needs. DirecTV will not tell us which remote ordered them, what times of the day they were ordered OR what the titles were. We have all of this blocked. It looks like 5 to 7 came out on the same day, after the remote was blocked. Something isn't right here.

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  • Ma
    Mayra Torres Aug 12, 2016
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    I did put in passwords and locks but they keep saying that if I really did that, then there is no way that anyone besides me could of hacked into my account, but I am telling them that I didn't order them, I guess they have the upper hand because they must know how important for me to keep my credit score high, and know that at the end of it all my word does not matter, , I swear I never ever ordered anything and no one my house hold did either

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  • Ma
    Mayra Torres Aug 12, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I am still fighting with them, I just don't know what else to do, they are basically calling me a liar

    ** On 08/11/16 at 12:30 I received from AT&T complain department, I guess he was responding to my complain I put online. He said basically the same thing, that there are valid charges and if they went ahead and believe everything that everyone says “what kind of business would they be running”. He said “that if they didn’t charge people when they say that they didn’t buy it or order it that they would never make money” he also said that the charges were made through the remote control….. I informed him that on 08/08 I talked to Kate the billing manager and she said that she looked into it and that all the charges were made through internet and not remote control, I also asked that before he places his calls and accuses people of fraudulent charges that he could at least have the courtesy of looking into the case with detail. He said “well regardless their valid charges”, I accused him of calling me a liar, he asked that when did he called me a liar, I told him buy not believing me and saying that I’m wrong is calling me a liar……. I asked him to look into previous customers complains and to look on line to see the customer’s complains, (there is a huge pattern) that we all can’t be liars?? He said that there are way more customer’s that are happy with direct TV than there is unhappy customers, so basically the unhappy ones don’t matter because we are outnumbered buy the happier customer’s. (Unbelievable) Direct TV needs to really work on customer services, and they need to be retrained, he told me that I should of known to ask the representative that came to my house to hook up direct TV in 2014 to deactivate or set up locks or password, well I wouldn’t know what to ask I don’t work in that field nor are trained to know what to ask, but them in the other hand are trained, but just not to take care of us nor our interest, just their own.
    I did not take his name nor employee ID number, but I’m sure if the called are recorded, you can find it with the date and time the call was places.

