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Resolved additional charges

After having Direct TV service for over a year, we decided to add another "box"
receiver to the third bedroom, simple enough I call Direct TV to ask what the cost would be. They quoted me 79.99 for the receiver and installation. So I agreed to have them come out and add the "box" to the other room.
My normal Monthy bill is $ 68.36. When then following bill came it was $251.02 for current month.
they charged me a delivery and handling fee of $19.95,
Installation of $80.00
Standard receiver Upgrade of $69.00
almost $ 170.00
I had called them to see if there was a mistake and they repiled that "that was the charges " and they could not help me. I was shocked to hear them say that,
so with much furstration I asked to cancel the service as I felt I was misrepresented in the cost of adding a "box".
There response was that if I canceled I would have to pay an early cancelation fee. She told me that because I added the extra box that it statrs a new agreement in which I must keep for 18 months.

  • Ma
    MARIANA ALARCON Sep 20, 2012

    After i signed thee contract withe direct TV it was a night mare.
    My normal Monthely bill was going to be $82.00 withe tax, when the following bill can was for 165.00 for current monthe. and theey tell me theat i have to call ATT so theey can connect me thee Internet and theey charged me a delivery and handling fee and thee box plus one monthe service $133.05, I had called theem to see if theere was a mistake and theey replied theat "theat was thee charges " and theey could not help me. I was shocked to hear theem say theat,
    so withe much frustration I asked to cancel thee service as I felt I was misrepresented and theey tell me theat if i cancel thee service theey will charge me $480 and i asked why ?There response was theat is early cancellation fee. so i said OK I'm not going to cancel i will try to understand, and now theat I'm move to anotheer house i call to transfer my services to my new address theey tell me theat i have to pay $240 because i don't thee thee 6monthe yet !!! what is wrong withe theis people is my big mistake to change to DIRECT TV !!! My advice is to ANYBODY THINKING OF GETTING DIRECT TV, DONT DO IT!

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Resolved misrepresentation of product

We decided to start using Direct TV after viewing their website and seeing that we could receive the basic cable channels (including mtv, mtv 2, spike, etc.), which is called the TrubroHD Silver, in HD for 37.99 a month. My husband called me in to take a look at the deal and verify that he was reading everything correctly and that he was not mistaken about the price, or the channels involved. He was very much correct, and we decided to go for it! We were super excited about such a great deal! Direct TV came out to the house, did a great job setting everything up and then left. When time came for us to start watching our television we noticed that we only had a select handul of channels. We called Direct TV to let them know the problem and they disagreed with us telling us that the package we were referring to would not include Spike, MTV, MTV 2, etc - just absolute basic cable such as TLC, and TNT, etc. We told them that this is not what the website said and they went to the website over the phone with us and went to the same page we were looking at and said they didn't see where it said it included Spike or MTV - even though we were looking at it plain as day. We went over exactly how we got to the page we were looking at to make sure we were both looking at the same page and once again they acted like they had no idea what we were talking about. We made sure to take a screen shot at this point to verify what we were talking about and offered to email the photo to them. They said they did not want the photo, that we did not have the channels that we were asking for and could only get them if we paid more. This made no sense to us considering that the website we were looking at said it had the channels we wanted, in the package we ordered. We decided to refresh our page and suddenly, over the telephone call, the website changed and the channels that were originally listed were gone. Of course we started screaming and yelling at this point, as they OBVIOUSLY had noted that they made a mistake and changed it due to our calling. We have photos to prove that the channels were listed on the page, and now a picture of the new page they put up. They still have not fixed the problem, and will not. I HATE this company. We are only using them now because they are about the only company out here to use for cable, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. I will never suggest them to anyone, and think they have HORRIBLE customer service, and will not own up to their own mistakes.

below are some of the screen shots we took, the before photos include the MTV in the list, and then notice how the other beofre starts with cartoon network but the after starts with a&e?? yeah ...

misrepresentation of product
misrepresentation of product
misrepresentation of product

  • Th
    Theresa Middlebrooks Mar 29, 2013

    To whom this may concern,
    my name is Ms Middlebrooks I am writing you on behalf of my existing acct with direct/TV.My complaint is that I have a advertising that was mailed to me stating that you all had a list of the services and the prices for each packages. After I viewed the list I made a decision to go with you all $24.99 package. I discovered a problem when I called direct/TV about why I could not get my $5.00 credit to my acct, after service was installed at my home. Once I called back on Nov 02, 2012 I spoken with Ms. Mary, about a my bill. My bill was supposed to be suppose be $24.99 per month instead of $29.95. At that time when I spoken with Ms.Mary I request that my acct with direct/TV be closed because of false advertisement. At that time Ms. Mary, gave me a credit of $60.00 to keep me with direct/TV. Ms. Mary told me that my first payment will be $14.95, but I paid $20.00.
    I have decided that due to my financial agreement with other bills, also due to you all false advertisement, I am requesting that you all close my account with Direct TV.

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Resolved removal of dishes

I live in a duplex. Unbeknownst to me, my neighbor had directv installed this week while I was at work. When I came home, I thought someone had vandalized my house. I had dishnetwork dishes on the roof and when I came home, they were down on the ground along with cut pieces of wire in the grass. I called the police. Then we noticed that the dish
that took its place was directv. I then asked my neighbor if she had it installed, she said yes. I don't know who they think they are, that they can just take down equipment that
is not theirs without permission. I am not a happy camper and just what am I supposed to do with these dishes that are not mine?

  • Te
    Terri L. Oct 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is not Direct Tv's fault, it is your neighbor who took it upon themselves to tear down the Dish Network dish and put up the one from Direct TV. The neighbor should be forced to pay to have your Dish re-installed.

