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Direct TVdirect tv fraud

Mr. Chase carey, (Direct tv)

I was charged for service for 14 months you never provided at all at 9833 oroville quincy highway, berry creek, ca. Even after calling you several times, and writing you letters, my american express card got billed again today. I sent a letter last month and you ignored it. If I do not receive my money back in 5 days, I will file suit.

Here is another copy of the letter you ignored.

Joseph piscitelli


110 escobar street

Martinez, ca. 94553

Direct tv service

Billing dept.

P. O. Box 6550

Greenwood village, co. 80155

Re: [protected]

Direct tv billing,

I am writing to you to ask that you refund 14 months of billing that you withdrew from my american express account. I recently was shocked to learn that you continued to bill my account for service I did not have on a property that I sold last year. ($713.72)

The address was: # 3 lakeside way berry creek, ca.

I sold the house last year, and relocated to : 9833 oroville quincy highway, berry creek, calif. At that time, you sent a representative in the field to see if a service could be connected at the new site. Your technician was unable to get a clear signal at the new location, and the service was not ordered, or connected, or installed. Your technician said he would document that the service was unobtainable at the new location at that time.

However, you continued to bill my american express account, and I called your company and talked to "james # u2604" a few days ago. He said he would send you a report, verifying what I have said, and that you would respond if I wrote a letter to you.

The account report info is: #[protected].

I expect you to refund the money in good faith that was taken from my account, and that we can resolve this issue amicably.

My address is: 110 escobar street

Martinez, ca. 94553

Very truly,
Joseph piscitelli


  • Ky
    Kym R Mar 01, 2011

    At 7:57 pm east coast time Fed 28, 2011 I spoke to Evett at Direct Tv seeing 3 additional charges on my direct TV for PPV's we have never order, nor ever would. The charges (she said ) are from 2004 SEVEN YEARS AGO!!! I could not believe my ears!! I wish I had video rolling to make a youtube video at that point. Somy husband and I ordered three paperviews (one of them being the LOONEY TUNES) SOMEHOW on 2004 MODEL receivers (we still have) through the TV (itself) without a phoneline attached to them seven years ago??? Its just not so, this appears very much like fraud.

    I will not share the whole conversation here, but they did credit our account but I was (and still am) HIGHLY suspicous and turns out its happened to others as well, mine however is about the same time the IRS requires you to keep your tax records (for goodness sake!) KEEP YOUR DIRECT TV RECORDS for at least 8 YEARS! They will say anything to get more money from you. I'm a good paying customer with the NFL package and am now FREAKING reading others experiences with cancelling the NFL package (which we have had for years) I'm glad at this point we cancelled credit cards. My husband was an ex football player and loves the package but says he wouldnt have the slightest problem dropping Direct TV at this point, listen to the reviewers they are telling the truth, EXPECT charges to land at your front door from SEVERAL YEARS AGO, just happened to me I know!

    I told my husband, lets google this incident, I betcha theres others this is happening to and SURE ENOUGH ""DIRECT FRAUD" (TV) is BURNING folks left and right.

    Put their conversations on youtube, SHOW YOUR BILLS where they block off the "year date" of the fraud charges then speaker phone their telling you those charges are from nearly A DECADE ago.

    Its utterly ridiculous and I now (for the first time) after being a customer for so long DISTRUST THIS COMPANY.

    LOOK AT YOUR BILL (closely) and dont give them a credit card, but if you have do a balance transfer to another and close it out, I cant believe the cancelation nightmares, I'll get that one on video to cover my rear end then.

    Thank you reviewers I so often look on the internet for other peoples experience and so appreciate the time you take to give us warnings, if only I looked before contracting with them.

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  • Ja
    jabeen akhtar Feb 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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  • Pa
    paul vre Dec 19, 2010

    I was sent to collections before I was sent the bill, date of collections is 12/2, bill dated 12/12, what is going on with this ??? best part of this I was billed a year later for pay per view that I didn't order?

