Direct TVsatellite dish lie

R Aug 07, 2018

I cancelled my service on 7/30/18 and requested my dish be removed from my driveway as it was already taken off the roof. They sent me their recycle website, but it's only for Colorado customers and I'm in Minnesota. I told them I wasn't paying a 3rd party to remove it and wanted it gone. They told me they submitted a request to have it picked up on 7/6/18 around 10:30am. I contacted them again around noon on 7/6 and was told it would still be pick up that day. I waited around ALL DAY for them and they never came. I spoke to 2 supervisors this morning who told me Direct Tv doesn't pick up dishes and they don't know why I was told they did. I was LIED TO by 2 of their customer service reps promising the dish would be pick up. I wasted an entire day waiting for them not knowing that they would never be coming! Why is this okay with them?? They don't seem to care that they treated me this way!! I submitted a complaint to the BBB, but I'm sure they won't care about that either. I'm not paying my final bill if I am forced to pay to have this dish removed and you can be certain they will NEVER have my business AGAIN!!

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