    Direct TV has gone downhill where customer service is concerned, I had it from 2000 to mid 2007 and the only problem I had was they changed their dish setup for HD and never told me so I lost all of my HD channels for 6 months until I found out what the problem was and they put up a new dish free of charge. I had to disconnect it in 2007 because I could not afford the bill. I started the service back up in Dec. 2008, due to the fact my HD Tv came out when the tuners were not built in and my old Direct Tv tuner would also pick up local tv over a antenna. The tuner died and I bought a new one thinking it would work the same way and didn't want to lose my HD signals when they went strictly digital. Once I got it home I realized that it would not work without Direct Tv, so I was forced to start it back up.

    They had a good deal of $29 for 1 year plus I paid for their HD package, I had already bought my own DVR/Tuner. They turned it on, I had set it up myself. I couldn't get the HD channels and I called them back up. They told me that I needed a new Dish since they had changed them again, three months after I had gotten the last HD one. After talking with several people they told me there would be no charge. Next I was billed full price instead of the deal price and charged for installing the new dish.. I again talked to a few people until I found one that knew what he was doing. He told me that they had just re-opened my old account so the special deal couldn't be applied, it was input but it would then not accept it. It took awhile, but he was able to set up a new account for us since it had been almost a year and a half since I cut it off. It took over a month and several phone calls talking to supervisors to get everything fixed and they gave me a small discount over 6 months to make up for the overcharge. I haven't had another problem so far, it hasn't been quite a year.

    When I first had Direct Tv, customer service was excellent, but it has gotten so big, like many others, that it can't keep enough people trained and retained for the money that they pay them. It won't be long now until I have to pay the full amount as my special is ending soon. Hopefully they won't screw that up.

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Resolved offerring services they do not intend to honor, then charging disconnection fee

On april 5 2008 verizon offerred me a package of internet, tv and telephone for the amount of $99.00 + tax roughly $126.00. I accepted the package in good faith.
after i moved into my home I saw direct tv turned up. I told them it was a mistake I did not order direct tv, the told me they were under verizon and this is a part of the package. I called verizon they agreed. they told me it was the one bill for the agreed upon amount.

the first month I got 3 different bill. I called verizon they blamed direct tv for not sending the bill. Direct tv blamed them. I told them to turn the service off before the month was up if they cannot resolve the issue they said they will fix it by the next bill. this continue for 4 months with large bills until the service was turned off.

I paid Direct tv the final bill but they went ahead amd charged me $320.00 disconnection fee. I called the collection agency who told me to pay $246.13 and this will take care of the bill, they said it was a settlement. the money was withdrawn from my account. my name is sent to collection agency again because they now say they have changed their minds and i must pay another $81.00. Is this a scam or does agreements mean nothing anymore. the collection group is cbe group inc [protected].

Resolved bad service

Direct tv promises local programming, but they decide what is local for you! Portland oregon is two times the...

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Resolved unethical management

My mother is 85, lives in a HUD apartment and thought she would save some money with Direct TV. They installed the unit and showed her how to use it. When they left she did not understand how to use the remote. I told her we will get someone out to show her again. She has slight dimentia. The next person came out 2 days later and was very short with her. He raised his voice at her and said he was going to tell his boss that he never wants to service her unit again. By the time he left she was afraid of the DirectTV servicemen and still could not use the system becasue she could not understand the remote control. I filed a complaint against the serviceman for her. She cancelled her service and was charged $300.00 early cancellation fee. Her life savinges was only $400.

I explained the circumstances to customer service and they said she signed the contract so the fee is justified. I escataed it to upper management who said the same thing.

This is just unethical!

  • Jo
    josietazat48 Aug 10, 2009

    my sister had direct about a year ago and just recently they took money out of her bill money from her bank account and now doest have enough money to pay the rest of her bills she doesnt understand she paid they what she owed them but because of the contract they said that it was legal to take it out what shall a person to do

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Resolved wrong charges on bill

my bill this month had movies on it that we were suppose to have rented onppv.when we called they serevice number to tell them that we had not had a land line in over three years they would not listen .the girl started hollaring and l told her you are not suppose to be hollaring at the costomer.she said i am not hollaring but she was.she also said we dont make mistakes, you rented those movies and would not listen i then told her she needed to shout and listen to what we were telling her that we had no land line and did not have that phone number and had not had that number n over three years we only have cell phone she continued to argue we hung up but have no intentions of paying for movies we did nit reny. i think this is a very bad company to deal with and would not recomend them to anyone

Resolved breach of contract

Direct TV violated the terms of my contract with them by overcharging my account.
At the time I subscribed with Direct TV I specifically asked for a package deal where no aditional charges, fees nor surcharges or hidden charges will be due at the end of the month. One PAckage that will inlude High Definition for one price and that's it. Otherwise I will not join Direct TV. I was very firm on that.

Customer service rep on the phone tells me that the "HD-DVR PLUS PACKAGE" was the one exactly as I asked for 49.99 a month. With HD and special receiver all for one single price with no extracharges. Price of 49.99 was for 12 months and after that 72.99 for another 12 months.

I had doubts about it so I did not sign. I hang Up the phone. Next day I talked to another Direct TV Cutomer Service rep and she tells me the same thing.

So I signed. And for the first three months everything was ok...billing according to contract terms.

My contract was for 49.99 a month for the first 12 months. And the overcharge was a violation of my contract.

No conversations with Customer Service reps or their supervisors was able to reverse the decision of Direct TV to overcharge me.

I had no choice but to order this provider to stop their services inmediatly and I call my Credit Card Company to stop payment on the overcharge and also to stop payment on the early termination fee ever since it was Direct TV the one that violated the terms of the contract.
Fourth month: To my surprise Dircect Tv decided to charge me the full amount of 72.99 without explanation.

At the fourth month Direct TV decided

  • Fa
    farid Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stay away from Direct TV:
    Direct TV never gave us a form to complete and send in to get the $29.99 monthly rate. Instead, they charged us $#59.99. So we dropped them. We shouldn't have to pay the cancellation fee but better to do business with a reputable company than a corrupt one. Then they said they'd send us a box to send their equipment back in. But they haven't done so. Direct TV reflects all that's terrible with insensitive American corporations who only care about profits and could care less about their customers. Never ever do business with Direct TV. The top managers are greedy and unethical.