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  • Go
    Golfer01 Oct 01, 2010

    I cancelled Direct TV after they started charging me for an NFL package that I didn't order. When I tried to cancel it, they told me that I still had to pay for the $299 package that covers the football season until January when I cancelled in September. They also want to charge me a $180 cancellation fee. They said if I don't pay, they will take it out of a credit card they have on file. I'm going to try and contact the Better Business Bureau to see what I can do. There's no way I want to pay almost $500 for something I don't want and didn't order. When I flat out told them I wouldn't pay, the rude representative said that she was going to have collections hounding me. We'll see. I promised them I would spread the word about their crappy service to as many people as I could.

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  • Bo
    bobbyryan Mar 05, 2010

    I completly agree, my situation is a little long and tough to explain but ill give you the gist of it. I had direct TV, and decided I wanted to update my 1996 TV with a new HD TV and to do this I would need to upgrade to HD with direct TV. I went to best buy and bought a HD direct TV box and a new TV and headed home. Once home I called direct tv for installation instructions and was informed that to upgrade I need a new dish(179.00) I need to pay a technician to install it(59.00) and additional (10.00) for leasing a box that I OWN! and (40.00) to ungrade my service to HD. However if we wanted to cancel it would cost some crazy amount of money.(What kind of company holds people hostage into having there service?) We dicided that we would rather pay that crazy amount of money just to get away from Direct TV and comcast and virizon were offering way better deals with way better service and faster internet. We returned the box the same day we bought it within 6 hours and they are now saying that with an upgrade that we never agreed to its a 2 year contract and that we now have to pay for HD that we have never gotten and dont want because we have comcast. So this company is threatening to charge us for HD and cable+ plus internet & phone even though we have never used it and dont want it. How crazy is that? Stay away from direct tv I promise you they will have your money hostage in no time and you will be in a contract for the rest of your life paying. STAY AWAY

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  • Rb
    r. BRIAN Jan 07, 2010


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  • Do
    Doug Athens_GA Dec 28, 2009

    I signed up for Direct TV in Athens GA. Of course i opted for the $29.99 promotional rate to 2011. When i got the first bill, i paid the $29.99. When i got the second bill, it showed an overdue amount of $26. I called customer service serveral time. I re-iterated that i had signed up for hte $29.99 offer. They say, no, you signed up for the regualr price. Sure ... why, you'd have to be an idiot to want to pay only $29.99 when you could be paying $56 per month. After several phone calls ... to no effect ... they have turned the service off. I am now reading through the nightmare scenario's thinking seriously about changing my checking account. It was a big mistake signing up with them. Think very very hard and have NO OTHER OPTION before you even consider this co of thieves.

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  • Mt
    Mteebs23 Nov 07, 2009

    Direct Tv, just charged my bank account 181.00 without calling or sending me bills saying I owed money to them. On top of that they had the wrong address for my house and the plan was not even in my name. Anyone that knows anything about credit cards would know this is fraud. I talked to a guy named Jon ID number 57534 or so he says, claiming he is the Vice President of some sector saying it says it on the back of my bill that they can do this. Keep in mind not in my name and wrong address. He continued to say basically tough luck. So after being talked over top of and feeling like I was being talked down to, I finally hung up. Now I have to go to the bank on monday, put out a fraud alert on my account, close the account(so they can't do this again), all because of a power tripping VP so to speak. Hmmmmm...I wonder why everyone keeps leaving direct tv...and when the economy turns around mark my words on this...companies that screw the general public when times are bad, will fail when times are good. I would say that (Jon) should of just done the right thing instead of leaving a family of 3 with 18 dollars in their bank account to fend for a week till we get paid again. Almost forgot he said that if they didn't take money out when stuff like this happens then they wouldn't have any money to feed their families, last I checked Direct tv is a giant Corporation so I would hope my 180.00 doesn't affect their families to much. Thanks Direct tv for being you...hopefully people will start to notice. This is my first blog of about 25 I am going to do on fraud and Direct tv...Goood job JON you're awesome. And the award goes to...

