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DirecTV promised up to $200 for if I disconnect my Dish Network service. Sure enough, I called Dish Networks, disconnected Service (their customer service was very rude threatening me with $175 early termination fee (I didn’t care about this much, but the guy tried to make it a huge deal)), and had DirecTV install their toys in my house. 5-6 months have passed, and I haven’t received the prepaid visa card till now (12/26/2013).
This is the story of the 5-6 months waste of stamps, gas to go to the USPS, energy and printer ink:
1. I sent 1st rebate mail to
DIRECTV Winback Early
Cancellation Fee Offer
Offer #361-85
PO Box 753725
El Paso, TX [protected]
2. I Got notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF (very basic paper to say this); the statement was sent, but they said it didn’t include the $175;
3. I Called Dish - they sent me the bill statement;
4. I sent a 2nd rebate mail to include early termination fee of $175;
5. I Got 2nd notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;
6. I Called Dish again and after speaking with 5 representatives, they managed to e-mail me the last 6 months bill statements; Printed them out, put the rebate form again, and sent it over to DirecTV;
7. Called DirecTV – spoke with 2 reps (to include a manager/supervisor); they said that the statement (which I read them over the phone) is fine;
8. Sent 3rd rebate mail with statement that included the Early Termination Fee of $175;
9. Yet again, I got notification to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;
10. I submitted complaint online through DirecTV; Spoke with Ismael P (ID U5632) DIRECTV Resolution Specialist who was quick to ask me to resend the form to the same address, emphasizing to me that I have to do this and that, as if I haven’t done that 3 times already. Hard to believe that. He even sent ma an e-mail with instructions on how to submit my rebate form. Unbelievable, again. I told the guy I’m a Computer Science Engineer – MBA in IT Management, not an idiot not to be able to follow their basic instructions through.
11. Resolution specialist sent me over to Cancellation department, after I insisted I’m done with doing business with them. I ended up begging the guy to send me over there.
12. Cancellation department wants to take their lovely 7-10 business days to get back to me with a solution. No thank you!
My wallet has an indentation of $515 to include $175 from Dish Network termination fee, and $340 early cancellation fee from DirecTV. Way to go, Dish and DirecTV. You both seem to be like Twins: bad customer service, poor management and unqualified employees to handle such problems (they were quick to tell me what to do, instead of listening to my initial problem).
After 4 months of being with DirecTV, I’m happy to be free from DirecTV and Dish Networks.
TV cable is gone from my house, and it will stay that way for my whole life. No more, no more, no more. Done and forever Farwell!
I can’t wait for that day when both of these businesses will find something else to do, but provide TV Cable services.


  • Ra
    ra smith Apr 13, 2010

    i was told that i would get a $100 visa in 3 months when i 1st got direct tv but now thay say i can not get it . thay lie to get you hooked hopeing you will forget about it.

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  • Jm
    Jmanza Apr 08, 2017

    @ra smith Is just a scam that they ran, i was promised $200 card for coming back, went thru whole process and at the end was told that i no longer qualify, no explanation given, i would no reffered direct tv to anyone.

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  • Jn
    jnraajan Jun 18, 2010

    Ditto here. They initially said 90 days, then they said 120 days. Now it has been 130 days and still no sign of the gift card.

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  • De
    Delvin O'Dell Mar 14, 2012

    We have not received the $200.00 pre-paid Visa card. We began service 1/10/2012. Please take care of this or call us . Our phone calls are not answered. (just a recording). Thank-you!
    [email protected]

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  • De
    Delvin O'Dell Mar 14, 2012

    Please remove name and e-mail on comment...if possible. Thank-you! DelO

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  • Ma
    Mario Binuya Nov 27, 2012

    can't find the form that i need to fill up to get the $200 visa prepaid card...

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  • Dw
    DWL2 Jan 15, 2013

    Accepted Offer for $200.00 Visa Card, still no card. Called Direct TV they said we did not qualify but could not say why. Upon further investigation, we found out you need to fill out a form on the Internet and mail it to them; Could not find the form on Direct TV website, and neither could the Direct TV customer service: said they would get back to us--- Yea right!!!