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  • Gw
    G. Womack Mar 12, 2009

    I would like to know if they are pursuing $400 cancellation fee. I also am turning my box back in to them and don't expect to pay a cancellation fee.

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  • Sh
    shayp608 Mar 21, 2009

    My aunt told me how Dtv was good to her so my husband and I called and signed up for hd package. There was also the special rebate of 20 dollars off for 12 months. Well the installers come and give us a regular dvr plus receiver. My husband gets home and says its not the hd we ordered. I called dtv and they told us we never ordered the hd and there is nothing we could do except pay for the upgrade of 400 to hd. Of course we said no. Our 1st bill comes we are being charged for the hd. I called back again and they credited my acct the difference. The woman said I should call upgrades and they will send me my hd. Of course I call upgrades and they tell me...no sorry you have to pay for it. By then I was done dealing with them. I call to cancel. I get Carl, he appoligized and admitted it was their fault and will send an hd receiver. 3 weeks go by and nothing. I call again got transfered 4-5 times last transfer I get sent all the way to the beginning. Now I'm DONE!!! I get the cancellation dept. tell them everything and say I'm done I want to cancel. They say ok but there will be a early termination fee. I said no...dtv breached the contract by never sending me what I ordered. The is no contract!!! They said sorry but you will be charged. I said I want to speak with someone who can help me. I spoke to a supervisor and manager neither one could do anything. They said I had to write a letter to the president. I was like that will take 2 weeks...you better not charge me for anything until this is handled. I GOT CHARGED 403 DOLLARS!!! My mortgage payment bounced!!! They should have to notify when they take that money out of your account!!!
    Well I wrote the BBB and President of DTV!!! THEY BREACHED CONTRACT...NOT ME

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  • Ke
    Kembra Mar 21, 2009

    Totally agree! Just wait a year or so and suddenly you will receive a new invoice rebilling your account monthly (even if you paid the termination fee - which I did). Then you start all over again. Don't you just "love" these honest people and companies! Kathy

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  • No
    Not allowed to speak Oct 22, 2010

    direct t.v. has tried 3 times to do an automatic debit OUT of my account for their equipment that they have still failed to pick up. my bank caught this and put a hold on my account. when i called in to find out why i couldnt use my card, it was because they saw 3 transactions from direct t.v. for over $400 and $500 each time trying to collect from when i cancelled.

    i have never given authorization for them to ever have access to my bank account. i never signed up for automatic withdraw either.

    just come pick up the equipment, it has been packaged for over months now. does anyone over there communicate or read notes from the accounts? it would clearly show that the equipment is ready to be picked up.

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  • Ki
    Kim SK Feb 05, 2012

    Direct TV will not provide me with a bill because my account is paid with a zerio balance. They continue to charge my credit card after I cancelled service. They refuse to early terminate at $20 per month per their contract till the end of my contract term stating that they will charge $480 termination fee. They are illegally charging my credit card without authorization depsite tellimg them not to do so forcing me to cancel my credit card that I use for all my auto charges. They are breaching their own contract terms. They are charging fees for items declared "free" on the contract. Direct TV deceptive practices, misadvertising, credit card fraud, misuse of government fees.

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Resolved non payment

Did satellite tv install for this company. Multiple jobs finished and not paid for. This company is fradulent.

  • J0
    J's Mom Sep 12, 2009

    My son worked, installing Direct TV, for this company in July and is STILL waiting on his pay. Tried calling the president even, and no reply to messages.

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be careful, they will trick you

I have been a directv customer for 10 years. Last year, I dropped this service since the price jumpped too high. After two months, DirecTV sent me an offer said I can get very good price as a welcome back offer. I called and DirecTV customer service signed me up. I asked if I will be treat as a new customer, they said no. I don't have to have the contract like I had before(stay for two years). However, I got very bad service after it is reinstalled and I didn't get rebate as they promised. Today, I decided to called them to stop directv service. However, they told me that I have signed the contract to stay with it. Otherwise, I have to pay $490 fee. I asked them to show me the contract. They said they have it, but they don't have to show it to me.

That's how I get treated in DIRECTV...
Just want to make other people don't get the same trouble. Be careful. It might bite you very hard...

  • Ja
    J.Alvie Feb 24, 2011

    I very much agree. I signed with Directv during one of their summer deal campaigns for $30/month with additional $10 for HD programming. I repeatedly asked agent to confirm the length of the contract and it was for one year. In the first and second month, they charged me more that $65 saying my rebate had not kicked in, this not withstanding the fact I'd stayed with the first agent for almost two hours to get that rebate thing completed online. Subsequently, on looking at the fine print in one of their bills, I was supposedly signed on for a two year contract. I almost lost it, I hadn't gone with Dish Network specifically because of their two year contract. Also, I'd talked to two of my friends who had Directv on 1yr contracts. I called customer service who escalated it to their manager - in the end, they told me I'd be charged more than $400 for breach of contract if I decided to end the service. The issue is still in dispute. For on, I think this is fraudulent marketing practices and I'm pursuing all my options. I'd never sign an agreement with these highway robbers again.

