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My company uses your hotels on a weekly basis for our employees which that will stop as of today - i came to one of your hotels in hampton va over the weekend - secured the room for friday night and saturday night. I asked for a non smoking room, got in the room and it smelled like a old ashtray, when i go to take a shower, the ceiling tiles were so full of water and so black and nasty looking i didn't even finish taking my shower! the noise on the 3rd floor was unacceptable at 2-3-4 am. The cleaning lady woke me up about 9am on saturday morning pounding on my door even though i had the sign on my door ''do not disturb'' - saturday evening i went down to customer service with some issues i wanted to speak to someone about - after standing at the window for about 5 minutes watching the clerk text message/facebook on their phone i finally knocked on the window to get their attention - the first thing they said was '' please dont tell corporate what i was doing'' - i expressed my concerns about my stay and asked about a refund and i was told 'we dont do that around here boo''
my company uses your hotels weekly - my company spends thousands of dollars weekly staying at your hotels. However, after my personal visit i will never again use your hotels for my employees. I spent 207.00 dollars on a room that looked like it could have went for 30 or 40 dollars per night. I would like a full refund from my stay. If that is not possible, i will be reaching out to the bbb and will advise all of my 72 company branches not to use your hotels ever again. I expect a email or a phone call within 24 hours of this email. The service and stay was down right horrible. I can be reached at [protected]@gmail.Com my number is [protected].

Aug 26, 2019

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