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My mother and I have been displace. My mother call a day before asking if they allow service dog and the lady whom my mother talk too said yes. My mother explain he is a mixture of pit . Was told no problem.

The day of 14th went to make sure. Was told yes by the very rude tall gentleman but after seeing his card no my mother and I he wasnt a service dog due to saying Emotional Service. End up paying more at another n was told he is a service animal.

I not sure bout my mom will never use the motel again during hard times or not. Make sure neither people I know do. Oh and I work retail.

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Aug 15, 2019
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  •   Aug 15, 2019

    BY LAW places have to accommodate [pretty sure for free] service dogs. Emotional support is not a service dog.


    service dogs provide services... opening doors, notifying you when you are about to pass out from whatever, seeing eye... things like that.

    emotional support dogs are just there to keep you company and somehow keep you calm when you are having a ptsd episode. I say somehow because I have ptsd and as calming as my boy is, hes too busy trying to chase away whats making me have an episode. forget keeping me calm.

    not all dogs SHOULD be emotional support animals. im sorry to say, pit mix anything is one of those dogs that should not. they are just too dangerous.

    I don't know what your mother needs an emotional support animal for, but if its for ptsd, I assure you, if he goes strange all of a sudden YOU will be held responsible. The stress from that alone could be just too much forget the stress of having to deal with lawyers and doctors and judges...

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