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Resolved good luck getting your money back

I called back in September of 08 to move my Directv service. I was generally pleased with them (despite the DVR wouldn't record many times and that service went out every time it rained outside) and I was only a year into my two year contract. When I called to schedule a move, the sales lady asked me if I would like to sign up for NFL ticket. I said no and we then set up a time for a tech to come out to my new house. I hang up the phone only to discover, she shut off my HD service. No big deal, I called back, spent 45 minutes on the phone with another guy who turned it back on and gave me $50 credit for my trouble.
The tech comes to my new house to set up service, only to find I have too many trees and can not get a line of site. I ask if this will cause any problems with canceling my contract, he says no. I call to cancel my service and they tell me they are going to have to charge an early cancellation fee of $130. I tell her it because there was no line of site, not a problem I can fix. She tells me there are no tech notes indicating a line of site issue and that she can't help me, I'll have to file with billing dispute. Frustrated, I hang up and then call right back. I get another lady who finds the tech notes and says no problem. I will not get charged the fee.
I then get a bill charging me for the NFL ticket I did not order. I also get charged for the early cancellation fee and my $50 credit also gets taken off. After another three people and two hours go by, I finally get someone who takes off the NFL ticket and early cancellation fee and puts the $50 credit back on my account. I then get another showing the NFL ticket charge still on the account, no $50 credit put back on, but the early cancellation fee was removed. I called again to get the NFL ticket credited back and the issues get "escalated". I end up paying the $20 balance and saying forget it. I'm done fighting this.
In November and December I received a statement showing a credit of $146.59. I thought great, they’re paying me back for the $75 service I never ordered and balance of what was over paid on my account. In January I call to request a check sent to me to close out my account. Vera tells me, no problem the check will be sent. Two weeks later I received a statement with a credit adjustment made in the amount of $146.59. I call back to find out what happened. I was told, this was only showing that I would receive my payment and not to worry, the check was being processed. Two weeks later, I call to check on the status of my refund. I was told it was in the mail and she promised I would have it by the end of the week. Two weeks later, still no check. I call back. The guy told me it was credited to my credit card ending in 1028 with an expiration date of 3/12. I tell him I don't have a credit card that matches that number. He sends me to another lady and 45 minutes later she tells me that the credit was taken away from me because they mistakenly credited my account twice for the early cancellation fee. I never received any notification I received this credit twice. I asked her about the NFL ticket and $50 credit I was also suppose to receive and she stated I was credited those even though I was not. When I asked her why was continuously lied to, she had no response. I basically ended up telling her to keep the money because the six months I spent fighting for my money just wasn't worth it.
In summary, they will tell you one thing, you hang up and call back, you'll get another story. You might get a helpful person every now and then and you think, great someone with a brain is going to right the wrong. When the problem doesn't get fixed and you call back, and they never have record of your call. They will steal your money and laugh at you in the process.

  • Jn
    jnymeyer Aug 19, 2009

    Did you ever get your money back?

    I'm having the same problem, only the credit on my account is around $500. They could not set up my service when I moved, so they canceled it no problem. At the same time, they gave me a $33 credit for the movie channels they charged me for that they offered me for free when I requested their moving service. The installer came to my new house, but I had too many trees. I called to get a return kit for my DVR, which they sent. I sent the DVR back. A couple weeks later, I log into my online banking to pay some bills to find that my account balance is zero and has been overdrawn. DirecTv charged me $470. I called to find out why and they said they hadn't received the DVR. She asked for my tracking number from FedEx, which I gave to her. She said it was not my tracking number and I would have to call FedEx to get a tracking number. I hung up on her and pulled up my tracking number on the FedEx website. The DVR had been received by DirecTv 3 days earlier. I called DirectTv again, and after I told them they had the DVR and I had tracked it myself, they confirmed they had indeed received the DVR and I would get my money back in 1 to 3 days. What they ended up doing however was crediting my DirecTv account. They now say they will mail me a check within 4 to 6 weeks. I'm very angry. I never had a problem with their service prior to this and had no intention of canceling. I only disconnected my service because the installer could not get a signal at my new residence. I just want the money that never should have been taken from my account in the first place. I don't know what to do. I can't afford their mistake.

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Resolved refund of money owed

December 2008 I ended my service with directv. Since that time I have been trying to collect $97.15. Each time I have called I was told they will send a request to the finance department and that it will take 6 weeeks to get paid. The 6 weeks expired and I called back and was told once again that they would send the request to the finance department for rapid payment and of course it will take 6 weeks. The second 6 weeks expired when I called back for the third time in March 2009 and was told they know about the 97.15 and that they could contact the fiance department and it would only take ten days this time. As of yet no refund has been received.

  • Tf
    TFSamson Mar 19, 2009

    I discontinued my service in December 2008 and am still waiting to get my refund of $48 -- was told that it will be 10 days from March 17th.

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Resolved service & installation