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  • Ro
    ROBERT LEVIT Jan 17, 2013

    Direct promised $200 visa card if i switched to them. I did just that. Have made many calls to them about getting the $200 and always get the runaround. They are just hoping i get sick and tired of this chase and forget about them. It's been 7 months and i am going to write the bbb and the attorney general of ca

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  • Ma
    margy weaver May 06, 2013

    i received a letter stating that we would get up to a$200.00 visa debit reward card for switching back to directv. i have been on the phone for almost 2 hours tryinbg to get this activated and get the form to fill out and have gotten nowhere. if you are not intending to honor this written reward, just be honest and stop all of the crap. what a waste of time. i am very, very disappointed in Directv . You make everything very difficult for your customers. i feel you would do anything to get people to reregister to with you and then, to hell with them.. you really don't care as long as you have threm suckered in for 2 years. WHAT DO YOU CARE!!!

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  • Tr
    Tracy D. Aug 11, 2013

    I ordered Direct TV on May 3, 2013...a main deciding factor in ordering Direct TV was the $200 Visa Card. I knew we had to be current for 30 days before getting it and then it would take 8-12 weeks to send. I also knew I had 90 days to do it. We didn't get it installed until Mother's Day (couldn't find a good spot in our yard so a second technician had to come out to see if he could find a spot, which he did, and then a third came out and installed it on a Sunday). Anyway, when I went to look for a way to print out the rebate form it said that I wasn't eligible. I actually kept the little cardboard Visa from my original mailing and in small print on the back it said "offer ends 5/06/13". Had I read that before I would have assumed as long as I ordered by 5/6 I'd be OK. But now, I think I had to have it installed and had the form mailed by the 6th (which was impossible). I think I should have been told this because that was my deciding factor in choosing Direct TV. I feel deceived.

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  • Ki
    KinDn3sS Dec 26, 2013

    I submitted my above exposed complain to - All of you guys should do it - to teach these businesses the proper way of doing business and promotions.

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  • Li
    Lisa Hogan Jan 14, 2014

    I agree this a total B.S. runaround scheme to get you to sign up with these A.Holes...never ever sign with these ###s again...spent so many hours on phone and computer to get a constant runaround, going nowhere ;'(,

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  • MikeL DISH Jan 15, 2014


    I'm sorry to hear of your situation and that it's come to that. We hated to have seen you go and I'd like to assist you with this if you could please private message me your account number and four-digit PIN so I can review your information. Thanks!

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  • Jj
    jjbsagoodwin Mar 18, 2017

    @MikeL DISH KinDn3sS, can you help me, i have the same issue.

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  • Ro
    robwells82 Mar 11, 2014

    I signed up for directv in August of 2013 during a 200 dollar visa gift card promotion deal. We filled out paperwork and mailed it in for the rebate. It is now March 2014 and we still have not received the visa gift card. I have called about 7 times since January and each time I get the run around. I have been told that they have received our paperwork and it's still processing and the guy blamed it on the holidays as to why it hadn't shown up yet. I've been told they aren't sure what's going on but someone would call me in the next 7 days to figure it out (that was weeks ago, still no call). The customer service is a joke and this "rebate" is a SCAM!

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  • Ke
    kevvy10 Apr 15, 2014

    Wow. I was just about to sign up for Direct TV, but when I saw the experiences detailed here, I took a deep breath. Don't need this kind of treatment by ANY business. I'll stick with streaming video. These guys are gonna run themselves out of business. They just dont get it!

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  • Ez
    EZ Rider Texas Jul 22, 2014

    if you qualified for the rebate or card and they dont send it to you. It is a considered a breach of contract on their behalf and you have the right to terminate all services with out any cancelation fees. But the key word is that YOU have to be QUALIFIED. That was a part of the agreement you signed. Plain and Simpled

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  • Ep
    ep1126 Aug 29, 2014

    I switched to DirecTV in April 2014 after the local cable company dropped a number of channels that my family watched. The $150 Visa gift card promotion was going on at the time, which was a nice added incentive to switch. I filled out the form, printed copies of my first three bills and mailed it all in. I received an email stating that they had received my request and were processing it, the giftcard would arrive within 4 - 6 weeks. It's been two months and I haven't received it. No replies to emails and the phone number listed just takes you to DirectStar, where no one will address the issue. Definitely a scam.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Danaher Oct 06, 2014

    They got me too just recently!! My contract was up so I decided to try Xfinity/Comcast. They had some new ways to watch movies etc. that was perfect for my lifestyle with a child. I didn't even have to sign a contract with them (get to that later). 4/5 months later I started getting calls from DTV agents, one offer after another to convince me to switch back to DTV. Well according to them I was a valued customer for years and they were so sorry that they weren't able to satisfy our needs and would love to do whatever possible to get my business back and on and on...this was the first time any company I've ever used made me feel like my long time loyalty was actually noticed and appreciated. Most just offer the "new customers" the good deals or upgrades and could care less about the ones, like me, that have chosen to stay and renew year after year. So anyway-that's how I got suckered in...