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  • Ma
    Mayra Torres Aug 11, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i cancelled my direct TV sometime in June or July of 2016 and i recently received an email from direct TV informing me that i owe $578.81 for 51 adult PPV movies.
    I just could not believe it, that was not accurate, so i called direct TV while i was on my lunch break at work on August 8th at noon, (can you just imagine how embarrassed i was and how unprofessional that looked, but i just did not have nowhere to go and make a private call.) i talked to Luke, he then transferred me to Kate in management. i expressed that this is unacceptable and inaccurate. i informed her that nor i or anyone in my house viewed 51 adult movies, she said that once they received the receivers that the chip or card informed them that they were ordered in July and August of 2014. that they were not ordered by remote control but through internet, and that because my account might of been hacked it was trough my internet and not them, so i have to deal and contact AT&T. can you believe that???? wow! i never activated direct TV from any phone, tablet nor computer, or internet. i had locks and passwords that i activated from the remote control, i never had any notification from direct TV nor any red flags went up, i never authorize direct TV nor gave you permission to activate any phone line option nor activate any thing else besides my TV to allow access to order anything and with password, when ever i order anything from anywhere else, i always have to verify my payment option even thou i purchased from them before, direct TV obviously didn't require that because if the hacker would have been asked to verify my payment option and would not been able to order these disgusting garbage of adult movies. they would not been able to view anything, and if you would of required that, i would have been charged right away, allowing me to fight these outrageous charges and fraud. not accumulate a balance of such enormous amount. unacceptable. if the movies were viewed and ordered by internet why didn't the direct TV bill reflect it, and why did it record on the receiver chip if it was not ordered by remote control nor receiver box. that makes no sense. Something is shady with these charges, is that how direct TV make there yearly quotas, by taking trust worthy peoples money. When i order something or anything using the internet from anywhere else they bill me or charge me right away, don't you have that current technology?
    I already contacted a lawyer that my employer provides and he advised me to try to resolve this with direct TV and to contact corporate, and if that goes unattended and has no results to contact BBB and the public utilities commission, we were viewing comment on line and i know that there are so many (countless) complains of the exact same situation, "PPV adult movies" i would expect more protection from direct TV for their customers, i would expect you to have a team to prevent this from happening, maybe raise red flags. i have never ordered anything, then all of a sudden you see 51 adult movies in like one month after like 3 weeks of activating and signing up with direct TV, then never ever see any other orders again, that would be suspicious, my bank always calls me when they see something suspicious, i expected that protection from you considering i gave you my credit card information.
    I did see in 2014 in my view history that there were adult movies names/titles. at that time my children were 10, 9, 3 and a one year old, i am single mother of four children so i was blown away when i saw these titles, i called direct TV and asked for more information, some one there said that these tittle were viewed but not purchased, that no one ordered it, that i will not be charged, so i trusted then and moved on. i cleared my view history and never noticed it again. i trusted direct TV, i never got billed, well now i am being told that there was no way for them to have seen that it was not viewed in 2014 because they cant see that until they have the chip in the receivers, i asked them to pull that call or record of that call, she said they cant view that or pull that call from 2014.
    Today August 9th 2016 i called direct TV, i took the day off from work to take care of this embarrassing matter. i talked to Debra at 9:30am she transferred me to Kris in billing specialist dept. she transferred me to her manager Zak, his employee number is [protected] and the reference number for that call is 1-182697503895R2 he basically lend an ear and did nothing to help me, he said to put in a dispute online, but that was weird to me because that is what i thought i was doing " putting a dispute" why is there customer service there for? if not to serve the customers. i did put a dispute online and the online incident number is : [protected]. and to my disbelieve i could not complete the dispute until i put in my credit card information, and going against all my commend sense i did it so i can be heard, that is so crazy. like i said i am extremely busy i have 4 children, work full time and am taking care of a sick puppy who just had surgery. i feel like i have no energy to fight these outrages charges but i will defiantly fight it, if not me let my lawyer fight for me, i have excellent credit and don't like anyone jeopardizing with that, nor my future nor my children's money, because i work and live for them. i just think its so unfair to put your loyal customer thru this, i was never ever late on a payment and i am very responsible, i just cant believe that you trick your customers, making the believe that you are protecting an taking care of them.
    I do apologize if i sound so direct and emotional about this matter, i am a very nice respectful woman, and have high tolerance, i am also a Christian woman and these embarrassing charged just trough me off. i kinda understand why all the direct TV representative would not help me, its not until you are in my shoes or all the people who wrote does similar reviews online would they understand, its my money, its my time, its my reputation, and its my credit. please understand and help me. i pray that you can please, please find it in your heart to not put me nor my family trough this. i play that you could also look into this and see if there is a pattern in cases like mine and how you can fix it and better your service.
    i just called direct TV customer service at [protected] its August 9th 1:52pm. i talked to a lady with employee number 77010, i didn't catch her name . she said their valid charges so too bad for me, all hackers and all their charges will always show up as valid charges . hacker are professional. but i expect direct TV to have my back, i feel like crying because of the lack of compassion and understanding, its not their money its mine, and that employee said that she is "sorry" well not sorry enough to fix the fact that direct TV cant protect their customers

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  • Ju
    justtohelp Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    After ordering the movie "Million Dollar Arm" we watch an 1.5 hours of the 2hr movie when the screen went blank. I called customer service to determine what happened and they told me I never ordered the movie. I explain we had been watching for 1.5hrs and it didn't seem right that it allowed us to watch so much of the movie and turn it off. Customer service told me they would bill me and I could finish watching, but explained the movie was now ruined. Without any effort to satisfy our interrupted movie (I asked that they allow us to watch the movie without charge) she said there was no way. I told the representative there was no way I could ever trust ordering a movie from direct tv, but they had no concern. I will never order another movie and would warn anyone else who is thinking of doing so. I is horrible to watch most of your movie and then having it cut of 30 minutes before it is over. 5 months left on a 2yr contract and I am going back to Time Warner as much as that sucks.

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  • Ga
    garyrich1023 Feb 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Did you end up paying for the movies you did not order? I canceled DTV last month and sent pack the units with cards. Last week we got a refund for $15, this week we got a bill for $152. They say that it is for PPV that we ordered in 2008 over a two day period. It just happen to be the two days after the box was activated. Could the installers run up charges on the card before they bring it to your house? I have always payed my bills, but it just rubs me the wrong way to pay for something that I did not use. What should I do? Can they make live bad for us over $152?

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