We ordered Direct TV service in late December. The first installation appointment they could give us was January 19, 2009. On that day, installation day, after during the previous week receiving no less than 2 emails confirming the installation, Direct TV called and left a voicemail on our answering machine that they would not be able to come out because they didn't even have installation crews in Washington State. Now, I ask you, why would they schedule an installation for a day that they didn't even have a crew? Because we had much work to do to removed old unwanted wiring and were planning on doing this at the same time as the installation, we had both taken the day off at a cost to us of $400 plus dollars. We called Direct TV and arranged another date of February 8, 2009. We were told at that time that we would be given a $100 missed appointment credit. The installer showed up with the wrong equipment. He spoke very little English and communication was very difficult. After explaining to him that we had ordered HD DVR's not just standard, his comment (rude) was 'What do you want me to do about it?' He said we should just continue with the installation and sort it out the following week as it was Sunday. We decided not to do that and called Direct TV immediately. The customer service person that I spoke with said that it was good that I called, because had I signed his form when he left, I was signing indicating that I was happy and what was installed was what I ordered. She sugessted that I stop the installation. At this point, because he had already torn out my Dish Network system, dish & wiring, I told her that I would be without television until they could get the correct stuff out to me and that this was unacceptable. She put in an escalated complaint, told me to have him finish the install, sign the paperwork and make a note on the paperwork indicating this. I did all this and she then rescheduled me an appointment for March 8, 2009 for another installer from Ironwood Communications to come out with the HD equipment and dish. I asked her about the missed appointment credit from January 19 and she said that she could not honor that because it had not been properly filed and there was a form that should have been filled out. This was never offered. We were just told that it would happen. There was some confusion as to whether or not I wanted to HD DVR's or one on this phone call and because I thought it was going to cost an additional $200, I said one. Then when I figured out she meant $200 total including the $99 I had already paid in December 2008 to get this going, I said, okay then two. She said she couldn't undo this but would make a note on the file that when I purchased a separate HD DVR from an outside source and called to activate it, they would then issue a $100 credit to my account and gave me a confirmation number. So, here we are present day (now 3 months after originally arranging all of this). March 8, I go to work, my husband is home on the couch. I get home from work at 2:00 p.m. (install scheduled for between 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. ). I asked him if he had heard from Direct TV or the installer and he said 'no.' I called to find out what the problem was and they said that the installer had been out and no one was home. MY HUSBAND WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR, but you cannot see our driveway from the house. The installer apparently called the landline phone, but because someone was either on the phone or it was busy, he just indicated we were not home. WE WERE HOME. HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF HIS TRUCK AND WALK TO OUR DOOR. I called on March 8 and spent 3 hours on the phone and had it escalated to 2 different supervisors. Finally the last supervisor told me that today, March 9, someone would call me by 8:30 a.m. to schedule a same day installation. No one called from Ironwood Communications. At 12 p.m. someone from Direct TV did call to find out if the installer had been out. My husband indicated that 'no, no one had been out'. He was told that they would call and find out what the ETA was on the installer but that they could schedule someone to again come out on Monday, March 10. My husband told that person that that was unacceptable because we had to go to work and we should not have to take off yet a 5th day for this. At 2:30 p.m. on March 9, I called Direct TV again and was given to yet another supervisor who said that we had indicated that we wanted the install on March 10 and that someone would be out. Finally, furious, I said to them to send me a box so I could return this equipment. She told me that I would have to pay A CANCELLATION FEE OF $400 because I had agreed to a 24 month service and because I had signed the installers paperwork on February 8, 2009 I was stating that I had recieved what I ordered, regardless of my complaint on that very day! Then she very sunnily informed me that my service agreement of 24 months stood and that I would be billed for $20 per month for the duration of the contract if I wanted me service cancelled. I don't know what else to do. I am not getting what I ordered. I ordered 2 HD DVR's and two standard receivers. I have missed or my husband has missed 4 days of work, I have been on the phone for hours and no one seems to want to make it right and then I find out I can't even cancel!?

  • It
    itsmetoo Aug 01, 2009

    ###, i install this stuff and find ppl like you all the time, probly your husband was dead asleep on the couch, i have come across this many time, and have see costomers sleeping on the couch banging hard on the door and them still snoring there ### off, so i think that last appointment is your husband stupid fault for not being awake, so i think you are just a stupid morron that deserves what thay get, lol ###

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  • Sa
    sam ferrer Oct 01, 2009

    Dear Mrs. Lisa:

    I'm so sorry to hear that your installation experience was so awful. I'm a sub-contractor my self, and the some of the things you express here really happens.

    Is not suppose to be like that, unfortunately it happened to you.

    new york.

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Resolved fraud.. unethical practices

Sandra skaparas 13647 n. 37th way Phoenix, az 85032 Corporate headquarters 1801 california st. Denver, co...

Resolved $1,500 for 5 months on $49.99 plan

My total bill on my $49.99 per month plan was over $1, 500 for five months of service. I paid one bill by credit card on-line, because they could not find the address to mail the bill to. Once they had my credit card they placed $400 on my credit card after I called to cancel. Every monthly bill was over $100. The crazy part of this is that it was for a vacation home and I only watched about 20 hours of TV per month. That works out to $15 per hour…better off buying movies.

Dont believe the adds, you will be over $100 per month on any plan.

  • Cr
    Cristos Apr 17, 2012

    Direct TV reps told me "sorry sir" (yes they called me SIR) when I asked why I was paying twice as much as originally PROMISED. SORRY SIR????? What kind of thief calls you SIR?

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  • Cr
    Cristos Apr 17, 2012

    your website sucks as much as DIRECT TV does

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Resolved poor service and hidden charges

Big Corporations Like Direct TV
feel they have the right to abuse their customers.
As the public we are really being taken advantage of as customers. At one time people took pride in their jobs and the equipment was good. Not today, they send you the cheapest equipment knowing it will not last and then when you have a problem instead of fixing it they give you are big run around making it look like they are doing something.

I lost the signal on one of the receivers I have. They wanted me to call them, couldn't just email me the instructions with images so I could do it without going through a bunch of bull with their automated call center. We've all have been through the automated call centers so you know what I am talking about. Any how lost the signal, the only way to get it back is turn off the receiver, unplug it and pull the chip out. Leave it off for about 5 minutes and plug it back in. Then it works.

After a half hour on the phone and resetting the receiver, well that is their solution. Needless to say if it happens again I will have to go through the same thing. Another fact is if this happened "ONE" time then there is a PROBLEM with the receiver and it should be replaced so I don't have to go through this again. Second they know everything that I watch and what the receiver is doing at any given time. If you wonder how I know, watch their ad about knowing who is watching what show at any time. I should not have to give up my time because of their problems. They don't care if you miss your favorite program as long as they get their money. Now they won't email you the instructions so you can do this for some reason, they make you call. and this is from one of their emails and I quote:

"Thanks for writing us back. I understand your current situation. We are limited to what we can troubleshoot by email, but we want to ensure your system is up and running again as quickly as possible. As previously mentioned, since you have the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN, the best way for you to get help as soon as possible is to call [protected] and choose the option to speak to a technical assistant.

You would have to speak to the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN department directly to have this issue resolved as any service call or receiver replacement processed through the email department would require a charge for the service."

Simple instructions with images work wonders in solving problems. I know I do it all the time helping people with their computers. So why the run around, got me. But they will not send the instructions via email and they are really simple instructions.

I emailed them about this problem and they insisted I make that dreadful phone call, at my expense, (prepaid cell at 25 cents a minute) just so they can say they did something. Now odds are the receiver is going to go out again when a program that we don't want to miss and have to go through this all again.