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  • La
    Larissa Steelman Sep 07, 2009

    Direct TV debited, from my checking account, 827.44 for a past due amount of 300.00. I had my service disconnected when this company told me that I could not cancel our NFL Sunday ticket due to my request exceding the cancelation date. After my request to cancel NFL Sunday ticket, along with several other extensions of my package, my bill seemed to keep getting higher and higher with every months statement. I could not keep up with my bill, so I allowed service to be discontinued. They then turned around and debited by checking account for the unpaid balance, along with numerous fees: early cancelation fee, an equipment fee, and who knows what else. These fees added up to more than 500.00. They justified this action by telling me that "it was all part of my agreement when I accepted service and signed the service form upon installation." I had explained that I was unaware of this agreement, and being that I was not able to pay the 300.00 origianally, I was not financially able to pay 827.44. I expressed that I am a full time student with 3 small children and that our utilities where priority over cable. The women on the phones response, who was supposed to be management, told me that I should not take on responsibilities that I could not pay for. This is after my attempt to cancel the NFL Sunday ticket due to lack of monitary availability, how ironic! I did not authorize this transaction, nor do I recall being informed of this insaine possibility if my service was discontinued. I was told repeatedly, when I asked them to place the 827.44 back into my account, that there was "nothing that they could do to help me." I am discusted with the service that I have recieved from Direct TV in the past two years. I have had one problem after another with this company. I would strongly recommend exploring other options before using Direct TV. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION! They will use it at their own discretion.

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  • Ri
    rio pacheko Mar 24, 2009

    Ads are misleading and unclear. The phone representative misinforms you. They are all about binding you to the contract and not mentioning to you about the rebate involved to lock in the offer price. The rebate is mentioned in very fine print and unclearly on the ads in print or on the website. They will even admit that they don't mention it over the phone when you complain. The only mention of the rebate is a little insert with your first bill about the 60 day deadline. The charges go up within 3rd month and you're locked into an 18 month contract with no offer price or you could cancel with a high cancellation fee. Not an honest business!!!

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  • Me
    Melissa Roark Jan 31, 2009

    I am also very upset with dirctv i will never use them again. Not only do they have crap service but if it rains snows or as they like to say the bearametric presure change you will not have any channels and if your going through a winter storm as we just did in Ohio you can not see news reports or weather info you just have to deal with it. Also my mother and father lives in Alabama and they will not be able to watch the Super Bowl because they don't offer that channel in that county or do they plan to you can't even purchase the channel so if i were NBC i would think hard about doing something about that because thats sure isn't helping out the ratings. On top of everything else, you always want to check your bill out because they always like to see if your paying attention because i have been billed with things that i have never had, and they want to act it was a simple mistake but when it happens about every other month you begin to wonder if its not done on purpose, how many people don't look at their bill and actually just pays it. I will never sign up with direct tv again and i urge you to do the same.

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  • St
    Stacy Rico Sep 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was with Direct TV for years. I switched to AT&T U-verse because it was a much better deal and better technology. I had to pay 30 something dollars for early termination, no big deal. I receive a $0 balance invoice and I am happy with how we parted ways. Next thing I know I am getting calls from a collection agency stating I owe them over $170 for pay-per-view movies ordered in 2005 & 2006. What?!?!? Its 2008 by the way. I never even received a bill or a notice, straight to collections. I have no idea whether I purchased these movies or not. There was a time that I had tryed to order a movie and it wouldn't work however I was nervous that we would be charged so I called DirectTV just to make sure they didn't show a purchase, sure enough they did. They removed the charge because customers are alloted one screw up, is basically what the rep said. This made me mad because I didn't screw up, I wanted to watch the movie but it just wouldn't come on. Why should I trust their technology?!?! We were never able to order movies with our remote however DirectTV is stating we owe them for 3 movies ordered by remote. Freakin' crazy. I could go on with how horribly my dispute was handled but I won't. I am refusing to pay.

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  • Ge
    Georgia A. McDaniel Feb 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A Direct Tv Salesman wrote out for me exactly what he said signing up with them cost. He did not add a charge of $99 for installation... he said it was free. He also told me I would pay $4.99 a month for two of the six TV's in the house plus $9.99 for the set that is HD. However I am being billed $4.99 for all six TV's. Even though I had the costs in writing Direct TV will not change the billing to what I signed for. My advice, stay away from this company. I will change as soon as my contract is over and I will pay by check. I would not trust this company to take fees from any account of mine!

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