    After countless sales calls I caved and let the guy make me an offer. I told him I would think about it and call back the next day. I was promised to have the prepaid Visa for $200.00 and also the cancellation fee to Comcast paid. Well I wasn't on a contract with Comcast so they didn't have to pay for that. They said wait 90 days for the Visa-never came. On day 90-I called DTV to tell them no card yet. They asked if I filled out the rebate form. The guy never told me to fill out a form, of course I would've filled out a form, the rebate is the reason for every single minute of my very valuable time that I chose to inconvenience my own self and wait for a new installer to take their sweet ### time getting to my house to hook up cable wires that had only been UNhooked for 4/5 months. Use my gas and more of my time to stand in line at the Comcast store for 30 minutes. Then on top of all that, the page they told me to go to kept saying I wasn't eligible for a rebate. I called back about 20 times and they said I didn't fill out that form and my 90 days were up. But for 2 days I was told a report was being made and someone would contact me. No one ever contacted me. For a solid month I called everyday...same run around and an hour long phone call everytime I had to explain myself thru the whole story every stinkin time I called them. My bill has been wrong month after month and I have to call. I was set up on autodraft always have been with all my bills. I stopped it, my bill was never corrected. Now it's still wrong every month and I have been billed for NFL Sunday ticket for 4 months in a row and some other small charges I didn't know what it was for. I'm sorry this is so long but if this helps anyone I will be happy. Check your bill every month and if you are not sure what you are paying for - call them. I can't believe I found this forum tonight. I don't understand how they are able to keep doing this to us. There is no office or a physical person you can talk to and get these matters handled. Please no offense to anyone, half of the time I can't understand one thing that DTV agent on the phone is saying and ask them to please repeat the information a million times. What do I/we do? Who do I need to contact? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening!

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  • Ms
    Ms. Danaher Oct 06, 2014

    As if my complaint wasn't long enough, I want to let you all know that during the time of my phone agreement I was very clear to the agent of my situation, losing my husband, and a now widowed single mother of a six year old, I planned to use that money for Christmas (Dec 2013) and we are on a tight budget. I kept telling the resolution specialist why would I go through all this trouble then not fill out a form? Where's the tape of our conversation that claims to protect me and will be used for training purposes, he told me our convo was being recorded. Where is it?? And how is it helping me now? Shame on DTV for being so greedy, uncompassionate, insensitive, and untrustworthy to treat me and probably others this way. Over-bill me, waste my time, and make agreements they never intended on following through. Taking advantage of hard working, good, honest people. I'm the customer, I picked your company to use, I could've picked a different company, it's not fair!!! Makes me so angry I could just cry, it's discusting. Thanks again for listening!

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  • Jo
    Joshua Nelson Nov 27, 2014

    HOW TO GET A 150$ VISA REWARD CARD AND 100$ OFF OF YOUR BILL (10$ off per month for 10 months) FOR SWITCHING TO DIRECT TV:
    I read these complaints and here is the proper way to get the aforementioned deal. What you have to do is call 1-855-567-1737 – this is the only number that works to my knowledge. Say you heard you get a Visa Reward Card for starting service, which is down to 150$, and they will confirm this is available. Then state your friend referred you and he said that you could get more money off your bill. They asked me for the friends full name – I think they are getting tougher about this because everyone is doing it, and his account number. I used a friend that I knew in the area with direct TV. Below I provided my information below, which should definitely work because two other friends of mine have done this and it worked.
    When they ask about the friend tell them the following:
    My name: Josh Nelson
    Account Number: 6229263
    Location: Rochester Area

    VERY IMPORTANT - after you sign up for service, they WILL NOT send your VISA REWARD card until you submit a form requesting it. This form is found on their website under the rebate center. To get to it, login to your online account (you have to set one up first) and type in "rebate center" into the search field and it is the first item to pop up. Click on it, and a message will tell you if you're eligible for a VISA reward card and provide a link for the form needed to claim it. You have to mail this form in within 60 days of starting service or YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR REWARDS CARD!!! I sent in the form, got my card, and used it to pay my phone bill.