As I said the problem most likely would return, well it did a week later and I had to call them again, this time they said they would ship me a new receiver and would receive it in 3 working days. I called on a Tuesday, and they said that it would "ARRIVE ON SATURDAY" but the shipping company did not work Saturday's so it would be Monday. Now Tuesday to Friday is what I call 3 working days but I am getting I guess somewhat old and can't counts as they do today. The receiver should have be shipped the first time and saved me the headaches of dealing with a company like this and the loss of the service I am paying for again. As long as they get their money we the customers do not count.

After receiving the new receiver box it had to be activated. They gave me an 800 number to call for activation. I called that number only to get a menu to choose from. Seems they would have given me an 800 number directly to the activation department instead of wasting my time with a menu.

So after going through their menu I finally got a woman who was going to activate the box. Well after trying for 15 minutes she couldn't do it and had to transfer me.

After being transferred they wanted my life history including and this is amazing they wanted to know what room it was in? Sounds like there were staking out my house.

They also wanted to know the Model Number, the serial number and another number which was on a small tag on the receiver that was so small even with a magnifying glass I couldn't read it. So while I am trying to tell this guy it was too small to read I looked at the screen of the TV and there on the screen were the numbers he wanted. Funny he didn't know they could be found there.

Sadly the story doesn't end there. After I finally got this thing activated, about 30 to 40 minutes I went online and checked my bill and guess what? They added a $1 fee for a leased receiver when the one I had been using for two weeks didn't work. Now only was I without a good receiver box for two weeks, they now want to charge me a lease for a receiver box? Talk about GREED AT ITS WORST. As you can see it is autopay so from the last billing it was paid in full and there should be no charges until my regular monthly bill is sent so what is this extra charge for??? Some CEO needs the money I guess.

Whatever happened to pride and a good job and doing the correct thing? Like just sending a new receiver so this problem doesn't happen again. One other thing a supervisor came to the house to check the installation told me and hasn't been done yet. This was about 7 months ago that he told me the pole the dish was on was supposed to be cemented in the ground and the wires run underground. He said they would send someone around to do this and I had to pay $50 to have it put on a pole in the ground because I didn't want them running bolts through the roof of the house.

After paying you would think they would do what they promised but hey they got their money and the pole still hasn't been cemented in the ground and the wires are blowing in the air.. So before going with Direct TV better plan on not having any problems or else get ready to be put through a bunch of crap for no reason at all.

Unlike other products you buy, when something goes wrong, you call and they give you a RA number to return the product and they replace it. NOT DIRECT TV, and by the way, they don't have 24 hour tech support. It starts at 8AM till and I didn't pay any attention but it most likely is 4 or 5 PM so pray you don't have problems at other times or you will be paying for a service you will not receive until they open up again the next day.

This is nothing but big corporation greed at its worst.

poor service and hidden charges

Resolved wouln't honor promotinal rate after signing agreement

$39.99 / mo ya, right!!! During our recent relocation I saw an advertisement for direct tv. The ad was offering a, 1 year, discounted, plus dvr, bundle package for $39.99 a month. The discount was enough for me to give them a try, what a mistake!!. When setting up service the representative lets me know that the first bill will be a bit higher because of prorating and assures me that I would be receiving the $39.99 promotional rate. During this call I am informed on everything except that I need to go online to submit a rebate in order to receive this promotion. My first bill is for $62.99, I call direct tv and they assure me that I will see my credit on my next bill and still nothing about going on line for my credit. Next bill $62.99 again!! I call again, then and only then do they tell me that I needed to submit the rebate, which I had 60days to submit and now it was 62 days (I was out of luck). I then ask to speak to a supervisor; I am then transferred around to several more cs reps until I reach sean the floor supervisor. He is very rude, belittling and interrupts me at any given chance. I am then informed, “there will be nothing changed on my bill and that there is anything I can do about it”. That there was no reason for us to speak any further, nothing will be changed. He goes on to inform me that it is not their responsibility to inform their customers on information that they should already know. How exactly was I to know this, it wasn’t posted anywhere on their advertisement, it wasn’t disclosed by their representative when calling and questioned the bill, just to be expecting the credit. He was very clear that I signed a 24 mo. Agreement and would have to buy out my contract if I cancelled, my account was what it was and that they would not honor the advertised price. Also, to let me know again that there was no reason to carry on our conversation. I regret ever leaving dish network. If others have same complaint, please email me at [protected]@yahoo.com. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the bbb and attorney gernals office. If more cases similar to mine are presented, then a class action.

  • Pi
    pirate Mar 05, 2009

    I hope you are successful, DirectTV sucks and hope you get something out of it, good luck. Been a Dish Network customer myself for the last 4+ years, they have great phone support and when something doesn't work, they replace it (first DVR went out after a year). Only thing I don't like about them, and it's the same with every other company in the world, is that they treat a POTENTIAL customer better and offer them better deals than the ones that have been paying $81.99 for the last 4+ years.

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  • Li
    Lisa Mar 11, 2009

    I got sucked in on the promotional rate too. I ordered online and have yet to find in any of the checkout materials that I had to do an online rebate. When I contacted customer service, they told basically told me "too bad so sad" as it was more than 60 days after the installation and I was no longer eligible. They are an extremely unethical company and I can hardly wait for my contract to end so I can discontinue doing business with them.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Mar 21, 2009

    I would like to join you both in this fraud rebate scam. I purchased the exact same package as Jennifer plus HD and asked them (and recorded their answer) what my monthly bill would be for the next 12 months. It took their supercomputer several minutes to calculate the bill and after 30 minutes of my repeating the question I was told $59.68 per month give or take a few cents for taxes that change. I am glad it didn't take more that 45 minutes as my tape was running out. Ok, this is December 2008 and the installation of two receivers took three weeks due to all the customers signing up. They could only do one room because the tech only had one receiver so I needed to order another receiver? (Pay for it and $200 to have them come back and install.) I must have complained to the right person as this was resolved on one call and they were back out in three weeks. While waiting for the second receiver I lost service for two weeks and the next service call was over three weeks away. Again, I got lucky and the tech that installed the second receiver fixed the cable connection that was wired poorly.
    Now that I was glowing in my HD tv I thought I had already had my troubles times three, so we should be good to go. NOPE, bill arrives for $81 for the month and they tell me because it was a prorated partial month it was a little more than average. OK, as a compliant sucker I looked no further at the bill.
    Bill number two arrives $83 for the month and now I am receiving their magizine for four bucks a month??
    I say stop the presses and wheres the $59.68 bill? I only switched to Direct tv because it appear cheaper that cable?
    Bill number three, March-April, arrives $188, I am charge four times for Showtime (which is free for a year). This is where I should have said - Good bye, but I don't. The customer service person tells me there was a billing error and he would credit me all $18?? I needed his name to submit to the world dumbest people that are still breathing. His supervisor, and obvious mentor of stupidity, finds the error after 30 minutes. Hmm four charges for one premium channel could that be wrong??? I then remembered my days working at Burger King where I would take customers complex orders of a dozen different sandwiches and special orders didn't upset us, yet I could within seconds tell them what their order cost. All this while slipping on a greasy floor and getting distracted by a dozen buzzers. At Direct tv however, where they have five items they sell, there is some quadradic formula that coupled with the stars alignment determines todays price. This price is an at-will price determined by Direct tv, its in your contract they say. By the way, can I get a copy of my contract?? I have yet to see a contract and I have never signed anything except for the installation.
    Ok, back on track- I am now told that I owe $111 a month and there is no $59.68 charge because I didn't mail in my rebate? I guess the credits for the receivers and free Showtime didnt have rebates just the advertised price. They said I was too late to mail it in. When I told them I never was told about the rebates and where could I find this rebate form, just to see it, they told me it was no longer offered??
    This is fraud plain and simple- I am disappointed in Direct tv as they were once a well respected company. I would be more kind with my comments if I had only spoken to one employee, but I didn't, in fact I spoke with 12 different employees.

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  • Ka
    karla e. Dec 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Direct Tv has the worst customer service. I regret switching from Dish network. They nickel and dime you with the program channels, their remote control is difficult to navigate, and their customer service does not aim to keep their customers. I wish the government would make contracts to stay with these companies illegal. Dish network- how I long to come back!

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Resolved fees

We were fed up with ridiculous cable prices and started looking into Direct TV. We asked in advance about cancellation fees and what happens if we move (they told us we have to bring the dish and boxes with us and have them reinstalled at our new home...the contract must continue for 2 years). Ok. Well, to us it was worth the reduction in price (went from a $90/month cable fee to $40/month DIrect TV).

We don't have our box hooked up to a phone line so we need to call in our OnDemand orders or do them online. When we first signed up...we could just go online and download a movie to our DVR. NOW...they require you to buy an $80 internet box so you can download movies via the internet. Ok...so I thought I will just call them. There is now a TRANSACTION FEE to download via the phone. As if that isn't bad enough...there is also now a FEE to talk to a representative! ...and get this, it is a $1.50 fee to talk to the AUTOMATED system and a $5 FEE to talk with a live person!!!

I am FURIOUS!!! I can't imagine how this company is still in business with all these poor business practices. This is the most fraudulent company I have ever dealt with.

I wish I stuck with cable...

I hope this helps some other poor schmuck who is considering switching due to price...because in the end, DIRECT TV COSTS MORE THAN CABLE.

  • An
    ANR Rip Feb 18, 2009

    Thinking about moving from Cable to Direct TV DON'T!!!

    I went to cancel my cable serivce (TV portion) to be cautioned about Direct TV. As a consumer I thought well they are rivals but a little voice told me to check.

    I did, and thank you Comcast (not that you are perfect). I went back and reviewed my "DEAL" and found that what I was going to get was not exactly what would be provided. Additionally I asked about the cancelation fee? New to me, it was never mentioned at the time I signed up for the program.

    Just a slip? Don't think so. What I found was that Yes there is a fee, that is anywhere from $20 + dollars and up a month for any un-used service. Oh and the contact is for 2 years, and I was not aware there was even a 2 year contract.

    Seems Direct TY forgets to mention that. Additionally when I canceled I found that Direct TY removes your records, so that if you have paid a fee good luck in tracking down you now NON-Existant accout to get your money back.

    We finally found mine under the org. service number, but the gentleman who had taken the cancelation call changed the address so that it would never have refunded the credit card amount.

    Nice customer service.

    Do your self a favor, stay clear of Direct TV. IF you cannot be honest and want to scam at the very start of the deal, imagine what the rest of the service must be like.

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  • Gi
    Girish Salecha Jun 30, 2009

    I called direct tv to cancel my service and surprised to know that I have a contract with them. They never mentioned when I went for connection. They say that if I cancel my account they will charge me 200$ commitment fees. Surprised to see what a loot they are doing with American customers. Their greed is never ending.

    I want to pass a message to all the readers that don't go for Direct TV ever. Kind of hidden fees and commitment they charge customers is nothing but loot. I also hate their customer service. Worst service out of all cable service providers.

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  • Br
    Brandyj Jul 05, 2010

    Do not get Direct Tv!!! I had service with them and moved. I tried to transfer the service for over a month and everytime they set up an appointment they cancelled on us after sitting here half the day waiting on them. Finally we told them forget it we want the service cancelled. They were supposed to have given us 3 different credits for not having service for over a month and cancelling on us which should have covered the cancellation fee, which I dont think we should have had to pay anyway. Then 4 months later they charged our account over $500 for cancellation fees and monthly service fees! They said we never cancelled the service so we were still getting charged and we owed for cancellation and that we didnt have any credits!! Do not sign up and give them your account number because they will charge you for whatever they want even though it was their fault for not cancelling the service to begin with when we told them to and not applying the credits that they "supposedly" gave us. All they have to say is "sorry, there is nothing we can do, you should have cancelled the service" even though we did!!

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  • Ro
    rob200 Jul 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They said my bill was going to be 49.00 it turned out to be 69.99 then when I stopped service they tried to charge me for 3 dvr boxes I only had one.