    You definitely get free Genie upgrade, NFL Sunday ticket free and HBO, Cinemax and Stars for 3 months as well. Hope this helps.

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  • Jo
    Jody Costa Apr 08, 2015

    We stopped service at our old address and transferred service to our new address on a certain day to find out a week later Direct TV had issued us a refund of $40 on a visa giftcard and sent it our old address. Now the current homeowners of our old home received our refund $$$. Why the hell would you not confirm where to send a refund? Tried calling the card services number to have them re-issue the card. Ya right! What a joke! How dumb can you be! If people stop service most the time that means they will no longer be living there!

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  • Er
    ervin byler Apr 25, 2016

    i got my 100 dollar visa card, used it 3 times, the last time at a gas sta, then tryed today to use it at 2 different stores, both times it was refused, tryed to go online to check my balance which should be over 70 dollars, the site does not recognise the number so looks like i am out at least 70 dollars.

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  • Ho
    holyjoe Apr 26, 2016

    I also fell for this scam. I will be posting this information on any social media network that I can.

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  • Da
    darkeya Nov 15, 2016

    I guess we get to join the crowd of people that fell for a bogus 200.00 reward advertisement. We went a whole year without a contract for cable, and when my husband saw the advertisement for the reward card, we jumped on board. Our service was connected 7/31/2016, and we were told ( by the technician) that we would recieve the reward card in the mail in 4-6 weeks. We waited about 8 weeks, then I started calling the company. I was told to wait more time. That time came and passed, so I called again. Some where in there, I was told to redeem on line. Tried to redeem on line, but, was told we were not eligible for the reward. Called customer service the very next day. They gave another phone number to call. This runaround has gone on since the end of August! Here it is November now, and for the first time, (Yep, I decided to call again)I am being told that the date for us to redeem our reward expired August 9!!! I am a very peaceful, non-drama, kind of person, and this experience has been full of drama, and not much peace.This experience has me worried that the company cannot be trusted. When we can, we may leave directv ( If they cheat customers this way, there's no telling what could be happening with their bills and other services.). I really wish I had done my research, and read everyone else's comments. If I'd seen these complaints, we never would have gotten the service.

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  • Ju
    June Jan 22, 2017

    I urge all people that complaints about Direct TV and their deceptive sales practices to sell their service to people to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. There is a page there for filing complaints against internet and TV providers.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Cundiff Apr 20, 2017

    I'm was wanting to know where my 150.00 Visa gift card was because I haven't gotten one yet. To start off with I couldn't get there internet service because I wasn't in the AT&T coverage Area. I paid the 120.00 for the first 3mo of service but when I found out that I couldn't get there internet service they took it off my t.v. bill for the last 3mo. No body told me that I would have to remind them to mail all the nessiary paper work for me to get the Visa gift card. Now I've had there Service for 2 mo.and I just found out that I have to let them know that I didn't receive nothing for me to claim my 150.00 Visa gift card. When I went on the web site it's telling me that as of 4/19/2017 was my deadline. Why should I have to remind them to mail all the necessary steps to receive what I was told after I qualified for the Visa gift card when I signed up for there Service. No one told me that I had to remind them to mail all the necessary paper work. The insulation techntechnician told me that I would receive it after my 2 or 3 months of service. Now he did tell me that I would have to call them to take the upper stations off and the super bowl ticket or I would be billebilled for it. So what can do since I didn't get all the necessary paper work for me to get the Visa gift card, and then like I said I can't get the internet so I can't get to download any movies with my plan like I was suppose to? Please help desperately in Indiana. I feel like I've been f***** without being kissed.

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  • De
    Dee Cory Aug 15, 2018

    I was lucky enough to not have any problems with Direct TV. So far anyway! Got my giftt card two days after I signed up for it.

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  • Da
    David Skroch Apr 09, 2019

    OK. spent over an hour waiting to talk to someone at DTV. then got the run around, they kept asking for a security code and answer, told them I never got one.they did not believe me of course. Had to drive 11/2 hours to a store to get a code. then called back to straighten out the deal on going to DTV. We were stood up the first time on install so i requested they give 200$ visa instead of the 100$. She said it was no problem. I called to resister my rewards and it only allowed the 100$ one. so i called to see what the heck and got told there is no record of anyone giving me the 200$ card. imagine that. got scammed. no one believes me because the lady didn't put it in the notes, she just said that to get me to switch.

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