    They are rude when I tried to talk to them and they would not send me a copy of the signed agreement

    I would not recommend them.

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  • Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you! I have had a terrible ordeal with Direct TV..never knowing what my actual bill is. They charge you in advance and turn you off if you won't pay in advance. Who ever heard of a service company charging before they performed the service. Then when the satellite goes off at least 3 times a month...you have paid for a service that you didn't receive. If you inquire about an adjustment to the lack of service, they will inform you that the only adjustments that can be made is if there is technical difficulty on their end...which it never is...They blame it on acts of nature. But watch how attractive and easy they make it to sign on...then just wait for the bill...equipment rental that you think was "free" as part of their sign on deal. For a $29.99 SPECIAL for 12 months = $360.00...So far, I have paid $191.00 per month and we do not order movies nor have any premiums...only 3 more payments to go...then Hello, CABLE! NO DIRECT TV!!! There needs to be a Federal Investigation...UH-OH...we are %#$&ed!!!

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Resolved non installation/follow up phone calls

Saturday February 28, Direct TV sent a installer and because the wind was blowing in excess of 40 mph we both agreed that it was too dangerous. He stated that he would reschedule my installation for Monday the 2nd, but I said that would not work so he got on the phone and scheduled it for Tuesday the 3rd. Monday the 2nd I called DIRECTTV to confirm, having a suspecious nature, and they told me "NO" that a installer was on his way and I said "NO" that I was at work at work and could not break for 4 hours today. I explained that it was set up the next day the 3rd and they put me on hold and came back in a short minute and said OK that it was set up. Then the installer called me the 2nd and said "Why would you trust the installer who was at my house, Saturday? He was just a independent contractor". He stated that unless he was in an official DIRECTTV van then he probably did not schedule the installation for the 3rd. I stated that I talked to the people at 800-DIRECTTV and they assured me that they would be there on the 3rd. He said it was not scheduled. On the 3rd, feeling uneasy, I called again to verify my installation and they told me that it was scheduled for the 2nd and was cancelled. I naturally went crazy and asked to speak to a supervisor and Tony (which I doubt) came on the line stated he was a resolution specialist.
I said OK and explain the above and without so much of an apology or effort to defuse the situation started telling me that there was nothing he could/would do, other than, reschedule. After ranting awhile I finally calmed down enough to ask when? He went away for a while and finally said the 5th. I asked him if we could do it from 8-12 and he did not say "No, Mr. Aylor, I am sorry but we are filled, but we could work with you in the afternoon". What he did say was "NO, 1-5 only".
At that point I said cancel the whole thing. Oh, by the way, he did say I'll give you a hundred dollars or we can just cancel earlier in the conversation, but never once did he give consideration that I took off work that morning and never once state that he was had empathy for this situation.
Now, I know having been in retail for my entire 40+ years in business that you spend huge amounts of revenue promoting your product and in one unbelievable phone call it all comes to an end because you are trusting those on the phone to handle your customers with kid gloves.
I will not re-sign with DIRECTTV and will tell as many who will listen that the company is being run by incompetents. Hire, train and follow up on that training daily or continue to lose not one, but everyone they know and touch.

  • Li
    Linda Hunt Jul 16, 2010

    I have soooooooo much problems right now, this independent contractor is Fisher out of North Carolina. I will never have service w them again

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unauthorized satellite installation

First let me start by saying i dont even have DTV!! I live in a historical row home in Allentown PA. All of our houses are attached to one another. The house to the left of mine has been converted into 3 apartments. One of the tenats ordered DTV and the installer installed the DTV dish to MY ROOF instead of theirs! Why? I have no idea. I called DTV 22 times and talked to 3 different supervisors. I advised them that they need to come out to my property and remove this unauthorized satllite dish from my roof and attach it to the correct residence and repair my damages. This crazy company tried to convince me that I cant prove that DTV installed it on my roof as if some random person just walked by house and climbed up on my roof and is now watching TV from outside somewhere. Then they said if I dont like it on my roof that I should climb up there myself and remove it and repair my roof myself. I told them several times that I dont have DTV and that they by accident installed it on my property but ran the wires to the neighbors house. They said that even if they did install it on my roof that they had written permission to do so. I asked where I could obtain this "documentation" and they advised me at my local DTV office but they wouldnt give me that info. I yelled at them and said "I sell DTV, and your contractors dont always have to have written documentation". Yes you heard right everyone. I SELL DTV!!! I WORK FOR VERIZON!!! I SELL VERIZON PHONE, DSL, AND DTV!!! To make a long story short, they are refusing to remove it! So in conclusion, DTV trespassed on my property, drilled holes in my roof and wont take the satellite down and they will not take responsibility. I cant stand this company!!!

  • Pa
    Patricia Holbrook Mar 04, 2012

    A tenant, had Direct TV install an UGLY dish on my house WITHOUT my permission. I want it off my house and the customer rep told me that they don't send out technicians to take dishes down, even after someone moves out! We'll see about that! What a stupid corporate line along with the rep refusing to give me a corporate phone number. All she would say was here's the address; PO Box 6550, Greenwood Village, CO.

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  • Er
    eric98 Apr 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Find the Service Of Process in your area for that company and take them to small claims court .I did and I won .. They need to have permission signed or authorized to work on your property

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  • Er
    eric98 Apr 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your big cable/dish company will not do anything to help until you serve them papers .It never their fault they say . Find the Service Of Process for that company in the state that you live and take them to small claims court .Take lots of pictures, get many estimates for the repair bill including the repair of the roof, siding etc. Blackjack and silicone is unacceptable for any repair . They need your authorization to do any work to your home or rental property . Make sure your estimate are good and even explained, why they need to be fixed that way Don't go off of cable/dish company's estimate they will want patch your home back together with blackjack and silicone unacceptable remember .Don't waste your time calling, they are trained to pass the blame .Just serve the papers and you will get their attention real quick . I did and I won the court case .

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  • Er
    eric98 Apr 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't waste your time by calling nothing will get done . serve them papers and you will have their attention ..

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